Mirage - Episode 21

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"Come on. It's almost eight O'Clock. Put it on me" I say to the ever meticulous Victor.
"The paint's not yet dry. You can't hurry such things."
"Sylvia tell him we don't have time for that" I say but I know she won't be of any help in this matter. Both of them had taken a whole lot of time to make the mask . We had woken up first thing this morning to put finishing touches and I must say, it does look identical. But my patience is drawn short. My nerves are all over the place. Now not just my life is at stake but also that of Minerva, Sylvia and Victor.
 A knock on the door makes all of us startle.
"Hey Michael open this door. I know you are in there. Dad would soon send people to get you, don't do anything stupid. Open up!"a female voice that sounds too familiar is saying from outside. Why does this lady's voice sound like ivy.
"Shit. That must be his sister. I completely forgot but I heard Michael talking to him on the phone last night. He was distraught. Turns out he doesn't want this wedding either. He said something about his sister, what was her name again. Um I Ivory, I think. According to what I heard, she's supporting this wedding to tear you and Minerva apart. Do you know any Ivory?" Before Sylvia even finish talking I already know who this sister is.
"I don't know any Ivory

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. Ivy though, she's my friend. Or so I thought" I say as I match to the door to confront ivy. 
  Why would she want to tear Minerva and I apart? This is probably why she was so angry when she called me at the mall. She must have seen me with Minerva. But why tear us apart? I don't get that part. I have to talk to her. I need my questions answered.
"Stop!" Sylvia whisper yell as she block my path with her body.
"What are you doing? Do you want to scatter our plans. Who's this ivy girl? Your ex?" she ask me in a hush tone and I wrinkle my brows at her.
"Why would you think that?" I ask
"Well, usually when a woman wants to tear two people's relationship, it is because she's jealous or revengeful. Which is she?" sylvia says and I get more confused. Sylvia has never said anything about being in love with me though. "This is absurd" I say and sylvia shake her head at me.
"Wait here" she tells me then start taking off her clothes.
"What are you doing?"I turn NY back to her quickly.
"Getting rid of miss ivy league." She says then goes outside to meet ivy with just a bra and pantie. Crazy woman.
 I hurry to the window to watch their exchange. I can't hear anything though.

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. This window is sound proof.
 I see ivy is aggravated and angry. They talk a little then ivy storms off.
"What did you tell her?" I ask as soon as Sylvia comes in.
"Well, I am obviously the pr-stitute her brother enjoyed last night. She did call Michael pretty nasty names. Bottom line is, she doesn't know anything is wrong with her brother or that we are here. She said their father, chef Barnabas already sent his goons to get michael. They will be here soon." Sylvia explain and I breath a relieved sigh. Once all this is over, ivy has a lot of explaining to do.
"Victor, come and get the mask on Noah. There's not much time left. Don't forget the voice box too. We can't have noah sounding like himself. We have to be convincing."


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