A woman's dilemma

 This is a story on the struggles of women in our society today. Ranging from love, family, career and life as a whole.
 Francesca, Claudia and Amy are three women as different from each other as black and grey. One is a politician's daughter who believes all that glitters is golden. Another believes in struggling to get to the top while the last, takes life as it leads her.
 How do this women deal with the dilemmas thrown at them by life?
 Find out in this story that's so close to my almost feminist heart.


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    • A woman's dilemma - Episode 1

    • Francesca:  Right now, my cheeks hurt from smiling too much and quite frankly, my feet hurts more in my ridiculously high heels shoes. But, it is my wedding ...
      • Views (975)
      • Comments (21)
    • A woman's dilemma - Episode 2

    • Amy:  My mouth drop at the big news Claudia just dropped on us. Wow! "Oh my God! Claudia!" Francesca squeals beside me. I tear up a little f...
      • Views (878)
      • Comments (9)
    • A woman's dilemma - Episode 3

    • Claudia: "I thought you said Amy just left to answer a call." Frances says once the party was over. People were already moving out even though the music...
      • Views (880)
      • Comments (15)
    • A woman's dilemma - Episode 4

    • Six years later Amy: "Hey girl! Where are you hurrying out to?!" Buchi, my fellow petrol attendant calls from her post as I pull my t-shirt on...
      • Views (670)
      • Comments (11)
    • A woman's dilemma - Episode 5

    • Frances:  The woman staring me in the mirror looks nothing like me. A fading bruise mar my usually perfect eyebrow. I cringe as I move the concealer brush ac...
      • Views (776)
      • Comments (8)
    • A woman's dilemma - Episode 6

    • Francesca: "Okay, that was satisfactorily exhausting." My mom giggles like a high school girl as she collapses into the plosh furniture she had my father import...
      • Views (491)
      • Comments (6)
    • A woman's dilemma - Episode 7

    • Amy:   "It's just glamour everywhere, Amarachi!" Buchi comes beside me, bouncing on her four inch heels. She just loves that word 'luxury...
      • Views (563)
      • Comments (12)
    • A woman's dilemma - Episode 8

    • Francesca: "Who's---" I go to pull the server Francis is pointing at around but then the shrill voice of Pink or whatever her stupid stage name is f...
      • Views (276)
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