Have you ever made a mistake that not only affects your life but also those of loved ones around you?

Benedicta who has always been the model child makes a costly mistake that turns her life upside down and tears her family apart. Would she be able to make things right or can one mistake be unfixable? What would she have to do to try to fix.

Find out in this packed story of making mistakes and correcting it.

This is a story of the war between dreams and reality.

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    • Redemption - Introduction

    • Guess who is back? Yeap! Your loyal girl is back o. I couldnt leave you people for more than a week.  So this story has been on my mind...
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    • Redemption - Episode 1

    • Benedicta:   The sound of cheers coming from the congregation made adrenaline rush through my body. I feel high standing on this exalted altar ministering to them....
      • Views (958)
      • Comments (22)
    • Redemption - Episode 2

    • Lucas: "A bar really?" I ask my brother dearest who is grinning at me. "Come on. You don't have to take anything. I am tired of the drama at hom...
      • Views (823)
      • Comments (17)
    • Redemption - Episode 3

    • Benedicta: The inside of the car is awesome. I am a girl but I have a thing for cars. Especially vintage cars. This is obviously a ford mustang. "Cool ride&qu...
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    • Redemption - Episode 4

    • Ten comments on the last episode. Hmmmm. I have been having pretty serious headaches for the past few days but I still try and update. You guys should try and encourage me with com...
      • Views (761)
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    • Redemption - Episode 5

    • Benedicta: "Go on. Call him" Ade repeat for the umpteenth time. I look at the phone in my hand then at her. I bite the inside of my cheeks as I contemplate....
      • Views (716)
      • Comments (37)
    • Redemption - Episode 6

    • Benedicta:  "So what did you say is wrong with that sweet ride yesterday?" I ask the ever smiling Luis who is sitting beside me in the backseat of the taxi...
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    • Redemption - Episode 7

    • Lucas:   I follow them discreetly making sure to stay two cars behind them to avoid being seen as a stalker. That wouldn't be a good first impression. I see the ...
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