Two Faced Lover - Episode 3

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Gh5. Pfft! That's all I've managed to make since I came to sit here at six in the morning. Damn it.

Five CEDI's. Five damn CEDI's? That's all? Hah! I slap the coins into my purse irritably as I slump into my wooden seat and begin to arrange my fruits angrily.

Just five CEDI's? Ah God!. Somebody shoot me now.

It's 2pm now and all I could make was five CEDI's? What will five CEDI's do for me? And to think these rich people are more generous. . Pfft! Scratch that.. The rich people in this vicinity are as stingy as stingy can get.. I had purposely brought my stuff here to sell, because I knew most of the rich people in town lived around here.

And I thought such people loved how they looked so they would do anything to keep fit and in shape.

Hereby, my healthy fruits come in to the rescue.

But turns out these stupid rich people would rather spend their money buying pills and undergo plastic surgery that'll give them the six pack abs and coca-cola shape and popping skin than buy fruits.

"Hey! Hey you! Are you f*cking deaf?!"

A deep voice cusses making me lift my head sharply.

"Are you here to sell or sleep?"

The man asks with disgust laced in his voice which he doesn't bother to hide. I bite my lip hard, praying to the heavens my lips doesn't slip else I would have given him the insult of his life.

"I need oranges worth three CEDI's and some pineapples"

the man continues.

"How much Sir?"

I ask as politely as I can.

The man glares at me

"Apart from being stinky and poor, I didn't know you were deaf too

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. Why would you bother to sell when you're deaf?"

Dear God, give me strength.. Give me strength. I pray silently.

I'm so tempted to pick up this pineapple and bash his head in with it. I f*cking swear.

"I meant the pineapple sir. How much worth of pineapples do you need?"

"How much is this?" He points to the bigger pineapples.

"Three CEDI's Sir"

"Give me two of that"

I nod and proceed to package the items in a designed polythene bag I had bought purposely for such people else I'm pretty sure this man here would have no problem chewing my head off if I dared give him his fruits in a plain black polythene.

"Would you like me to peel it sir?"

I ask making a grab for my knife.


He shouts like I had just asked for permission to shoot him the balls.

"God knows if you've disinfected that knife. Just pack it"

I bite my lip harder.

I swear if murder wasn't a crime, I would have murdered this rude, potbellied man, rich ass man, butchered him and sold his meat in a coldstore.

I'm sure I'd get so much money from his meat that probably contains fat.

Done, I give him the fruits and he hands me the money before trudging away.. I count.

F*cking man.

Upon all the rudeness he couldn't even have the decency to give me a tip.. He gave me exactly the amount.

Would it have killed him to give me some tip? Stingy ass people.

Stingy old potbellied man.

I push the money into my purse and begin to pack up. I need to get home before the clock strikes three thirty.


The moment I stepped into my single room apartment, I hear the familiar honking of the school bus and I know what's next.


Little footsteps stomp their way into the house.

I turn to grin at my little bundle of joy, all my worries from earlier shrinking away into oblivion.

"Hey little man. Did you enjoy school?"

"Yes.. Yes!"

He nods excitedly.

I chuckle, bending to his height and proceed to take his school bag off and then take off his uniform.

I can't have him soiling it.

There's not enough water for washing until Tuesday In this neighbourhood.

He'll probably have to wear it again on Monday after I've drycleaned it.

"Okay little man are you hungry?"

I ask though I already know what his answer is going to be.. I sigh, getting up as I walk to the fridge, take out the leftover orange juice I had made yesterday.

Pour into a cup and add a few biscuits.

I had wanted to drink this last cup of orange juice and prepare something before my son gets home but I guess luck isn't really on my side. I'll just have to settle for one of the oranges or watermelons.

"Eat this Sean. Mummy will go prepare you something yummy to eat yeah?"

He only nods, taking the glass of juice and biscuits and proceeds to eat turning his attention to the TV that looked like it was about to fall apart any minute.

I blink back tears as I make my way to the kitchen, wondering what to prepare for dinner and probably breakfast tomorrow.

What can I do? It's just me and Sean.

No parents, no siblings and no extended family members that I know off.

I barely made ten CEDI's today and it's not enough to put a decent meal on the table.

Except of course, if I decide on indomie or spaghetti and I'm not ready to subject my son to be eating junk food.

I'm just glad my son didn't turn out to be whiny and demanding like other kids.

He was always content with whatever I gave him and never asked questions.

I bite my lip, looking around the kitchen suddenly remembering we still have some left over tomato stew from yesterday.

I contemplate on making jollof rice with some eggs but then I change my mind because making jollof rice means I'll have to use up all the stew.. I sigh.. I guess I'll have to settle for rice and stew then.

At least I could manage the stew with the rice.


Later at night when I've managed to put Sean to sleep, I lean back against the headboard thinking about my life like I do every single night.

I know what you must be thinking.

That why is a twenty four year old lady taking care of a three year old boy all by herself.. Yep, I'm only 24 and I have a son.

I'm an orphan too might I add.

My story isn't something to write home about.

At all..

Read " The Emerald Chase " by the same author ( eliza )

. I get questioning stares everywhere I go just because I'm a single mother. Being a single mother doesn't bother me.

Not one bit. I love my son to death.

I do love him but the problem is I do not know who his father is.

I spend every night and day wondering if he'll ever show up.

Wondering what he looks like.

Wondering if he knows he got me pregnant.

Wondering if his child is alive somewhere.

Wondering if he's searching for us maybe.

No, I'm not a slut or a prostitute if that's you're thinking.. I'm neither of these.

The truth is a bitter pill to swallow.

It's something that jerks me awake every night wondering who Sean's father is.

Because believe it or not, I only realised I was pregnant after four months when I went for a check up because I was getting too sick often.. I had realised I had been gaining a few pounds too.

I had fainted when the doctor had pronounced me four months pregnant.

Hell! I thought the doctor was playing some stupid April fool's trick on me but no.

I had ordered for another test because damn I could never accept that fact, which by the way turned out positive too.. To say I was flabbergasted is an understatement.

I was shocked to the bone. In fact I was in shock for an entire month.

You may think I might be exaggerating but wait until I tell you why.

The problem is, I've never.

And when I say never, I mean never ever ever in my life had sexual inter course.

Yes, I've never slept with a man before. And yes, you guessed right.. I got pregnant while I was a Virgin.

A 100% virgin girl with her hymen still intact.

I was carrying a child yet I had no idea how it happened.

Because I was a Virgin and yet... Yet I had a son.

But that's not at all.


Aside from being a fruit seller and a virgin mother, I'm also a spy and a con-artist.

Yes, as shameful as this sounds, I work as a spy for the most notorious gang leader you could ever come across. And how I became a spy, it's a long ass story.



Good morning lovelies.

I hope I'm not confusing anyone?

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  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Unveiling revelations, loving it already, thumbs up dear
  • Queen Hope Idenyi picture
    Queen Hope Idenyi
    Wonderful,just can't wait for the next episode...gud work dear
  • lydy mbuh picture
    lydy mbuh
    just awesome, thumbs Eliza
  • lydy mbuh picture
    lydy mbuh
    just awesome, thumbs up Eliza
  • eliza picture
    I'm glad you do. thanks Bennie hun
  • Abena Asima picture
    Abena Asima
  • eliza picture
    I'll post it sooner than you think Queen
  • eliza picture
    thanks Lydy dear
  • Ohemaa Mildy picture
    Ohemaa Mildy
    Eiiii another virgin Mary...nice write up dear
  • eliza picture
    thanks Abena
  • eliza picture
    lol @ Ohemaa another virgin Mary indeed
  • Amma picture
    Jésus your brother Sean is here oo lolx.....ride on Eliz
  • eliza picture
    lol Amma. thanks love
  • Funmi Anita Adesina picture
    Funmi Anita Adesina
    Virgin mother me did she do cs to deliver the baby?
  • eliza picture
    you'll find out soon @ Funmi
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    I wonder how this virgin Mary got pregnant....!
  • eliza picture
    lol Pamela. I'm wondering the same too
  • Henry Ose picture
    Henry Ose
    pls I need direction: I want to send this story to someone on whatsapp, pls how do I do that? if I highlight, other adverts will be present. so please...
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    But this is not possible like serious ; how can a lady give birth to a child and yet claim she's a virgin?
  • Queen Anny picture
    Queen Anny
    Are you kidding me? You are confusing us..I mean who gets pregy while still a virgin? Haba
  • Orji Christiana picture
    Orji Christiana
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