Two Faced Lover - Episode 10

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I get tackled the second I push the door open and step foot into the small room.


I chuckle. Well who else? I bend towards his height, ruffling his hair as I plant sloppy kisses to his cheeks. He whines in protest.


I ask with a slight pout as I pull back.

"You don't want mummy to kiss you?"

"I'm a big boy now!"

He huffs. "Oh really? Who told you you were a big boy now?"

"Umm aunty Maya. . Umm.. She says I'm a big big now. She says I can beat the bad guys who disturb you!"

He huffs again, pushing his glasses up his nose as he shows me his invisible biceps.

Maya is the one with whom I share this room.

She's also a spy just like me.

Except, she chose to be a spy and work for Mr Park willingly while I on the other hand aren't doing this willingly neither did I chose to be a spy.

Maya's reasons for choosing such a slavery as a job instead of finding a real job out there, are best known to her.

I laugh.

He must have been practicing that a lot.

"Sean baby, you're still my little boy hmm?"

"No! I'm a very big boy now"

Ookay, guess it'll take a while to get this notion out of his head.

"Sure sure, my Sean is such a very big boy now" I humor him,loving the huge grin that spreads across his face. I straighten up, walking towards the bed

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. "Mummy what's that?"

Sean asks pointing to the huge bag I had brought. Oh right, I almost forgot.

"Come, come sit and I'll show you"

he quickly runs towards me, climbing onto the bed, watching me eagerly as I empty the bag.

On my way home after that rather unpleasant encounter with Mr chocolate eyes, I had bought a box of pizza, a carton of juice, a packet of pickles and a toy car that has a remote controller.

Sean's eyes widen with excitement at the items and then confusions clouds his features.

He looks up at me.

"Is today my birthday?"

"No? Why do you ask baby?"

"Because.. Because you only give me pizza and toys on my birthday"

he mutters so silently I almost didn't hear him.

My heart breaks.. Has he really noticed all this? I blink, pulling him closer to my chest.

"Mummy doesn't need to wait for your birthday before she buys you pizza and toys.".

Sean pulls away, peering into my face curiously.

"Really mom?"

"Yes my love, now start eating before it gets cold. You need to go to bed early, it's past your bed time little man don't think I've forgotten"

I say as I open the box of pizza, hand him a slice and then proceed to pour juice into a glass from the carton.

"But mummy, tomorrow is Saturday! That means no school!"

He exclaims as he takes a huge bite of the slice.


I pick up a slice, pulling up my legs onto the bed as I chew.

"So no bedtime mummy"

he tells me like it's the news of the century.. I scoff.. No bedtime means, he gets to stay up all night watching TV and doing whatever the hell he wants until he decides he's sleepy enough to go to bed.

"No way Sean. No way. Finish your food, brush your teeth and go to bed"

Sean grunts his disapproval as he goes back to eating.. I sigh leaning against the headboard, Mr chocolate eyes invading my thoughts.

Such hotness, provided to one man.. He's like a Greek God.

So perfect, no flaws.

Pfft!. What the hell is wrong with you Skylar? That man may be handsome and all but damn that man is so rude, disrespectful.

To top it all, he's a damn psycho.

My hand instinctively goes to my neck where I'm sure he left his finger imprints from gripping so hard.

I swear to all things holy, if I ever set eyes on him again, I'm gonna give him a dose of his own medicine.


I push that psycho out of my thoughts as I enjoy my pizza.



"Park Greene?"

I ask

"That's an awfully strange name"

I mutter to myself.

"That's what I thought too but hey, parents these days name their kids even after their favourite TV show."

The MC who's name is Michael shrugs again.

My best guess is that it's a fake name he uses just so incase of any mishap, no one can trace it back to him.

I keep my thoughts to myself. It'll come in handy later.. "Alright I guess I should get going"

"Come with me"

he gestures towards the door and I follow.

Five minutes later, we stop in front of a door.

"Go ahead. And please don't anger him, no matter what"

Michael warns again.

I roll my eyes.

What's so special about this Park man that he keeps warning me not to anger him? It's not like I walk around with a sign on my forehead that says

"Anger dustributer"

If he doesn't give me any reason to anger him, then I won't.. As simple as that.

But if he does, then rest assured I'm gonna give it to him right back.

I take shit from no one.

"Can't make any promises"

I say over my shoulder and without waiting for his reply, I push the door open and enter.

The entire room is pitch black save for the tiny light from the moon that illuminates through the window into the room, giving me the silhouette of the presumed Park Greene standing by the window with his arms crossed over his chest as he looks out the window onto the streets.

"Glad to have your audience Mr knight"

he says without turning to look at me. I frown.. Okay first off, this is a major turn off.

Firstly, he invites me into a dark room to have a discussion.

Couldn't he at least turn on the light? It's not like there's power outage or anything.

That's disrespectful.

Secondly, if this is his way of greeting people then It's a no no.

Thirdly, he spoke without having the need turn to me, to acknowledge me.

And the tone he used in speaking.

It's almost like he's speaking to his slave.

When you talk to someone, you make eye contact, you don't turn your back like that. Should I f*cking talk to his back?

"I'm a man of few words and so without beating about the bush, I'd go straight to the point"

he continues with this back still turned to me.

"As you already know, I'm Park Greene, the owner of this arena. The founder"

Yeah, so? I almost snort. No need to blow your own horn in my face old man.. If he thinks founding an illegal fighting arena is a damn achievement to gloat about then he's got a lot of homework to do.. He's already boring me.

"I called you here because I just need one thing from you. The match today, yours specifically is a very important one. There's a lot of money at stake here. People have placed huge amounts of money betting on your loss. And as you know 80% of the betting money goes to me. Some newbies who seem to not know what the real deal is about around here, placed those outrageous bets and as stupid as I think they are for betting on your loss, I do not want to lose my money. If I do, 80% of that money just goes away. So I called you here to ask you of one thing. Tap out of the game, allow yourself to lose or whatever but the bottom line is I need you to lose this match" I blink.

"Excuses me?"

Who the f"?*ck does this man think he is?.

To demand me to intentionally lose the game just so he gets the money.

Money which isn't even his in the first place.

The money he's talking about are peoples bets.

And he wants me to lose just so he won't lose money? Is he so selfish he can't forfeit the profit of a single match?

"I know you've never lost a match Mr knight. So losing just one match won't affect you. I'm sure. I just need my money"

"Well excuse me, but losing just one match is like a stain in my shirt. And I hate to have stains in my shirt"

I almost growl.

"Stains can always be washed away with soap and water can't they?"

"I do not wash away stains. I throw away any shirt that gets stained into the trashcan. This offer is just absurd Mr Park, sorry to say this but I can't accept this offer. I'm not forfeiting this match..I'm only a dew weeks away from the ultimate match that'll give me the highest rank and losing a fight, will be very bad for me. I'm sorry".

I'm not sorry. Suddenly, he turns to face me, so fast I thought his neck will break.

"You defy my orders Mr Knight?"

He ask in a dangerous tone

"Oh forgive me but this is not an order at least not to me. Just because you own this arena doesn't make you the boss of me.

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. I answer to no one. I'm my own boss so don't come here talking to me about defying orders. I won't lose a match just for your selfish gains"

I snap. It was dark, but I could clearly see he was fuming with rage, threatening to burst.

"Think again Mr Knight because trust me, you wouldn't want to get on my bad side. It'll be hell for you if you do".

I scoff.

"I too have a bad side too you know? You wouldn't want to get on it either. If that's all, I'll take my leave now, I've got a match to prepare for"

I turn and walk towards the door.

"You walk out the door and you'll regret it for the rest of your life. I swear by all things holy Mr Knight, I'll make you regret it. I'm going to f*cking destroy you and crush you beneath my feet, trust me!"

Wow, hes threatening me because I refused him? This man surely got ego problems. I grab the door handle and turn.

"Do your worst Mr Park or whatever you damn name is, I'm not scared of your empty threats. F*cking do your worst".

I push the door open and step out, banging the door loudly behind me. Who the f*ck does he think he is? To even threaten me? He can shove it up his f*cking ass.

I don't give a flying f*ck.

Now more than ever, I'm going to make sure I win this fight tonight and let's see how he's going to destroy me.

I'd like to see him try.

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  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Wow! Clash of the Titans lol, nice episode dear
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Hian!! Park,is it by force to lose? Abi is it ur win? This Park needs a bullet in d brain oo
  • eliza picture
    lol. thanks Bennie
  • eliza picture
    its by force to lose confy. hehe
  • Amma picture
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    This guy things he's a god or something...he has had his way long enough it's about time someone puts his ass in his own place
  • eliza picture
    I second you Pamela. he needs to be whooped in the ass
  • Demsy Francis picture
    Demsy Francis
    Hahahahahahaha.... Look at Park Greene abi Bus-stop black, who does he think he is? Mtcheew.... Let him park oneside let me see Mr,. Chocolates eye....
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