Two Faced Lover - Episode 6

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*** OCTOBER 19TH, 2016 * CAMERON'S POV ****

She loves me. I miserably pluck out a petal from the rose flower in my hand.

"She loves me not"

I pluck another.

"She loves me"


"She loves me not"

Another pluck. Lazily, I stretch my hand out, feeling around blindly for the bottle . The damn bottle.

Ah! Grinning, I grab the almost empty bottle and lift it to my face.

There you are, my pretty friend.

At least you won't break my heart. 

I gulp down the alcohol, relishing in the way the liquid burns it's way through my throat.

I gulp some more.

My unfocused eyes gazing at the rose flower in my hand that has only two petals left. 

I already know what my answer is going to be yet I continue this lousy game.

After all it so much fun!

"She loves me"

I continue plucking another petal.

"She loves me not"

I pluck the last petal, letting the rose drop to the floor.. "She loves me not, she loves me not"

I repeat like a prayer as I continue to gulp more alcohol. 

I keep gulping until it begins to taste tasteless.

Just like water is.

I have never been one to take in alcohol.

Maybe occasionally but never enough to get drunk.

I never understood why some people love to get drunk on a daily basis.

But I think I finally understand why.

Once you get drunk, you feel like you're on top of the world.

You feel like you've suddenly developed wings and you can fly.

Hell, you even start to see everything in double.

And the most amazing part? The more you drink, the more it washes away your pain.

The more the liquid takes over your senses, it sinks into your system and invades every artery and capillary until you feel numb.

So numb that you can barely feel any pain.

Just like I do now.

I feel numb.

Numb to the pain In my aching chest.

But damn, I still feel it. It hurts.

It f*cking hurts.

No amount of alcohol can get me numb enough to this particular feeling.

It's everywhere.

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. She's everywhere.

Her memory, her sweet Jasmine smell, her laughter, her high pitched squeals, the aftermath of our scents lingering after every love making session.

She's everywhere.

F*ck! I can't even stay in my own room without getting reminded of her.

I need to leave.

I feel suffocated.

I'm going to die.

Wait! That'll be perfect.

If I just died.

Won't it? Grinning, I push the covers away from my body as I hop off the bed onto the floor, losing my balance immediately.

I blink. Oops. Every thing seems like it is spinning.

Is the world coming to an end? Is it rapture yet?.

Oh I sure hope so.

If so, that b*tch can get to be taken by Lucifer and sent straight into the pits of hell where she belongs.

Clutching my bottle tightly, I straighten up and try to walk.

Oops.. Guess my legs aren't favouring me today.

"Hey man, you're drunk. Let's get you in the shower"

"Piss off" 

I swat the hand away knowing very well it's Julian's.

He's the only one who'd be stupid enough to come before me at a time like this.

"Please Cameron don't do this to yourself. It's been two days already and you wouldn't stop drinking. Please just stop, please"

he pleads but I couldn't give a f*ck right now.

"Piss off"

I mutter as I stagger oyr of the helplessly.


*** OCTOBER 20th, 2016 6:00AM.

I should have known.

I should have known all she was ever after was the money.. I should have known the moment I had began to tell her how I was suspecting my father of making my brother the CEO.

She would always remain quiet afterwards.. I should have known the night before our wedding when I had called her because my mother was too Keen on following the stupid tradition of the bride and groom not meeting each other till the wedding.

That evening before Julian had dragged me to the club for my bachelor's party, I had told her my father had handed over the post of CEO to Christian, she'd been quiet after that.

Never saying a word until she gave me the flimsy of being tired, promising to call me soon.

Guess what? She never called.

She was busy planning the wedding with Christian.

As loving as I was, I hadn't put too much meaning in to it and had let it go.

Afterall she was my wife-to-be and it was my duty to let her know of everything that was going on with me.

All those hints she used to drop gradually.

When she'd suddenly lose interest when we were speaking on phone, or never pay me attention whenever we were out on a date, or how she suddenly went from chatty to quiet anytime the topic of my brother came up.

I had used to think it was just pre-weddimg jitters.

But I should have known better.

That double crossing b*tch. I should have known she was finding her own way to cut me off so she could catch the next big fish in the ocean.

Which of course, was my brother dearest.

I Ioved her dearly.

I loved her to death. I still do... But.. I grab my suitcase from the bed.

Not anymore.

That word love has got nothing to do with me.

Not from today.

Not from now onwards.

Being sweet and kind and extremely charming was my downfall.

Natalie managed such a fool out of me and got away with it because I've been kind. Much too kind and loving. But no more of that now.

I'm done wallowing in self pity.

And I'm certaunly done with being the good guy here. I'm so done.. "Cameron? Where are you going with your bags?"

Mother's voice drift me from my thoughts.


I deadpan and continue walking.

"Travelling? Where to my son?"

"New York"

I say nonchalantly.

"New York? Why?"

I don't bother to answer her.

I stare at her waiting for her to put the pieces together and come to her own conclusions. And she does because her eyes suddenly widen.

"New York? B..but that's where... Your.." She trails off biting her lips as if she's scared I'll break down like a f*cking scaredycat and cry when I hear their name.

I roll my eyes.

"You can mention their names you know. I'm not going to get a heart attack and die just by hearing their names. And yes New York, the same city where Natalie and my brother are. There I said it. Happy?"

She looks taken aback for a moment, digesting the information I just fed her.

"But.. But why New York of all places? I'm not stopping you son but couldn't you go somewhere else?"

"Why should I go elsewhere mother. Those two aren't entitled to New York. I go where I please. And right now I feel like going to New York. It's as simple to read and understand as ABC."

"You're going there for revenge aren't you? To make their lives a living hell? Is that it Cam?"

"No shit Sherlock"

I mutter, sarcasm dripping off my voice as I roll my eyes again.

"Since when did you start talking like this? Pease Cam, don't do this. I know you're hurt but please for God's sake don't let your anger cloud your sense of judgement. I love you son and it'll break my heart to see you getting drowned in anger and revenge. It's like a leech. Once it gets attached to it's host, it settles down and begins to feed off you until there's nothing more to feed on.

Read " Daddy's Girl " by the same author ( eliza )

. Untill you're drained. That's how anger is. Once you give it a place it in your heart, it settles itself and after a while begins to morph into the unquenchable thirst for revenge. It sinks into you and feeds off you. Don't go down that path my son.Please get rid of this anger in your heart my son. It'll rob you off your good virtues and leave you with nothing. Cameron please, It'll destroy you"

I grab my suitcase and shrug mother's hand off my shoulders.

"Stop lecturing me mother. I never said I was going there for revenge. I've got better things to do"

"Like what? Tell me Cameron like what? If you aren't going to New York, the same city where Natalie and your brother are to get revenge then tell me why you're going there? Why?!. Don't tell me this is just a coincidence because you and I know it's a lie. So tell me, what are you going to do there Cam?"

I begin to drag my suitcase behind me and without sparing mother glance, I reply.

"Something I should have done a long time ago"

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