Two Faced Lover - Episode 5

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*** SKYLAR'S POV My heart was pounding in my chest, so rapidly I could almost hear it.

I swallowed hard, looking away instantly, fighting the urge to throw up.

I'm sure that image of blood and human fingers wouldn't leave my head anytime soon. It was stuck to my brain.

And I'm sure I'm going to be having nightmares wondering who those fingers belonged to.

"I'm still waiting for your answer Sky. Time waits for no man"

his voice cuts through my thoughts as I look up, regretting instantly.

He had dipped his hand into the box and took out a finger, waving it in front of me.

I cover my mouth with both hands immediately as I begin to feel nauseous.

Oh God, could anyone get any sicker?. . I gulp hard. I can't let him take Sean away from me.

He's my life.

He's all I've got.

I will take Sean across the country, changing his schools every month if that's what it takes but never can I leave him behind.

I can't. I know he isn't bringing only me along out of the country.

He's taking the rest too.. Oh yes, I'm not his only slave.

There are others, lots of them. Who work in different departments.

Some are serial killers, others are spies and con artists like myself and others are just his mistresses.

His f*ck toys.

Mostly women.

Because women are much more effective when it comes to deceiving and being discreet.

It was also easier to enslave a woman than a man.

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. I know for a fact that he's going to send all those slaves through different airlines and then we'll all meet at one place in a a different country.

If the police ransacks this place, they won't find anyone because he won't leave his slaves behind.

I can't leave Sean behind.

And so I do what I do best.


Going on my knees, I bow my head so I don't commit the mistake of looking him in the eye as I clasp my hands together in a prayer fashion.

"Please. Please don't take my son away from me. He's all I've got. I'll travel out of the country with you. I'd go anywhere you command me to but please, please for God's sake don't seperate me from Sean. Please.. I'll do anything. Anything. Please... Please"

my voice cracks and I realise the tears are already flowing.

"Please, don't take him away from me"

He remains silent and I know he's considering it.

Afterall this is what he wants.

To have everyone on their knees before him at his mercy. He likes to have control over peoples lives.

And he'll do anything to corner them so they hand over their life to him.


He starts slowly

"Let's imagine that I have agreed to let your son come with us. What will you give me in return?"

I knew it.

He always wants something in return.

Even if it's something as ridiculous as letting me have my own son. My very own flesh and blood. I do not waste time in answering.

"My loyalty. In return you'll have my full loyalty. I'll remain loyal to you my entire life" 

I say.

Regret fills me as soon as I utter those words.

But it's worth it.

As long as I have my son with me.

I could never offer him my body in return.

No. I'd rather die than become his mistress.

"Very well then. Go pack your things and arrive at the airport with your son in forty minutes"

I'll regret this. 

I know I'll regret this decision.

It'll hunt me. It'll come back to bite me in the ass one day. Just like the promise I made two years ago is still hunting me.



"I'm sorry miss Sampson but I can't help you further. Your son has hole-in-heart and to perform such surgery we need specialists from outside the country. And you know specialists do charge humongous amount. I'm sorry but we can't perform this surgery until you pay at least more than half of the bills"

My heart sinks at the doctors words.

Where will I get such money to save my son? He's only a year old.

I won't even be able to have that money if I sell my house.

Sean had been diagnosed with hole in heart just a few months after his birth.

Initially, he used to cry a lot anytime he had to cough or sneeze.

I had gotten him admitted to a community hospital where he'd been put on a heart-lung machine to keep the blood circulating and blood flowing properly.

But later the doctors had asked that I make a deposit for an open-heart surgery to be performed on Sean.

They had said a certain hole in Sean's heart didn't close properly after his birth the way it should have.

Sean couldn't keep living on a heart-lung machine attached to him all his life.

He was only one year old and the surgery was a must.

I couldn't lose my son.

The money I had been able to gather with what miss Glen had given me didn't amount to anything.

The surgery was hella expensive.

I had lost hope. I was going to lose my son.

The doctors had decided to stop Sean's treatment because the deposit I'd made wasn't enough. I'd used the money I was saving up to enter the university to pay his bills.. I had no friend to go to for help.

At least I thought I had friends until they all suddenly found it amusing to mock me with the name 'the second Virgin Mary'.

My extended family members had cut all ties with me after my parent's death.

I was always aware my parents had been in some sort of shady business but I never got to find out until they'd died in the plane crash.

I never even got to see them for the last time.

Their bodies had been burnt to ashes.

That was what the police officers had told me.

I was alone, with no one to run to for help. 

I couldn't even go for loan from the bank.

What was I even going to use as a guarantee? I didbt even have a decent house to use as collateral.

I remember sitting in front of the hospital, bawling my eyes out.

After everything I'd endured to give birth to Sean, God was just going to take him away from me just like that. 

I recall a man approaching me that day.


he had greeted rather sweetly.

I looked away.

I wasn't in the mood to listen to some sex starved man try to sweet talk me into his bed.

"I had overhead your conversation with the doctor regarding your child's surgery"

he said after a while

"I can help you. I'll pay for the surgery"

,I was suspicious.

He was a stranger yet he was willing to help me.

He didn't bother to ask for my name, what I did for a living.

Nothing. He just went ahead to offer me help.

As tempting as it was.

"Why? You barely know me" I sniffed getting up from the concrete I sat on. The man smiled sadly.

"My sister was diagnosed of hole in heart years back. She died because the doctors had stopped treating her when we couldn't pay the bills on time. I couldn't save her then but I can save your son"

"And what do you want in return? S*x?"

I had blurted out without thinking.

"I could offer you a job. You'll work for me and pay me little by little. Your call. I just want to help"

The offer was tempting. Too tempting.

"I.. I don't have any degree. Just an shs certificate."

"Even old men and women without qualifications work as cleaners in some companies don't they?"

He smiled. 

I could handle being a cleaner.

Read " Forgetting You " by the same author ( eliza )

. Right?

"Here's my card. Call me if you change your mind. I'll be most willing to help."

He slipped a business card in my hand and walked back into the hospital. I stared at the card.

"Park Greene"

was his name... Such a strange and an unusual name I had thought.

Later, that night when I sat by my son in the hospital, I realised I couldn't lose him.

He was too young.

He was my life.

And I was willing to do anything to save him.

Maybe Mr Park was a God sent.

So I had fished out my phone and without second thought, called him.

Accepting his offer.

To work in his company, even as a toilet cleaner to repay him.

Two days later, Sean had his open-heart surgery.

But if only I knew that by agreeing to his offer I had handed over my life to the devil himself on a silver platter so I could save my son's life, I wouldn't have.. But it was already too late.

Mr Park Greene wasn't even his real name.. It was just a name he used in his underground business, selling and shipping weapons, duping people, selling drugs, organizing illegal underground fights.

He didn't even own a company. And he never had a sister who suffered from hole in heart.

He was only looking for more people to recruit to do his dirty work for him while he sat back to enjoy the benefit.. And that day two years ago, he'd found the perfect opportunity to lure me when I was at my weakness.

In order to save Sean's life, I had handed him my freedom on a silver platter.

And I was going to keep being his slave, until I repay the money he had used to settle the bills for Sean's surgery.

But I knew better, that I'll never ever finish repaying him. I was trapped.. With no way out.


A/NGood morning.

I hope your answers are starting to get answered little by little?

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