Mirage - Episode 23

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 I knew something was off when I went to Michael's house this morning when that woman came out clad in nothing but her pantie and bra. Women never spend the night in his house. He always kick them off as soon as he was done with them. Okay, maybe that wasn't the reason I sneaked into the house. I did that because I knew Michael may try to ditch his wedding.
 I couldn't let that happen when I know his marriage to Minerva would keep Noah away from that woman . I saw the both of them at the mall and they looked cozy. I followed the both of them to the rooftop without both of them finding out. I should have just let Minerva fall down the roof.

   Nevertheless, this marriage was a life saver. It would keep them away forever and I would have my chance at Noah's heart. So I sneaked into Michael's house.  I had to make sure Michael was in the house and ready to get married but imagine my shock at what I heard.
"We can't have Noah sounding like himself. We have to be convincing." Those words rang in my ears. Noah was in there and I am pretty sure they want to crash the wedding. It was obvious that my brother has been kidnapped.
  I didn't know what they were planning but I was going to find out. I sneaked back out of the house and parked my car few blocks away to watch the going ins and coming outs

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. I saw dad go in with his people and drive out. There was nothing suspicious in that until a man and the woman who greeted me at Michael's house came out. They boarded a taxi and I did well to follow them till we got to the seaport.

  I kind of lost them in the bustle of the port but later spotted the lady beating up one of dad's goons. I helped the useless fellow and tried to catch the lady. I needed to know what they were planning so I let her think she beat me and followed her. She entered a mini van and I went closer to it to listen on their conversation. It was mostly violent coughing and painful mo-ns but I did catch something.
"Tell Noah to abort mission. I can't go in there to get Minerva out anymore. Let him get out of there before they find out he isn't the real Michael. He cant get chief, Minerva and the lawyer who helped get Noah's marriage certificate to Minerva out on his own. Ow! It hurts, Victor get help. I am____"I didn't let the woman finish her sentence. I had to stop Noah. He can't marry Minerva. He's mine.

  I am currently on the yatch. I take the steps into the yatch two at a time. No one else gets my man. I hear chief's booming voice commending the lawyer on a job well done. Almost there. I get to the big lounging area I hear their voices but damn it! I am too late. I see noah pick up a pen and sign and just like that he's out of my reach. Nausea rise in my throat and I run out of the room to the edge of the yatch to vomit all the content of my stomach. Noah's no longer mine. He's married to Minerva now.

  I hear commotion behind me and I turn to see Noah holding chief and dragging him out of the yatch which I just notice is now in motion. Several armed men follow them but can't shoot at Noah because chief's body is blocking their aim. Anger boils inside me. He can't be mine so no one else will have him. I pull my gun out of my pocket and yell his name. I want him to see who killed him. The bastard. He was supposed to love me. No one can love him like I do. I have been by his side for years. Waiting for his love and he went ahead to marry Minerva. He just signed his death certificate in there. I pull my gun out of my pocket and yell his name. I want him to see who killed him. The look of  shock in his eyes when he turns to me pull at my heart but I have already pulled the trigger.
"No!!!" I yell as his body is pushed off the yatch and into the cold sea.
 I run after him but feel hands holding me.
"Let go of me. We have to save him." I yell at whoever is holding me.
"Ivy. Get it together. You can't go out there" I hear my dad's voice.
"Dad. I killed him. I did it. I didn't mean to I swear. Get him out of there please" I sob out. My dad embrace me and rub my back soothingly.
"We can't do that baby girl"
"Thanks ivy. You saved my life" I pull away from my dad and turn to see chief badmus. He looks sick.
"I am going to go to jail" I whisper
"No, you are not. Aaron!" my dad yell and one of chief badmus' goon comes forth.
"Get the gun from ivy. Clean her finger prints out and put chief badmus' finger prints all over it. He killed the agent not my daughter. Understood?" dad ask and everyone on the yatch nod. I am just confuse. Are they not chief badmus' men?
"What are you doing?" chief badmus battle with the goon who's pressing his hand to the gun to get his finger prints on it.
"Am sorry friend. I have to get your territory one way or another and since this wedding didn't work and your daughter is already married to someone else, I have to get you out this way. No need to ask for help from your men. I already bribed or threatened most.

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. You are going to jail and they know I am the boss now. Say hello to the rats in prison for me." My dad tells chief who looks shocked beyond words.
"Make sure you plant evidence of drug trade in here. Remove anything that points to me then call the police" my dad tells the goons and they all get to work.
"Let's go ivy" my dad pull on my hand but I fix my foot to the ground.
"No, dad. Noah's still in the sea. Please get him out for me. Please" I beg
"Stop this rubbish ivy! He's already fish food by now. Let's go before the police get here" fish food. Noah. I am so sorry.
 My dad drag my depleted body out of the yatch and into his car. I keep staring blankly into space as the car speeds off out of the port.

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