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"Now young lady, you are not allowed to leave the country till your dad's trial ends. You are a central witness in the murder case of your mother. Do you understand?" I hear the police man who came to get me from prison say and all I can do is nod.
"Now sign here. We're releasing you . We didn't find any other history of drug use on your part. I hope you learned your lessons in the three months you were in there?" he ask while I sign my release papers and I nod again. If I speak right now, I know I am going to break down in tears.
"I don't want to see you in here again okay? Drugs never pay no matter how traumatized you are" he continues. Everyone now thinks I am a drug addict.  I got exhausted from defending my self months ago when no one paid attention. I now have a criminal record for drug use. Fantastic. Life couldn't get any worse. I don't even know where to go from here. Dad's properties were seized by the NDLEA and I have no kobo to my name.

"Here's two thousand naira to help you with few expenses till you find something to do."the officer hand me the squeezed naira notes and I nod my thanks. Now all I have to my name is the clothes on my back, my old phone and two thousand naira.
  I walk dejectely out of the police station my mind lost in thoughts of that day

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. I know my dad drugged me after he caught me in his office. Thankfully, thats where my brain stop. I don't remember what went on in that yacht and I am grateful for that. I don't have the guts to imagine what went down in that yacht. I now have my memories of my mom's death and I wish someone could take it away. Mom's dead. Dad's in prison and he totally deserves it. I am alone in this world. An image of Noah flashes in my mind and I flush it out. He's the same as my father. He used me to get to my father. Even though my mind tells me to hate him for using me, there's still a part of me that mourns his death.
"Minerva. Your dad said I should make sure to pick you up" my mind is drawn back to where I am by these words. I shade my eyes from the sun with my hand and see a suited fellow coming my way. I recognize him immediately. He's my father's lawyer. I hate him for trying to defend that monster but he was actually the one to get me out of prison.
"What are you doing here?" I snap at him, my ice facade sliding on and he smiles. He always does, showing me the lone dimple on his right cheek.
"Always so sunny Eva."he says and I glare at him.
"Chill. I promised your father I would get you a roof over your head."he says, raising his hands up in surrender.
"Am not going anywhere with you. You certainly look like a r-pist to me" I snap again.
"You hurt me with your words Eva" he says, clutching his chest theatrically like he's hurt. Noah did get shot in exactly the same spot. My mind just keeps torturing me with images of Noah. I sigh deeply.
"You have been through a lot Eva. You need a fresh start. Not just a place to sleep over for few days but a house. I know just where to take you. And before you say anything else, its actually your dad's beach house in abraka." he tells me and I feel relieved a bit. Lagos will only remind me of everything that happened so I will rather be in abraka alone. I want to try and get my life back together. Find a job. Finding a job would surely be hard now that I am an ex convict but I won't give up easily.
"My car is over there" he says when he sees I have relented in my stance to not go with him. I nod and walk ahead of him towards his really nice car. I remind my self that its a Car he got from defending evil people like my father.

I am exhausted from the long journey. So many hours in a car doesn't do well for my anger at myself and the world.
"Here we are. Wow, its really beautiful. Don't you think so too Eva?" Kennedy asks.
"Don't bother me with trivialities. I haven't had a decent bath in forever and I need you to leave before I do that" I tell him.
"Sure" he says and walks out of the house leaving me alone with my sulking. I expected more resistance from him but he just left like that. Was I too rude? I shake my head from the guilt and take off my clothes as I walk to the first bathroom I see. Its really beautiful in here. The big bath in the middle of the big bathroom calls to me and I quickly fix my self a bath.

I spend up to an hour in the bathroom soaking myself until my skin was pruned like a wrinkled fish. I had finally gotten out when the water got too cold and walked back into the living room. From what I can see, the house is a very spacious one room bungalow. Just enough for me.
  I enter the living room to see my dirty clothes folded on the table and a bag lying beside it. I poke the bag before opening it to see some casual clothes and a nice flat shoe. Another bag contains some bras and panties. The smell of delicious food hit me and I turn to see another bag. There's a plate of jollof rice, salad and chicken. My tummy growls out loud and I swallow my saliva at the thought of good food after a while.

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. I pull a T-shirt from the first bag on with a pantie and pull open the plate of food. I grab the spoon and scoop a generous amount of rice when my eyes catches a paper by the plate. I pick it up and my eyes recognize Kennedy's bold writing.

  Try to chew before you swallow. Don't just scarf down the whole plate of food.
P.s hope the bra and panties are a fit?
I had to use my eyes to get your measurements. Call me if it's bigger than your size. Wink

My eyes go wide with mortification and then anger. The bastard! I throw the paper against the wall and seethe in anger. I would have called and given this man a piece of my mind if only I have airtime on my phone.
Note to self, find a job tomorrow so you can pay Kennedy back. My tummy growls again and I look back at the food. God doesn't like waste. I tell my self that's the only reason I swallow my pride and scarf down the sumptuous meal.


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