Two Faced Lover - Episode 2

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Natalie squeals as her eyes as big and wide as saucers scan the entire place when we leave the elevator.

"Oh my God Cam, this is beautiful"

she gushes. 

I must say, I would have been pretty f*cking disappointed if she didn't find any of this beautiful.

I had practically gone all out for this particular date of ours.. Natalie had always wanted to have dinner on a rooftop.

And so judging by the numerous red roses which are her favourite by the way, scattered rather beautifully around the table that stood in the middle of the roof.

And several candles aligning every edge and corner of the place giving it a dimly lit yet romantic atmosphere especially since it was pretty dark outside . I must say I'm proud of my handiwork.

It was worth spending hours to get this arranged after all.

"You like?"

I ask and she whips her head in my direction so fast I feared her neck would snap. "Are you kidding me?" She gapes at me

"I f*cking love Cameron!"

There it was again.. The loud thump thump of heart beating anytime she says my full name.. I Iove it when she calls me Cam.

But I f*cking love it more when she calls me by my full name.

"Well then if you love it so much, why don't you have a seat so we can eat?"

She grins excitedly as I take her dainty little fingers in mine and lead us towards the table, pulling a seat out for her.

"Such a gentleman you are" she teases and I roll my eyes.

"Shut up and sit before I'm tempted to pull the seat back" We stare at each other for heartbeat or two before breaking into a fitful of laughter

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. "I'll never forget that day Cam"

Nat says between laughs.

I shake my head as memories of our childhood file into my head as I recall the first time out parents had introduced us.

I was ten by then and Natalie had walked in with her parents, her cute ponytail bouncing as she walked.

At first I had pegged her for a shy and quiet girl because of the way she was usually clinging onto her mothers legs and hiding behind her... But then, all that went flying out of the window when I had called her Natalia instead of Natalie.

Like a lion ready to pounce on it's prey, she had jumped from behind her mother and screamed viciously.

"It's Natalie! Na-ta-lie!!! Know the difference! Don't you attend school?!"

I was so shocked I was pretty sure my mouth was left hanging.

Even at age ten, I had a pretty huge ego so when our parents had sent us out to play, I had waited for the perfect opportunity to carry out my revenge.

I mean this bratty eight year old couldn't get away with her miss-know-it-all attitude.

There was a swing at our backyard and she had wanted to sit on it. Being the child that I was, I sneaked up behind her and waited till she jumped to sit on the swing and then swiftly pulled it from under her making her land on her butt loudly. I had the time of my life laughing my heart out while she barked out cries loud enough to torture me for several nights.

"You were such a meanie"

Natalie laughs, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"And you were such a bratty kid"

I reply as I take a seat.

She just rolls her eyes when a waiter comes to serve us. I had preordered everything before our arrival here.

"You'd already ordered for us?.."

She pauses to lift the cover off the plate and gasps, rather dramatically may I add.

"My favourite!"

She squeals staring at the food like her most prized possession.

"Yep. Your favourite"

I drawl out in a dry tone.

She just rolls her eyes and digs in immediately as moans in delight.

I still don't understand why she loves carrot rice and vegetable sauce.

I mean there's already enough carrots in the rice so why accompany it with more vegetables? Sigh.

That's a theory I'd never get to understand.

For the next ten minutes, I watch with fascination as Natalie eats her food.

Her brown hair framing her perfect round face and cascading past her shoulders gloriously. Her plump lips set into a thin line as she savors the taste of the food. Her eyes sparkling with excitement.

I smile, knowing I'm the cause of such excitement.


She calls out snapping me out of my daze.


"You're staring"

she comments.

"Because I'd rather have you for dinner than eat this lousy food. You're much more tastier and delicious and definitely contain a lot of vitamins that's good for my health" She burst out laughing. The sound of her laughter like a perfect melody.

"You'd say anything just to get me in your bed for the second time today won't you?"

"What can I say? You're irresistible" 

I shrug and she giggles.

"Your libido baffles me Cameron. I could never keep up with you"

she takes a sip of her juice and bites her lips, just to tease me.

"Don't tempt me sweetheart, else I wouldn't mind taking you against the wall and the entire building will hear you scream my name as I make you come"

Her eyes widen at my words, a blush rising on her cheeks. Biting her lips she goes back to her food.

Natalie is always loud and I love to shut her up my way.

I smirk as she tries to desperately avoid my eyes, hiding her face with her hair.

Oh how i love this woman.


"Son.. Son!"


I bark and turn to find my mother beside me.

"You need to change your clothes son. You know how allergic you are to rain"

she tells me but I tune out. I don't need lecturing.

It's seven pm now and I'm home, standing In front of our gate, holding on to the little thread of hope that Natalie might show up.

I'm still drenched in my suit.

To hell with allergy. I couldn't give a bleeping f*ck right now.

Maybe later when I'm dying.

I stare out at the road. Still no sign of her car.

"Stop punishing yourself like this Cameron please. She's not worth it"

"Mother please do not bad mouth Natalie. I'm sure there's a tangible explanation as to why she didn't show up for our wedding. She might be hurt somewhere"

even I can't seem to believe my own words at this point.

Because it's easier to deny than admit the truth.

For how long I'm going to keep denying, I have no idea.

"And you think someone wouldn't have called to tell you? Answer me Cameron!"

"Perhaps she might be stranded.."

"Oh shut up Cameron! Stranded? What bride arrives at her wedding alone? Surely her parents were with her, her bridesmaids and even the driver. Surely someone would have called if anything had happened don't you think? Or you think she's still stuck in traffic? Then that must be one of a traffic don't you think?. Wake up Cam, wake the hell up! Everything is as clear as day.

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. That girl left you. She left you at the f*cking alter without a f*cking word, when will you face the f*cking reality that she left you?!"

I visibly flinch at mother's harsh words. Tears burning my eyes. I refuse to cry. I refuse.

"Cameron! Cameron!"

My best friends calls, running to stand beside me.



he breathes holding up his phone in my face.

That was it.

That one word was enough to send my heart racing.

"What happened? What happened to Natalie? Tell me Julian!"

I grab him by the shoulders shaking him vigorously.

He doesn't reply, making me run mad.

"Tell me damn it! Tell me!"

"She left!"

I let go off him abruptly, stumbling back in shock, blinking rapidly.


"She left Cam. She left the country with your brother. They got married today and left"

As soon as those words leave his mouth, my eyes automatically shift to rest on the phone he was holding up.

And nothing could have been more heartbreaking and suicidal than this.

Right there on that screen, was Natalie wearing the very same wedding dress I had chosen for her when she'd sent me samples to chose from and my brother, my younger brother was wearing an unmistakably expensive tuxedo.

The same tuxedo I had bought for him as a birthday present earlier this year. They were standing at the spot for departures at the airport.

My brother's arms around Natalie's waist, their suitcases beside them. And... And they were kissing like there was no tomorrow.



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