Mirage - Episode 22

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"Listen son. You know our agreement. Sign this marriage certificate and you are free from me. You get your whole trust fund and lead your own life. You can get a divorce right after. I don't care. This marriage just have to give me access to chief badmus' clienteles." Chief Barnabas tells me. We are in the back of his car and on our way to the yatch
N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

. I can already see boats and ships in the seaport. We can't be far. Oh lord, protect my peanuts for me. Amen. I grind my teeth to stop my self from beating this man up right here and now. What a father. He is indeed a friend of a monster. They are one and the same.
"Do you understand me, boy?" he ask
"Yes dad" I say and smile at how I sound so much like Michael. Victor is really a genius.

 The car stop few feet from a magnificent yatch. I have seen none like it. Except in the movies. The car is opened for us and I get down. I look behind me and spot Sylvia's navy blue car a bit far away beside a kiosk.
"Umm. I need water. Go get me some over there" I say to the goon that opened the door for me and point to the kiosk beside Sylvia's car.
"But sir, they will be enough water inside" he says
"Will you shut the f-ck up? Go get that water you idiot" I command and everyone look at me strangely. Wouldn't this be how Michael would act? I shrug my shoulders and motion for the goon to start going

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. He just needs to get there so Sylvia can beat him up and take his clothes so she can get into the yatch. The goon scurry away to get the bottled water.
 We are met by chief's men and led upstairs into a big space with plush furniture. Chief is sitting in a big ass chair that looks oddly like a throne and I can imagine sylvia rolling her eyes. The lawyer Sylvia talked about is sitting on a smaller but still posh chair beside chief. I can sense his nervousness even from here. There's a mahogony desk in the middle of the room.
"Badmus!" Michael's father greets from beside me and chief's face light up as a big smile spread across his face. Who looks at him now will think he's just a jovial old man. The devil. Where is he keeping Minerva. Would she really sign this?
"Brother!" chief badmus hails then get off the chair.
"This is attorney prince well. He is in charge of our children's wedding. Michael you must be ecstatic"_he says then extend his hand for me to shake. I take his hand then give him a vice grip handshake. I can't help it. His smile falls and he looks at our hands. Everybody's eyes are on me and I let go of his hand with a big smile.
"Am sorry. Nerves. I am getting married. Wow." I say and he nods while rubbing life back into his hand.
"Don't worry son. You will do great." he pats my shoulder and I cringe. I rather die than be your son. You killed my father you monster. I almost scream all these at him but I control myself. I need to get Minerva first and then I'll need Sylvia in here for my escape plan.
"So, where's the bride?" I ask. 
"A minute, please. Jacqueline! Bring her out" he tells a woman guard who just came into the room and she walks back out. Probably to get Minerva. I expect to hear struggles but I don't.
  Minerva is escorted out by the Jacqueline woman and she isn't struggling. She's walking towards me without force but I know something is seriously wrong. She's swaying. Her legs are barefooted. Her dress looks tattered and I think the stains on it is vomit. What did he do to her.
"Pea___umm Minerva." I whisper. She gets to where I am and stand beside me.
"You have been a good girl. You deserve two shots after this is over" Jacqueline says and Minerva's face twist into a tortured smile.
"Thank you. Thank you." she breath out.

 Two Shots? What is wrong with Minerva.
"Are you okay?" I whisper to her and she nod enthusiastically
"Yes, I feel good. There are about six of you" she giggles. Drugs
"The documents." I hear chief ask of the lawyer and my heart beat accelerate. He walks to stand in front of me at the other end of the table and bring out a document from his brief case.
"Um chief, you have to sign here" he pushes the file towards Michael's dad and hand him a pen which he takes and sign on the father of the groom's side. Its quick but I see the lawyer pick a different document and hand it to chief badmus who is sitting on his throne chair. My eyes meets attorney prince will's and he nods gently. Chief peruse the document for few seconds then sign it and I release the breathe I have been holding.
"No need to read all that legal jargon all over again right? Good job prince will. I guess your grandson can go home now." chief says and dials a number on his phone.
"Have the both of them sign it" he tells the lawyer while pointing Minerva and I before he talks on the phone.
"Yea, drop the boy off at home. Oh and buy him some ice cream on your way." chief tells whoever's on the other side of the phone before hanging up.
"Go on then. Sign it Minerva" Jacqueline instruct and Minerva gladly does. My eyes goes to the many needle marks on her hand. Heroine? How long have they been drugging her? She looks like an addict already.
"Your turn Michael" Michael's dad tells me and I look to the door we came in with. No sign of Sylvia.
"Umm dad, can I use the restroom. I can't hold it anymore" I say to delay things.
"You can do that right after you sign this" he grind out pushing the certificate in front of me. 
"Where's that idiot I sent to get me water by the way?" I grumble and sign the document.
"Boss, Sylvia can't make it to you. She went out to grab that goon you sent our way but barely got away when a woman came to his rescue. Sylvia just started groaning and clutching her head. I thought it was an headache but it got worse. She started vomiting blood before she collapsed. I searched her bag boss and I saw some pills. Its for brain tumor patients" victor's voice ring out from the earpiece in my ears and I almost lose my balance. brain tumour!  That was also what killed her mom years ago right? Is she going to be okay?  How do I get chief out without help?
"Sign the document Michael" Michael's father grind out and I look around the room. All eyes are on me. If I don't do it, I am going to blow my cover so I grab the biro and sign my marriage certificate. My God.
"Good boy" I hear chief's voice boom behind me and feel his hand on my shoulder and I just lose it.

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. I grab chief's hand and pull him in front of me then hold him in place as I point the biro to his neck.
"What are you doing son?" chief asks
"I am not your son! I am your nemesis" I scream like a deranged man then Take the stupid mask off. I hear gasp and then armed men start coming closer.
"Don't you dear. If this pen connect with this point on his neck he is a goner. You, get out of here and meet victor outside. Make sure you guys send all those files to the NDLEA If I don't make it." I point to the attorney who quickly grab his briefcase and run out of the yatch.
"Stay back!" chief yell at them and I grin.
"Was it fun framing my father all those years ago?" I ask him as I back out of the yatch with chief as my shield.
"I don't know what you are talking about."
"You were his partner for God's sake! He didn't want a share of the drugs you both rounded up and you framed and killed him" I continue without paying heed to his earlier comment.
"Gregory?" he gasp and I smile. He remembers.
"We can settle this. You want money?" he ask infuriating me the more.
"Shut up!" I yell at him. I am now out of the room and walking out of the yatch. I feel the yatch set sail out of the dock.
"Who started the yatch! Tell your men to stop and drop me off" I yell. I am getting desperate.
"Noah!!" I hear someone yell my name and I turn to see ivy pointing a gun at me. What the hell! 
 The force of the bullet push me off the edge of the yatch and I fall into the deep sea.


What would happen next oh
Who can guess?

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    I thought Noah's plans was to save Minerva but she is still with those wicked souls. Kudos
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    thanks Favour
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    Awww a plan gone sour ,I pray Minerva get out saved
  • eliza picture
    at least something good came out if it. Minerva and Noah are legally married without their knowledge. what's Ivy's deal anyway? I thought she liked Noah but then she shot him.
  • Vikiy picture
    well, eliza from d previous episode we found out that ivy is micheal's sister and she is in support of the marriage just so Noah lose eva and that is the reason why the case that lead to both Noah and Slyvia's fathers death was never re-opened coz she is the BOSS.... nice one juliet keep giving us......
  • Blessed Daniel picture
    Blessed Daniel
    Desperate Admirer. Ivy Is Just A Pain In D Ass. Nice 1 Writer.
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Thanks vicky
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Thanks Daniel
  • eliza picture
    I see. so she was the boss and doing her own shady business in the dark. using a high position to do dark stuff. thanks vikiy
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    An apple doesn't fall far from the tree,Ivy is criminal hiding behind a police uniform,she's been protecting her dad along no wonder she put a tracking device on Noah!
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    Who will save Noah and Minerva now, Victor and Slyvia too need help, Ivy has been wolf in sheep clothing all this while. Thumb Juliet love this twist
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    thanks adeoti
  • Julian Kits picture
    Julian Kits
    What....? Kudos dia one
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Thanks Julian
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Oh Julie you won't kill person oh, chai, I love you girl but am so scared for Noah, abeg let him swim through the sea or probably get save by someone. This is great, but for that Ivy girl, the least said about her, the better. Kudos
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Lol the least said the better o thanks Benedicta
  • Amma picture
    deep sea like deep sea??? Ivy is a wicked woman ehn!!
  • Uwem Udoh picture
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