Two Faced Lover

** Cameron Knight is as handsome as he is dark.

He's alluring, unmistakeably enchanting, a ladies man, intelligent, kind hearted.

In fact, too kind hearted.

A trait that is recognized by all as good.

And at the same time, a trait that was the major downfall of Cameron Knight.

Cameron is left at the alter by the woman he'd loved since childhood.

She left him at the alter and eloped with his very own brother when she realised Cameron wasn't going to be appointed the CEO and heir apparent to the knight group of companies but his brother instead.

He becomes cold and heartless, entirely opposite of what he used to be.

Finally, after years of trying, Cameron attains wealth acquired by his hard work and.. Ruthlessness of course.

His life was perfect . Or so he thought. Wake up in the morning, go to work, return home, work, and work some more. Perfect, until he meets Skylar Sampson.

And then his perfect world did not seem so perfect anymore without her.

Skylar Sampson is a beautiful as her name.

Enchanting, alluring, a goddess and a sight for sore eyes.

Skylar meets Cameron.

Feelings ignite.

But.. There was a tiny problem.

Skylar is a spy and a professional con artist.

She is an ordinary fruit seller in the morning, and at night, she is a spy for the most feared gang leader in the suburb.

The leader who would move heaven and earth to destroy Cameron Knight, the ruthless man who becomes an obstacle in his line of underground business.

And so he assigns Skylar, his best seductress and spy to seduce the heartless Cameron to fall in love with her and get information.

Everything was going as planned until emotions starts to get entangled.

Her name was Skylar Sampson and she, was a two faced lover.

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    • Two Faced Lover - Introduction

    • Hey guys... I know I said I'll start this new story next week but I just couldn't help it. I hope you love this story as much because I do. Please don&#...
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    • Two Faced Lover - Episode 1

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    • Two Faced Lover - Episode 3

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    • Two Faced Lover - Episode 4

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    • Two Faced Lover - Episode 10

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    • Two Faced Lover - Episode 11

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