Daddy's Girl

*Arnold Bempong becomes a mean and cold hearted man after his wife dies during childbirth.

Arnold's cruelty knows no bounds as he begins to hate his own daughter, Fiona right from her birth.

Five year old Fiona, as innocent and naive as she is, struggles to gain her father's love as her little minds couldn't comprehend why her father wanted nothing to do with her.

Yet try hard as she did, Arnold pushes her away.

Helena is Fiona's teacher, beautiful, strong willed who is hired by Arnold to give extra teaching lessons to his daughter.

What happens when slowly and steadily, she begins to fall head over heels in love with the hard headed and cold hearted Arnold?.

What happens happens when Arnold is not willing to let go off his past and accept Fiona as his very own especially when the truth surrounding Fiona's birth and Amanda's death begins to haunt him.

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    • Daddy's Girl - Introduction

    • Hi there, So this story is to make up for my delay with the previous one 'the last virgin'. it's already completed so i can assure you there's not gonna be delay wi...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 1

    • ** He shut the doors and windows angrily and headed towards his study as it began raining in torrents. Most people loved rain and the smell of sand during a rainfall in a...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 2

    • **** FIVE YEARS AGO.... 10:00PM Arnold sat behind his laptop making sketches on a new house he had been contracted to design and build while his wife, Amanda lay in bed s...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 3

    • *** Amanda blinked back her tears as her husband bent over, kissing her on the forehead. "Why didn't you tell me Mandy?" He asked using her pet na...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 4

    • **** Arnold sighed as he poured himself a bottle of whisky. He shook his head, trying not to recall anymore scenes from his past. "I don't like men who...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 5

    • *** Arnold glanced at his watch and hit his steering wheel in anger as he cut at the intersection nearer to the hospital he was headed. It was a few minutes to four o'...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 6

    • **** Arnold stared at his crazy friends drooling over his visitor like children who had seen their favourite candy in a shop. He didn't like the way they were staring...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 7

    • * **** Arnold drove into his compound stepped out of his car and walked into his house,his face looking sullen and his eyes red and swollen. It was a quarter to six. ...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 8

    • **** "Do you have feelings for her?" Mark asked hoping to get a negative reply. Arnold scoffed like that was the silliest question anyone walking the face of earth could ...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 9

    • ***** Arnold paced the length of his living room after Grace had cleaned the place up contemplating on whether to go into the guestroom or not. He had found her cell phone on the c...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 10

    • **** Helena sat up in bed rubbing her eyes trying to adjust to the light in the room when she heard him yell again. She turned to stare at him fully awake now. ...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 11

    • ***** It was already 7:00pm when Helena got to his residence. She had made up her mind to quit the job after taking her mother to the hospital that afternoon but unfortun...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 12

    • *** Alex saw Helena fall as her cellphone crushed to the ground and rushed to her side, carrying her in his arms.. She had already passed out. "She's bleeding&qu...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 13

    • **** Arnold parked his car and watched them sitting outside clad in black clothes. Ever since Helena was discharged from the hospital five days ago, she had refused to se...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 14

    • **** 10:00AM (A&A construction and consultancy firm) "Thank you Mr Bempong. We will look forward to hearing from you soon and we have heard about your marvelous ...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 15

    • *** THE CROSBY'S RESTAURANT.. Arnold parked his car at the parking lot and alighted. She followed. "What are we doing here?" She questio...
      • Views (6,927)
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 16

    • *** Arnold nudges her slightly and then shakes her as he cries, c*ressing her cheeks..... He grabbed a bottled water on the cabinet and sprinkled a bit on her face but she wasn'...
      • Views (7,296)
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 17

    • ****** "What nonsense!!! How can this be?" Exclaimed the furious Arnold. "This is getting out of hand. The killer is doing everything he can to c...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 18

    • ***** Fiona knew he was no doctor. Her doctor had come to give her medicines already and he, was probably a monster.... The same monster who had sneaked into their home....
      • Views (7,272)
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 19

    • ***** She shifted uncomfortably in her seat as her hair was being combed roughly. She frowned, wincing slightly. "Emilia easy!!! Did I force you to make my hair?&quo...
      • Views (7,394)
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 20

    • *** "Helena!" "Helena stop!!! Please!!" She heard Arnold behind her. He seemed to be catching up with her. Soon, she beg...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 21

    • *** "Are you stupid Noldie?" Alex hit Arnold's head for the third time that day as he narrated what had ensued between them two days ago when Helena had wal...
      • Views (7,498)
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 22

    • **** Helena sits in the taxi as it drives off towards the restaurant where she was supposed to meet up with Arnold in less than fifteen minutes.. She sighed and rolled her eyes, lo...
      • Views (7,447)
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 23

    • **** "What nonsense!!!" Arnold yelled at the police men behind the counter. They had been at the police station for almost two hours and they had been...
      • Views (7,225)
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 24

    • **** He yawned and stretched as he sat up in the sofa. "What a pleasurable night" he smiled and walked towards the small kitchen. He looked around, wo...
      • Views (7,282)
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 25

    • ***** "If that's the case then I don't think you should be doing this alone. You can't track her down with your phone. You need gadgets Arnold" Alex...
      • Views (7,048)
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 26

    • ***** Helena squirmed and wriggled under his disgusting touch and kisses as his hands roamed every inch of her skin hungrily. Tears burned her eyes. No.. She shook her he...
      • Views (7,665)
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 27

    • *** Arnold stared at his friend refusing to believe what his eyes were seeing. He blinked thrice before stepping forward to take a closer look, maybe the darkness that ha...
      • Views (7,274)
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 28

    • *** He just got bitten, twice. And it f*cking stung. Like hell. "And dear brother, your stupid house help was being so nosy and poking her nose where it didn't b...
      • Views (7,546)
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 29

    • *** "What the hell are you being paid for?" Arnold shouted as he pounced angrily on the doctor grabbing his collar. His face wet with angry tears.. "Sir pl...
      • Views (7,489)
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 30

    • *** She stopped when she came across two narrow paths before her.. Confused, she stared from her left to her right and stopped abruptly when she spotted a beautiful fair skinned wo...
      • Views (7,419)
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 31

    • **** Fiona tried to move when she felt strong arms around her.. She opened her eyes slightly and could see her mother, Amanda in a long white flowing gown standing at the door smil...
      • Views (7,191)
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 32

    • *** "What the f*ck did you do to me? Arnold you sick bastard! F*cking psycho pray I don't get my hands on you because if I do, that'll be the last time you see this ea...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 33

    • *** True. The monster in Arnold had awoken. And Mark's head buried deep inside the bucket as he thrashed about and struggled to breath was the clear proof. ...
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 34

    • **** THE NEXT MORNING Arnold sat on the chair, arms crossed over his chest as he watched the motionless figure of Mark on the bed. So many wires attached to his body.&nbs...
      • Views (7,518)
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    • Daddy's Girl - Episode 35

    • *** "Here lies a beloved. A sister, daughter, wife and a mother. Amanda Bempong. 1987-2015" Arnold read the words on the tombstone which he'd memorized like...
      • Views (8,044)
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