Two Faced Lover - Episode 4

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I let out a yawn as I flip the eggs in the pan, rubbing my tired eyes.

I barely had any sleep last night and I'm pretty sure I have dark lines beneath my eyes.

I sigh, turning off the burner before placing the eggs into a plate. I proceed to make pineapple juice with a little touch of ginger.

Initially, I had wanted to make orange juice but then I discarded the thought immediately.

I mean, I can't have my son drinking the same thing everyday right? When I'm sure my fruit have been blended enough, I turn off the switch and pour the contents into two glasses and then trudge into the living room.

Sean was laying on his stomach just as I predicted, both hands supporting his chin as he watched his favourite Saturday morning cartoon show with keen interest.

"Sean baby, come and have your food"

I call out setting the breakfast on a small table in front of him since I can't afford a dining table yet.

Just like I expected Sean ignores me completely as he continued to watch his show.

I almost groan.

I need to make sure he has his breakfast before I leave him with our neighbour and then proceed to take my fruits out to sell since I barely made any money yesterday.

Since it's weekend, I hope and pray to get more costumers just so I can have enough money for the weekend.

"Sean have your food now"

I push the cup of tea and plate of toast and eggs towards him.

And the pineapple juice I had poured into his bottle.

He ignores me yet again.

Groaning in annoyance, I reach for the remote and turn off the TV.

That definitely gets his attention because he snaps his head in my direction probably to see who switched the TV off while was watching his favourite show.. I raise an eyebrow at him, pointing to the food before him and he pouts knowing he isn't getting any TV until he's finished with his breakfast.

"No food, no TV"

"But mummy!!!"

He whines loudly, giving me the puppy eye look.

"Eat up little man

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. Mummy is getting late"

I grab the cup of tea and take it to his mouth as he takes a sip before biting hungrily into the bread and egg.

I roll my eyes, a smile tugging at the corners of my lips. So much for not wanting to eat.


"Thank you so much Miss Glen"

I say to the older woman as I hand over Sean's bag containing all the necessities.

"I've told you time and again to stop thanking me. I love having Sean around"

she waves me off with a smile.

I smile back, glancing at my son who has already made himself comfortable on the sofa watching his show.

I sigh, knowing he's in good hands.

Miss Glen is an older woman in her early fifties, without a husband and without children.

She'd been the one to rush me to the hospital when I was in labour after I'd moved into this neighbourhood three years ago when I could no longer take the ridicule and mockery listening to people refer to me as the second virgin Mary.

She'd loved Sean just like her very own and had taken it upon her to look after Sean anytime I was out selling or on a mission.

But for how long will I let her take care of my son while I was away? My son needed my attention too. And I need the money to take care of him also.

How will I feed and clothe him if I didn't work? I sigh.

"I'll be back before you know it"

I assure her.

"Take all the time you want sweetheart"

I nod and look up at Sean.

"Bye baby!" He turns to me and waves dramatically only for a second before he turns his attention back to the TV.

I let out a small laugh exiting the room. One day Sean.. One day I'm going to give you a better life. A life that you deserve.


I barely managed to finish arranging the fruits in the huge basket I'd be taking out to sell today when my phone dings with a message.

I groan stepping away from the basket as I open the message.

I pray to the heavens it's just some default message from these network companies.

Opening the message to read, my heart drops instantly as dread fills the pit of my stomach.

"Meet me now"

That three word sentence was enough to send my entire day spiralling in the opposite direction.

I drop the phone.

Son of a b*tch.

He only messages or calls me when he needs me to do his dirty work.

Never has he even paid me.

Not even when I manage to dupe some rich business men of their money, he doesn't even give me a quarter of it.

Not that duping rich men of their money is a good thing but at least he could appreciate me.

Every time I seduce and dupe rich men according to his orders by the way, I'm always at a risk of getting arrested.

The fact that I've never been arrested before doesn't mean I'm safe. I may run out of luck one day.

And once a powerful rich man wants you arrested, he'd do anything to keep you in jail.

And I wasn't ready to get caught up in such a web. If this happens then my son will suffer the consequences.

No. I'm not going. He can go f*ck himself.

I'm sure he wants me for another dirty job again.

But what if i refuse to go? I know exactly well what he's capable of. I know he won't hesitate to take it out on my son if I dare refuse him.

I sigh, knowing that like every other day, I have no choice but to succumb to his twisted wishes like a loyal dog. I'm trapped.

Pfft! Who am I kiding, I've always been strapped ever since I set eyes on him.


An hour later, I make my way into the cream coloured mansion.

I'm sure he must be watching me on the CCTV camera he's installed in every single corner of the mansion.

"Welcome Sky"

the cold and distant voice greets me as soon I enter the office too luxurious to be called an office in the first place.

I nod, shutting the door quietly behind me, bending my head low as I fold my arms behind me like a slave.

Just like he wants it.

He doesn't like it when you look him in the eye.

According to his twisted way of thinking, it's disrespectful.

"How are you faring my beautiful Sky"

he asks and I can swear on my parent's grave that he's currently twirling around in his seat with that nasty signature smirk of his. I remain quiet waiting for him to go to straight to the point.

Rule 1: When the boss asks you how you're doing, you do not answer.. Until you're commanded to.

"Words Sky. Words"

he commands.

"I'm faring well sir"

I can almost hear him nodding in approval.

"Good. Let's just cut to the chase then. I called you here because..."

There it is. The real reason he called me here. To give me another job.

"..i want you to pack a few things. Important things mostly and meet me at the airport in an hour"

he finishes.

And the moment his words sink in, I commit the grave mistake of snapping my head up to stare at him In shock.


He narrows his eyes dangerously.

"Surely you aren't deaf Skylar. We're leaving the country. The police are going to raid this place in a few hours or less. Someone snitched on us. We need to take the next flight which takes off in an hour and few minutes. Your papers are ready."

How the hell did he even know the police will raid this place? How did he even manage to make me a passport and secure me a Visa? Okay that isn't my main focus now.

"Leaving the country? We? As in you and I? What the f*ck?!"

I regret it instantly the minute the words leave my mouth. Like a bolt of lightning, he had sprang off his seat and crushed into me, pinning me against the wall with a dagger pointing at my neck. How and where he produced the dagger that fast, I had no idea.

"Two offences at go Skylar Sampson. First, you dare look me in the eye and the second, you had the audacity to cuss at me"

His voice was dangerously low and calm.

But his eyes were as red and blazing with anger told me otherwise One move, one wrong move and my head will be chopped off my body in a second.

I may be one of his best spies but I'm not irreplaceable. I gulp.

"O...okay.. I'm truly sorry."

I lower my eyes very aware of the dagger pressing into my skin.

"I'll go and get my son"

"Your son?"

He replied so quietly I almost didn't hear.

"You think you're bringing that thing along? I have already made arrangements and he'll be taken to an orphanage to.."

My eyes flies back to his again.

"No way. Wherever I go, Sean goes with me. I'm not leaving him in some orphanage. I'm his mother and until I'm alive, my son goes wherever I go. He's my son. My.

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. Son. Mine and mine alone!"

I say with as much conviction as I can.. There was a long stretch of silence until he finally pulls away from me.

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. I mean how could the boss even think of wanting to send my three year old son to an orphanage? He's got a problem with me. I'm his slave and not my son.

My son goes wherever I go.

"Do you see this?"

The boss' sudden question snaps me out of my reverie.

I look up to find him holding up a beautiful antique box.

I squint my eyes.

"They're very lovely aren't they?"

He smiles cynically, opening the box.

My Instincts kick in immediately as a loud scream escapes from my throat at the sight. Blood. Thick red blood.

The box was filled with blood. Fresh blood.

And not just that. In the pool of blood lay fingers.

Human fingers.

Five human fingers.

I stumble back in shock, fighting the urge to gag and vomit at the horrendous sight. Oh my God.

"Either your son stays in the orphanage like the pretty little boy he is, or the next fingers to occupy this box will be your son dearest. You choose"

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  • Ronke Adetula picture
    Ronke Adetula
    What a wicked man
  • Maame Ama picture
    Maame Ama
    Wat av u gotten yourself into Sky, the man doesn't even pay u too
  • eliza picture
    ikr @ Ronke
  • eliza picture
    i know @Maame. its disappointing
  • Abena Asima picture
    Abena Asima
    Okay nobody should keep quiet when they are being abused her son will be lost by the time she gets back that is if she comes back she should ask him to let the old lady take care of him
  • Destiny Benson picture
    Destiny Benson
    Wow how will sky get out of this mess
  • eliza picture
    I agree with you totally Abena
  • eliza picture
    let's wait and see @ Destiny
  • Maureen Maryann picture
    Maureen Maryann
    This is wickedness. Nice one dear.
  • YO DE picture
    YO DE
    I feel for skylar
  • Amma picture
    that's mean
  • eliza picture
    thanks Maureen
  • eliza picture
    same here @ Yo De
  • eliza picture
    ikr @ Amma
  • Nelly Christian picture
    Nelly Christian
    Kk how do sky even pregnant at first and who is this man, I mean what's his contribution in her life for him to order her around
  • eliza picture
    you'll find out In due time Nelly
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    I don't get this, does he owe him any favours from the past? Like how will she be a slave to the devil himself without any form of good living or payments? I mean how? For her son, I side with Abena, she should plead for the old lady to take care of her. But wait oh, if the police is ransacking that mansion, how does it affect her since she doesn't live there? Eliza dear, abeg answer my questions in the coming episodes lol. Love you girl
  • eliza picture
    love you more Bennie. I'll explain it in the coming episodes
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    I'm pretty sure this guy is related to Hank...
  • eliza picture
    lol Pamela. Mr Hank Is dead oo
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Lol maybe he made a deal with Hades too and got a second chance to life!
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