Two Faced Lover - Episode 8

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I step out of the bathroom, padding naked towards the glass window and stepping out onto the balcony of my penthouse, leaving droplets of water on my trail.

Stretching my hand, I grab the last cigarette from the small glass table and light it, pushing it into my mouth and take a long drag relishing in the smoke that exits my nostrils..I lean against the wall, watching the city with total disinterest.

My gaze fixated on the roundabout in front of my home.

The same roundabout that leads to Natalie and her f*cking husband's home. The path that I've come to memorise so well I could shut my eyes and walk there, return and walk back there without hurdles.

I take another long drag, watching the road . Knowing fully well that their house is just a few miles away.

Sure I know where they're living. I've known for the past three years since I moved to New York.

I know where they live, where they work, what time they leave for work in the morning and what time they return.

I know of their favourite restaurant where they go to eat every Saturday. 

I know everything.

No, I'm not stalking them and no they don't know I'm in new York and I haven't bothered to go see them or cross paths with them.

Because the day I do, the day I allow them set eyes on me again after that heartwrenching betrayal, I'd make sure to make it such a memorable day for them.

As memorable as my wedding day was for me.

They day I willingly go to see them, I'd have them eating from the palm of my hand.

I'll have them rolling on the floor in dirt.

But that day hasn't arrived yet. It hasn't

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. But soon it will.. Soon.

The knocking at my door snaps me out of my thoughts as I turn, walking back into the bedroom to grab some clothes to wear.


I watch the door slide open as the familiar face enters. I roll my eyes.

"What now?"

"You destroyed the punching bags again Cam. And this time, you destroyed two"

he drops the bags at my feet, irritation clear in his voice


"So you and I are going out to buy new ones. I can't have you destroying them while I end up buying more to replace them"

"You just need an excuse to make me step out of the house Julian." 

I deadpan, taking another drag of my cigarette.

"Nope, not today. I'm serious. It's High time you start going out to buy new punching bags yourself anytime you destroy it. And also you start doing grocery shopping by yourself. I'm not your mama for heaven's sake!"

He says dramatically.

"Aww but I always thought you were my mama until today Julie" I say purposely to aggravate him. And it works.

"Stop calling me Julie you douche, it's Julian. Stupid dork"

I chuckle when he glares at me.

"Stop laughing. I'm serious. I mean come on! You basically use all sort of weapons on an innocent punching bag. Who does that? That's twisted. Note, the key word is punching. Repeat after me pu-nch-ing. You punch it not use knives and other weapons you have on it"

he explains like he's talking to a five year old. I snort.

"I know what a punching bag is used for thank you. Besides it's not my fault I like to view the bag as my opponent. Punching won't be enough to take down an opponent in a ring you know"

"Whatever. Get up, we're leaving for the market"

"Can't you like go alone?"

"No. Get up else were both going to starve in this house. You have a fught tonight Cameron, you don't want to fight on an empty stomach do you? Because If that happens you're gonna lose for the first time"

My face darkens at his words.

Ever since I joined the illegal underground fighting, two years ago, I've never lost a match.

I channeled whatever anger and hateful feelings I harboured into the fight and I never stopped kicking and punching until my opponent was face down .

I sigh, getting up as I pick my Wallet.

"Come on,let's go"

I grumble.. I hate grocery shopping.

"And stop smoking Cam, drop that thing" I roll my eyes "Yes mama". I dip the butt of the cigarette into the ash till it burns out.


he mutters


I retort following him.



Wiping the sweat off my brow, I remove the apron and hang it in the kitchen.

I walk toward the dinning table and look over everything before nodding in approval.. Everything is set for dinner for the Monroe's tonight.

I stare around the living room and then nod again feeling satisfied with my work.

The house is sparkling clean and dinner is set.

Grabbing my small bag, I walk out onto the veranda where Mrs Monroe is seated on a lazy chair reading some sort of magazine.. "I'm done ma'am"

I say as I go to stand before her.

She closes the magazine and looks up at me before smiling.

"Oh, I almost forgot you're still here Sky"

she tells me, pulling her purse from the bag that sat beside her. Pulling out several wads of noted, she hands me my money.. "Here this is 70$"

"Thank you Mrs Monroe"

I grin as take the money, pocketing it.

"See you tomorrow ma'am"

"See you Sky and say hi to Sean for me"

"Will do"

I reply as I sprint towards the gate. Sean must be home by now waiting for me.

I stayed much longer than usual today. I began working as Mrs Monroe's cleaner almost a year ago. 

I had been job hunting for months, jumping from one menial job to another.

No permanent job. I was getting frustrated.

No one wanted to hire a high school drop out especially in this part of New York.. Yep, the boss had brought us all to new York where I must say his shady business keeps increasing a thousand folds than it did back in Ghana.

If there anything I don't regret, it's coming here because after that near death experience I had with Mr White who almost recognised me at the airport three years ago, I decided not to return to Ghana.

At least for a while.

I couldn't risk getting seen. 

I almost had a heart attack when Mr White wanted to know my name that day.

Luckily, our time for departure was announced just then and I rushed, more like run out of there towards the plane without looking back.

It was a close save.

I may not be lucky next time. So yeah, I met Mrs Monroe during another one of my numerous job haunting when she was doing grocery shopping.. Her purse had fallen down while she picked up some foodstuffs from the stand.

A signed cheque along with a few jeweleries and some money fell from the purse.

I had chased Mrs Monroe all the way to the other side of the market to give her back her purse.

When I found her, she was bawling her eyes out after realising she couldn't find her purse containing such huge amounts of money.

She had thanked me profusely when I handed it to her after telling her I saw it fall from her bag.

She had told me she was going to use the items to pay a debt she had been owing. She had given me her card and asked me to call her and that's how I landed the partime job of being her cleaner.

I couldn't afford to do it full-time because of Sean, he too needed my time and attention though he claims he's a big boy now.

As for the cooking, she had pleaded with me once to help her cook when she couldn't arrive home early to cook for her husband and children.

Let's just say ever since, I occasionally prepared dinner as part of my job and she also increased my pay.

It's a win-win situation I must say. 

I sigh, counting the money once more as I walk on the streets before tucking it back into my pocket, taking a bend towards the nearest supermarket I'd buy something nice for Sean on my way back.

Perhaps His favorite pretzels or pickles? Hmm.

I think pretzels will do.

He loves them I think... Suddenly, I bump into a hard wall.


Okay, ouch. I take a step back, rubbing my chin when my eyes come into contact with a grey shirt.

Walls do not wear shirt right? I let my eyes travel up, my eyes widening as I notice the hard ripped muscles beneath the grey shirt.

The shirt clings to the body so perfectly I can almost count the packs.

Okay, guess it was a man afterall and not a wall.

My eyes continue to travel up, ready to apologise to whoever I just bumped into when I stop short.

F*ck!. Brown. Deep brown eyes is what I'm met with as soon I look up.

So brown it reminds me of chocolate.


Sharp, pointed nose seated perfectly on his face.

And his lips.

Oh someone shoot me now.

Small, yet plump dark lips.

So inviting.

My eyes travel back up and that's when I notice hair.

Long flowing hair in loose faux braids are falling effortlessly over the man's shoulders. Oh my God.. I've never been a fan of men with braids but damn, this man makes wearing braids so damn perfect.

He's the epitome of beauty.

Never have I come across such a beautiful man.

His eyes, so brown, so intense as they stare back at me.

"Are you blind girl?!"

Mr chocolate eyes barks at me, snapping me out of my daydream.

I blink.

Did he.. Did he just call me a girl? Me? A girl? Do I look like a girl?. Oh hell, I'm a full grown ripe woman.

My nostrils flare, anger surging through me.. "I'm no girl Mr chocolate eyes, I'm a woman!"

I wag my finger in front of him. 

I hear chuckles and that's when I notice another man beside Mr chocolate eyes.

He too is handsome.

Very hot except, he's got short cropped hair.

"And I'm not blind! You bumped into me, so let's apologise together!"

I add. Okay what's wrong with me all of a sudden.

Mr chocolate eyes frowns.

"Apologise? You've got to be f*cking kidding me girl. You're delusional. I apologise to no one"

he says.. Okay, this man is rude. I don't find him attractive anymore. "Delusional? How dare you. Are you this rude?"

"My apologies ma'am. My friend here is in a bad mood. Come on Cameron, let's go"

Mr second handsome man says. At least he's polite. And oh, Mr chocolate eyes name is Cameron? Such a nice name for a rude man.

"Why are you apologising Julian? She's supposed to be apologizing. She bumped into me not the other way around. We should check our pockets, I've heard this is the new strategy for pickpockets. They bump into you, distract you with stupid talks and by the time they're gone, you realise your wallet is missing. She could either be one of them or some whore looking for her next target"

Mr chocolate eyes says nonchalantly like he's been learning the word 'whore' his entire life. 

I gasp, did he just insinuate I'm a thief or whore? No one has disrespected me in public like this before.

Anger surges through me as I lift my hand without second thoughts and slap him across the face, hard.

"If you didn't want to apologise you could have walked away. No big deal. There was no need to insult me in such a manner. Don't you have respect? What kind of a man are you?!" 

I spit. I watch as Mr chocolate eyes darkens further with fury as he advances towards me.

In the blink of an eye, I'm pushed against a wall hard.

I wince when my back collides with the hard surface. Mr chocolate eyes grips my neck, squeezing.. He looks like an entirely different person.

Like he hates me.

My eyes widen as I struggle to breath, trying desperately to pry his hands away.

"What kind of a man am I? You dare ask what kind of a man am I? After everything I did for you, you have the f*cking effrontery to spew rubbish in my face. You b*tch!"

He growls. Okay what is he talking about? What does he mean by after everything he did for me?

"I'll make you pay. I swear by what I hold dearest. I'll make you wallow in mud by the time I'm done with you. You dare ask what kind of a man I am? I f*cking hate you.

Read " Unattainable Perfection " by the same author ( eliza )

. I loathe you with every fibre in me"

Oh my God, is this how I'm going to die? Getting strangled by a stranger who's mistaken my identity for someone else. Black dots blinds my vision.

I see the guy who Mr chocolate eyes called Julian rushes to him, grabbing his hands.

"Stop it Cameron! You're creating a scene. You'll kill her. Stop it!"

His efforts were useless as Mr chocolate eyes stares at me with so much hatred. Do I know him?

"Snap out of it Cameron! Snap out! She's not Natalie! Stop it damn it!"

Julian yells and immediately he let's go off me, so fast like I'm fire and I'm burning him. I drop to the ground heaving loudly.

Mr chocolate eyes storms past me angrily.. What the hell just happened? And who the f*ck is Natalie!



Hi guys, so sorry for making you wait so long. I've been feeling under the weather for over a week now and so I was unable to write.. I hope this chapter is long enough to compensate? and I hope you like this chapter too!. Let me know. Good morning

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