Two Faced Lover - Episode 7

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I chuckle as Sean clashes into me, wrapping his arms around my legs as soon as I step into Miss Glen's compound almost making me lose my balance.

He'd been playing with the toy car Miss Glen had gotten for him on his third birthday.


I bend to his height, placing a kiss to both his cheeks as he giggles.

"I've been gone for barely three hours and you miss me?"

He nods enthusiastically although I'm pretty sure he didn't understand anything I just said.

"I miss you too honey"

I pull his small frame in for a hug, wondering why I'm suddenly feeling emotional. Maybe the thought of never seeing him again had stuck a cord . I could hear pans and pots clashing and I knew Miss Glen was probably in the kitchen.

I sigh.

I have only a few minutes to talk to Sean and then get packing. I don't even have time to say goodbye to Miss Glen.

I'd just have to settle for a letter then.

Yes a letter.

I'd write her a letter and stick it under her door.

Goodbyes are easier said that way.

"Come Sean"

I lead my son out of Miss Glen's compound toward's our small house.

I'd already packed a suitcase with our clothes.

"Sean baby listen to me..umm"

Okay how the hell do you explain to a three year old that you're moving him out of the country, away from his school, friends, environment and possibly never to return? I sigh.

It's better to take the easiest route out of this.

"Do you want to sit on ae-ro-pl-ane??"

I drag out the words moving my hands in the air for emphasis.

Sean squints his eyes in cofusion for a moment, focusing on the movements of my hands.

Then suddenly his eyes widen in realisation as he runs into the house, returns later with his favourite plane toy. He waves it in front of me excitedly.

"Yes baby

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. Do you want to sit inside? A very big one?"

I spread my hands wide as he claps excitedly.

"Yes. Yes. I want to see!"

I laugh. Perfect. At least he was excited with the idea of sitting in the original version of his plane toy.

"Good. Go and get your school bag and let's go"

he nods enthusiastically before running inside.

I quickly use the opportunity to send Miss Glen a text message telling her I've come to pick Sean up and apologising profuse it for leaving impromptu like this.

It may take a while before she finds the letter I tucked under her door.

I don't want her searching the entire neighbourhood for fear of Sean being missing. Sean comes back out right then, his bag at his back.

"Mummy let's go!"

He tugs at my skirt impatiently.

I chuckle. Someone seems to be more excited than I am.

"Okay okay. Come on"

I grab his hand and pull the other suitcase with my other hand as we wall out of the compound to catch a cab.

I cast a last glance at Miss Glen's compound.

"I'm so sorry"

I'll come back. For you. One day. I promise.


Thirty minutes later, Sean and I are making our way towards the checkpoint.

After we were checked and cleared, we made our way towards the departure hall where I spotted three more slaves, who were also spies like myself.

If I'm not mistaken, I'm sure the others would be split into groups and travel with different airlines or they'd most likely be smuggled out if the country.

I'd bet on a million CEDI's that it's the latter.

The boss loves his money too much to spend on buying travel tickets for each slave.

"What took you so long? I gave you forty minutes and it's been fifty minutes already"

the boss sneers in a low voice as he approaches.

Jeez, it's not like I was an hour late. I mentally roll my eyes.

"I'm sorry"

I apologise.


he mutters, shifting his attention to Sean who was staring around the airport in awe.

"Hello little man. It's a pleasure to meet you"

he extends a hand towards Sean who backs away with a frown immediately, hiding behind me.

Well, seems like someone doesn't like him.

"It seems your son doesn't like me"

he chuckles getting up. Because you're a narcissistic piece of sh*t.

I almost blurt out..

"That's how he is with strangers sir"

I say instead.

"Hmm" he doesn't say a word as he regards Sean thoughtfully for a while before shifting his gaze to me, eyes resting on my face.

"I love that blonde wig on you, wear it more often"

he says. It's a disguise you stupid fool! I was tempted to shout but I knew better than to blurt that out.

I had wore this wig that had incredibly thick bangs that covered my forehead and almost my eyes too for disguise just in case someone I had duped decides to show up and recognize me.

Call it intuition, but I had a bad feeling.

Afterall most of them were rich, well known men so it wouldn't be impossible to run into one of them here right? Rich men travel as frequently as they drink water.

And I pray to the heavens I don't run into any of them.

I tug at Sean's hand leading him towards one of the seats when I spot someone.

My heart sinks to the pit of my stomach When I say someone, I mean more like the last person I had been asked to dupe a month ago.

He was an old rich man who decided to outsmart Mr Park or should I say the boss a few months ago when he'd ordered for ten girls.

Yep, you read right. Ordered.

The stupid man ordered for ten girls like he was ordering for a pair of shoes online.

Don't ask me where the boss manages to get the girls from because honestly I have no idea.

All I know is the girls are brought in.

By sea or by land, I do not know.

But my best guess is that the boss is even into human trafficking.. And this old man had taken the girls, spent the night with each of them for several days, or perhaps shared them among his rich friends during a party, alternating in between, as sick and twisted as it was, paid the boss half of the amount initially agreed.

Claiming most of the girls were too skinny and whiny in bed. Enraged, the boss had asked me to seduce and dupe him of his money.

Something which was unusual because normally, he would have ordered the man to be killed for cheating and taking him for a fool.

But I guess he wanted a way to keep his most eligible customer and have the money he had been cheated off back at the same time.

That way, the old man continues been his customer and I dupe him of his money. Killing two birds with one stone without killing the man himself.

Yea, the boss could play dirty like that.

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. I'm not sure the man was ever aware I was working for Mr Park.

But right now, if he sees me and recognizes me standing with the boss, he's going to put two and two together and figure it all out.

It had been broadcasted on the news that he'd been duped more than half of his assets. By whom and why?.

It was never stated. I'm sure he was protecting his reputation by not telling anyone he was duped by a girl he wanted to sleep with.

But if this man recognizes me, it'll take only a second for him to call the police on me and get me arrested.

Sh*t. How did I get myself into this mess? I turn away instantly, avoiding eye contact. But it was too late.

His eyes had caught mine and he was walkihg towards me.

Oh no. F*ck no!

"Fancy seeing you here Mr White"

the boss steps forward immediately distracting the old man for a second.

"Hello Mr Park"

he greets in return, shifting his gaze to me again.

Sh*t! Why did he have to be here, at the airport, of all places in the world, of all days? Damn it.

My eyes catches Mr Park and I see him giving me the eye.

That look, I know so well.

That look that says 'when you get caught, you're on your own'.

I have to get out of here.

If this man recognizes me, I'm sure the boss will pretend he doesn't know me.

He will willingly sell me to the dogs than lose a customer like Mr White who brings him more cash than I do on daily basis.

I have to save my ass. I grab Sean's hand tighter, searching for the nearest exit, ready to bolt and run for my life.

Even this wig can't save me from being recognized now.

"Well hello there, what do we have here?"

Mr White side steps Mr Park as he makes his way towards me.

He stops right in front of me, looking at me intently, scanning my face, like he's studying me, more like trying to recall where he's seen my face before.

"You look awfully familiar. You remind me of..."

Sh*t. This was it.. I had to get out of here. Fast!.

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  • Cutedreamer picture
    Skylar is in trouble...
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    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Haha...abeg save Sky and Sean for us please Eliza darling lol
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    she sure is @cute dreamer
  • eliza picture
    lol Bennie let me go and ask her if she wants my help
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    Sky has to vanish eventually..lolx
  • eliza picture
    lol Amma. ikr. she needs to vanish
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    Ohemaa Mildy
    Eliza love pls save our virgin Mary for us ...cos Christmas is near the corner ooo
  • eliza picture
    hehe Ohemaa.. lol.. I won't let them harm our Virgin Mary
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    Holartharyor Hardebharyor
    Nice one I pray Sky manage escape o Please next episode @eliza
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    She's soo busted......!
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