Mirage - Episode 25

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  Noah collapse in my arms and I can't but see this as a blessing in disguise. I haven't been able to sleep with both eyes close since the incident more than two months again for fear of Noah coming back and killing me in my sleep and now, here he is. In my hands. Unconscious. My chance to make sure he dies and never comes back.

  I kick my door close and drag his body to my couch . I lay him on it and pull my gun out. I point the gun to his head and whisper goodbye to him. Am sorry Noah but you should have reciprocated my love or at least stayed dead. If I let him live now, he either kills me or take me to jail. I can't let that happen but I wonder why I am hesitating and why the damn gun feels heavy in my hand. I have done this before. Just pull the trigger. I tell myself but I don't seem to be able to do it.

  Noah stir a bit and I straighten my stance. He doesn't open his eyes though. He just murmurs something that sounds like peanuts. What is he saying? I study him closely and that's when I pay attention to his bruised state. He has a huge bandage around his head. Why would his head be bandaged? I remember aiming for his chest. Is this really noah or someone is playing a prank on me. I drop my gun on the couch beside his body and take his shirt off

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. There's also a bandage around his chest. God. It is him. The little tattoo I dared him to get after our final exams is right on his hips. It was a drunk decision and no one knows about this but me.

  What do I do with him now? I don't have the heart to kill him twice. Doing it the first time left me speechless for weeks before I finally found my voice. It was damn traumatic. I just have to get rid of him the way I did Victor. Get one of dad's men to finish him off.

  I send a text to the same guy I used for Victor.


 I hit send and blink back tears. This is necessary. I can't go to jail. I walk back to my bar and pick up my glass of champagne. I down the whole glass and shake my head. I need something stronger. I peruse my bar for something stronger. Maybe whisky?

"Ivy"I hear Noah call from behind and I freeze. My eyes going wide with both fear and shock. Sh-t. I left my gun on the couch right beside him. I am so dead.
"Naoh. I know you are pissed but you have to let me explain" I say without turning back.
"Damn right you have to explain." He spit out angrily.
"Look. It's umm" I don't know how to explain what I did. I can't just say I was in love with you and you had to marry Minerva so I killed you? 
"I can't believe that old devil shot me" I hear him say and I turn shocked and confused eyes to him.
"What?"I ask and he walks closer to me.
"It says here that chief Badmus shut me and I fell into the sea. How the hell did it happen?" he ask me while showing me a page of a newspaper he brought out of his pocket. I am dumbfounded.
"What__I mean how___" I stammer.
"It also says here that you called the police. You must know what happened on said yatch. My mind just can't seem to remember that scene." he says, clearly frustrated.
"Wait. Are you saying you don't remember anything at all or just that day?" I ask. 
"Of course I didn't lose all my memories. I remember you and your address. It's like my brain wiped out everything that has to do with my stay in Lagos."
"Where do you draw a blank" I ask
"Ummm I kind of remember going to the airport and you trying to stop me. That's where I draw a blank. How did I get to Lagos? What was I doing on that yatch? Did I get to meet the snubby rich daughter of chief badmus? It says here that she was also on the yatch that day and the drug in her was enough to make several horses high. Of course she is an addict. A fruit doesn't fall far from the tree" he says. I can't even shut my gaping mouth.
"Noah" I breathe out. This is surely fate giving me a second chance with Noah. Losing all his memories of that woman and most importantly of my betrayal.
 I gotta grab this opportunity.
"Noah. I am so glad you are still alive" I envelope him in my arms tight. He relaxes in my arms and wrap his hands around my waist. Emotions overwhelm me and I just do it. I pull away from him just to plant my lips on his. He pulls away too quickly and I groan my disappointment.
"What are you doing ivy?"
"Ummm.. Don't tell me you don't remember that too" I blink my eyes away like am shy.
"Remember what?" He looks puzzled.
"We sort of got engaged during the week you were in Lagos." I say totally straight faced.
"What?!" He yells obviously shocked.
"Yea. When I caught up with you on the way to the airport. I was able to convince you to confide in me. You told me about going under cover and asked me to join you. I did and during the course of working and living together at the hotel we booked in Lagos, things happened" I narrate and his eyes go as big as saucers. He has no choice but to believe me right?
"Wow" he says
"Come on. You have a lot to catch up to. I was with you most of the days spent there so I'll try to fill you in" I grab his hand and pull him to the sitting room.


God. Almost three months of my life wiped out of memory. Me and ivy an item. I can totally see that happening though. She's nice, pretty, charismatic and a tough woman. Totally my type. Plus we have been together for a long time. I guess it was bound to happen but I am still shocked. Engaged! Jesus Christ! Ivy just filled me in on the days we spent in Lagos. Apparently, I was shot in the chest. My head injury is a mystery. I plan to visit the doctor in that little town Where I was found. He would be able to explain better.
"So you mean we got caught because of the drug addict daughter of chief?" I ask and ivy nods.
"She totally fell for you and when she saw us kissing, she flipped. She's a crazy woman Noah" Ivy says and I shake my head.
"At least you were able to call the cops on chief badmus and he was arrested with that daughter of his. What would I have done without you ivy?" I ask and she smile.
"Absolutely nothing." She says and we both laugh.
"So, i was wondering. What happened to all of chief properties?" I ask.
"Obviously, they were ceased.

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. Well, apart from this beach house in abraka. It wasn't  in his name but the press says he owns it. We couldn't cease it though"
"That's my fathers." I state
"The beach house in abraka. It's my dad's. Chief took that away from me too."I spit out angrily.
"Calm down, Noah. It's all yours now. I will have it transferred to your name before the end of the week. Chief is paying for his sins behind bars now" she says comfortingly.
"Excuse me, I have to take this call" Ivy says when her phone wouldn't stop ringing. 
"Sure. Take your time" I tell her and she walk away towards her kitchen.
 I plop my legs on the table and rest my aching head. This is familiar ground but I have this feeling inside me that something is missing. Something important.

So am back.
Our light has been restored.
Who's ready to get back to our story?

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