A Girl Called Fib And The Axe Of Fury - Episode 18

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It was difficult to know the time when I propped myself up the bed of the sick bay and wore my glasses.

Although, I had taken pain killers and some other drugs, it still felt like my head had swollen ten times more than its normal size. 

"She's awake," I heard Aaron say next to me, making me turn to see his freckled face. His eyes were red as if he'd been crying for hours.

I forced myself to smile before looking around . I had never imagined ending up in the school's suck bay. I didn't hate hospitals or anything, but the blank white walls with no decoration, the smell of drugs and disinfectants always put me off. I swear, if I ever became a president, I'd force every hospital to soak their floors in lavender and other essential oils.  

"Where's Mo?" my voice came out croaky than I intended.

"Went to class," Aaron answered. "She'd be here any moment. School closed already."

"Oh," I said and about that time, a clanking sound of shoes against the tiles filled the room.

I looked up to see Miss Rose, the school nurse. Her high cheek bones were more pronounced as she smiled down at me. She was smartly dressed in a white gown, with her hair packed into a bun.

"Here, use this later at night to help with the nose," her dimples deepened as she smiled and handed me some bunch of white pills in a transparent nylon

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. "And... make sure you rest."

I nodded.

Not having a bit of confidence in the drugs, I pushed myself slowly from the bed until I stood up.  Whatever caused the bleeding, was simply supernatural and right now the only person who would explain what happened was Amara. 

"Guess we can go now?" Aaron asked as he unzipped his hood sweater. "Wear this."

He placed the sweater on my shoulders, making my skin tingle in the process. I couldn't help but smile at the gesture, knowing deep down I wouldn't return his sweater, not when it smelt like it was dipped in mint.

As we made our way to the door, Mo stepped inside with my bag and hers slung on both shoulders. She looked absolutely hideous. I tried laughing but restrained myself when my head throbbed.

"Can you walk?" Mo said, rushing to my side as she gave Aaron a dirty look. That girl. I would never understand her. One minute she would give him an half smile or make fun of my friendship with him. Another minute, she'd glare at him.

"No, I could use a piggyback right now," I replied, my tone dripping with sarcasm.

Mo rolled her eyes in response as we  pushed through the clinic doors and made our way outside the school. All the while, my mind kept drifting back to my visions and what it meant. I was certain Aaron was the little boy in my visions but it made not much sense, except for the fact that I suspected Daniel, Aaron's brother, was the other boy. It was mind wrenching I had too many problems to deal with and now everything drove me crazy.

What was the vision trying to tell me? 

Outside, the afternoon sky was streaked by brilliant orange. The sinking sun gave a subtle lightness to the environs. I inhaled deeply then glanced at Aaron whose eyes were intensely glued on me.

When our eyes locked, he gave me a lopsided grin, making my stomach flip. His eyes twinkled with amusement and even without us saying anything to one another, one thing was certain I liked him and so did he.

Mo coughed behind us, breaking whatever emotional tension we were passing and walked up next to me.

"Uh... Aaron could you excuse us?" She didn't wait for him to step aside before pulling me, urging me to walk faster. "What happened Fib? Did he do something to you?"

Knowing she was referring to my bleeding nose, I sighed. "If he hurt me do you think I'll be smiling? Seriously, Mo, throwing angry stares at him is uncalled for."

"I was worried," Mo whispered. "You ran off when he yelled at you in class, he came after you and next thing I know, you were bleeding. Do you expect me to pretend nothing happened?"

Her questions sank in my mind and I couldn't help but feel bad for scolding her for being concerned about me. 

"I get you..." I said, glancing behind me to make sure Aaron wasn't close to hear us. He stood far behind, pressing his phone without paying attention to us. 

Heaving loudly, I returned my attention to Mo. "I had a vision... not even sure if it was a vision... all I saw was Aaron when he was younger. He was playing around, out of nowhere, another vision popped up. A teenage boy was pulling a crying Aaron into a room. He was crying, Mo."

"Why?" Mo furrowed her brows.

Something struck me with her question and I looked up. "Maybe he was never an happy child... as for the bleeding, I'm sure Amara will have answers.

"Oh... Okay," she said. "Yes... She would."

She played with the wrist watch her hand before looking over her shoulder. My gazed lingered on her face for a few seconds, not missing the disappointment that briefly crossed her features. Mo hated Amara, there was no denying. Sighing, I looked back too, waved Aaron over and we walked through the swarm of people towards the subway station.


"Are you sure you really want to come over to my place?" I asked twenty minutes after, as we sat in the train. "I can make it home myself. I'm alright."

"I hear you," Aaron smiled. For a brief moment, I wanted to rest my head on his shoulder but I thought against it.

Easy, don't push him away again, I said to myself.

"Remember what happened with my mother the last time?" I asked again, hoping this time he would have a rethink.

"Don't worry, I'm not scared," Aaron grinned showing off his tiny teeth. "I have you to protect me from her voodoo if she casts  any." He finished, then kissed me on the cheek.

The mention of voodoo made my stomach turn. For some reason, I felt totally weird Aaron was almost accurate about the whole voodoo thing. Although we weren't witches per say, we still practiced magic and any normal person would flip out if they knew we conjured spells. 

Even Aaron would stay far away from me, if he knew the power I possessed. But my thoughts were soon interrupted when his finger trail my palm. 

"What are you thinking in that little head of yours?" he joked making me smile sheepishly.

"Just school stuff," I lied. 

His eyes focused on mine again, something flashing across them. Aaron furrowed his eyebrows as he scratched his head and clenched his jaw. It was like the angry mask he wore in the morning was back on, only this time he cupped my hands in his as he looked into my eyes.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you in school," he said out of breath as if someone or something was holding him back. "I didn't mean to... there's a lot going on... but with time you'll know."

I wanted to probe him further just so I could know why the hell he was so furious in the morning but I thought against it.

He inched closer, giving me the chance to inhale the minty cologne that wafted off him. I sat frozen from both fear and excitement as my hand shook in his. He must have noticed because he chuckled lightly, leaning in so my forehead rested against his. I closed my eyes, my breath shaking in anticipation.

"Thank you," he said barely more than a whisper.
"For what?" I asked, my voice low and husky. 

"For being nice," he said and I nodded. "Will you go to the valedictory dinner with me?"

The valedictory dinner was the school's yearly tradition done a day to the valedictory service. Only the graduating students attended it, except for few juniors who had friends among the seniors. The fact that he just asked me, made my stomach tingle. But then, talking about this meant he'd die... Soon. Valedictory service was in April. February had rolled by quickly and it was already the first week of March. Shaking my head, I pushed the thought away. He's not dying, I assured myself.

"Yes," my voice shook.

As I inched my lips to his, the metallic shriek of the train and a hand on my shoulder brought me out of the trance Aaron put me into. 

I looked back to see Mo standing behind us. She was trying to keep a straight face but failed miserably at it. 

"Guys, I hate to stop the love in the air, but we should hop out," she said. "I'm already late for choir practice... Ugh!"

Mo was part of the church choir and she'd always complained, saying how annoying it was to play in front of people who slept off half way through ministrations. She only did it because it gave her more opportunity to play the piano, since her mother wouldn't buy one for her.

I pouted, smacking her  hand jokingly but still annoyed she had interrupted the best few minutes of my life.

"Ow!" She moaned.

I looked over at Aaron again then asked. "Are you sure you want come?"


Few minutes later, Aaron and I stopped right in front of my house. Mo insisted she needed to get some things for her mother before choir practice.

I glanced at Aaron who ran his hand over his hair. When he noticed me staring, he smiled and gestured.

"Shall we?"

Although, it was obvious he was trying hard to keep the carefree mask, I could tell he was having second thoughts about been here. To Aaron, it was a case of a seizure and starting off on a wrong note with my mother but I knew better.

If only he knew what my mother saw when she touched him, I thought.

Taking in a deep breath, we made our way into the compound through the iron gates. 

"We can take the back door, my mother won't see us," I said, hoping this would ease his tension but of course he smiled at me, pretending he wasn't scared.


We both walked towards the backyard and once we reached there, I pushed the back door open, held his arm and popped my head into the kitchen.

Thankfully, my mother wasn't inside. The only sound that echoed through the house was Asa's fire on the mountain which played from her room.

"You can't make any sound," I whispered to Aaron who simply nodded.

As we walked towards the stairs, my heart thumped violently against my chest. Praying my mother wouldn't see Aaron and totally freak out. 

When we finally reached the top of the stairs that led to my room and my mother's, a loud ring blared from a phone making me freeze as I stared at Aaron.

"Fibikemi, is that you?..." I broke eye contact with Aaron then looked up to see my mother outside her room and staring daggers at Aaron. "What is this condemned soul doing here?!!!"

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  • Confy-Dencie picture
    why is Fib's mother acting like dat towards Aaron,, is dia something she knows
  • Cutedreamer picture
    Could it possibly mean that Fib's mom knows something about Aaron?? I don't get why she's being so rude
  • TOSH picture
    wait no episode 17 just jumped to 18 frm 16.., it is confusing nah.... we dont knw what appnd btw lillian and fib when she saw her dat night
  • Esosa Kolawole picture
    Esosa Kolawole
    I'm so sorry guys. Ebony is messing up. I've submitted my chapter seven since Saturday yet they didn't approve it
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