Noah has prepared for his revenge all his life. Ever since his father was framed for drug trafficking and killed alongside his mother when he was just seven, he vowed to make the perpetrator pay. He finally gets his in through the daughter who seems like a spoilt rich brat but then he loses his memory. What happens then? Find out in this amazing story of love revenge and family.

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    • Mirage - Episode 1

    • Noah Everywhere is eerily quiet but I know its not going to be for long. My eyes are currently scanning the room for any signs of funny business. I press the distress button on my ...
      • Views (1,479)
      • Comments (25)
    • Mirage - Episode 2

    • Noah Am all set for my plans. Meet with daughter. Make her fall for me. Get closer to the father. Get information that will get him locked up for life. Now unto the first part of m...
      • Views (967)
      • Comments (9)
    • Mirage - Episode 3

    • Minerva This stranger keep staring at me when I need him to move fast. I don't want to go with those guys dad sent to get me. I wonder how dad knew I was coming back to the cou...
      • Views (804)
      • Comments (8)
    • Mirage - Episode 4

    • Minerva  I succeed in sneaking into the house and I run upstairs to the room that used to be mine before I left the country. Everything's the same. The perfect r...
      • Views (775)
      • Comments (14)
    • Mirage - Episode 5

    • Minerva I am super nervous. When was the last time I was in a crowd? I can't even remember. My little black dress is lying on the bed with a silver clutch beside it. A mile hig...
      • Views (783)
      • Comments (15)
    • Mirage - Episode 6

    • Noah:  "My fiance. He's the reason I came back to the country dad. We are getting married" Minerva says to her dad and I can't help my hanging jaws...
      • Views (871)
      • Comments (13)
    • Mirage - Episode 7

    • Minerva "Awwwwwwww" I stretch deliciously on my bed. Best sleep ever. It was like I was drugged and I didn't even take my sleeping pills last night. I must ...
      • Views (849)
      • Comments (13)
    • Mirage - Episode 8

    • Minerva I just saw someone knock down one of dad's security man. I have already changed into a yoga tight and a tshirt and was about to go back downstairs when I saw ...
      • Views (1,245)
      • Comments (14)
    • Mirage - Episode 9

    • Noah Okay, this is totally crazy. I am supposed to use this woman to bring her father down but I am currently here giving her love struck eyes. Noah, remember your plan. ...
      • Views (848)
      • Comments (10)
    • Mirage - Episode 10

    • Minerva   Finally, some information from the person who made me come back home. As soon as my phone started ringing and I saw the private number on my screen. I knew...
      • Views (802)
      • Comments (8)
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