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"What?! You can't be serious."I tell Sylvia. I was so surprise when I saw her at my door step minutes ago. She must have really investigated me to know where I live. But what I am right now after hearing her absurd plan is more than surprise. I am flabbergasted and perplexed.
"Its going to work" she tells me but that's not what I am concerned about.
"What if I don't get chief quick enough and actually sign that certificate." I ask
"Then you will have a bride" she says laughing and I frown at her.
"Come on Noah. I have seen the way you look at her . Even saw the footage of the both of you together. There's chemistry. I know you want her. You should be happy If it comes to that" she says and my mouth goes slack open. She grab my chin and push it up to close my mouth.
"That's absurd. No. I guess I like her.  A bit. But marriage? She even hates me because i lied to her and she wants to go back to Canada and___" i keep rambling and I see Sylvia roll her eyes. She always did that when we were kids and it was always infuriating even now.
"Don't roll your eyes at me" I grind out and I know what's next. She stick her tongue out at me and I growl playfully.
"You better run" I grind out and try to make a grab for her

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. She dodges and run away from me. She's running towards the inner room of the house when victor comes out suddenly and both of them collide and fall to the ground with Sylvia under Victor.
"Oh I am so sorry" victor says and try to get up but Sylvia maneuvers the both of them and now she's on top. I just stand back and watch. Sylvia will never change.
"What___are__" Victor stammers and Sylvia grin at him.
"He's cute" she says and victor blush beet red.
"Leave him alone" I say laughing
"But he likes it. Don't you?" she ask and Victor shakes his head yes and no. He's probably confused. Sylvia's a very beautiful woman. I don't blame him.
"Come on. We have more important things to do" I grab her hand to pull her off him.
"Fine" she says then pout.
"We'll finish this later" she tells victor then wink at him. Meanwhile my dear victor is shocked stiff on the floor even after she stands and walk to sit on the only chair in the small sitting room.
"Listen Noah. Chief is a monster that has destroyed many lives. Is getting to marry Minerva such a big sacrifice?" she ask me and I shake my head no. I guess I have to do this. Getting a divorce after chief is caught wouldn't be hard right?
"Okay. I am in. What do we have to do?" I ask and she clap her hands in glee.

"How do I impersonate Michael?" I ask her and she smirk. She was always the one with absurd but awesome plans.
"We just need to make a realistic mask of the cutie." she says.
"How do we do that? You just said the wedding is in two days. Can it be done before then?" I ask and she nods.
"We are going to need Michael though. The night before the wedding, we are going to pay him a visit in his house. We will make the mask overnight. You should be ready for pick up for your wedding"she says.
"What would we be needing" I hear victor ask and I turn to see him at the corner. He's still red. Sylvia gets up from the chair and walk over to him.
"You seem like the creative type. Have you ever worked with oil based clay?" she ask Victor
"a bit. I think I have a picture of what you want done. A latex mask. That's brilliant."Victor says and sylvia grins.
"I like this one" she tells me and I roll my eyes like she always do.
"Now that's settled. Have you found out where they might be?" Sylvia asks
"Well, through the background noise we heard from the listening device and the bad signal. We guessed they are probably somewhere close to a big water reserve. I haven't heard Minerva's voice though. I am worried." I answer.
"Yea. I was able to find out online that chief owns a yatch. They must plan to do the wedding on it. Finding a private yatch in this city wasn't an hardship. It's one of a kind" Victor chip in and sylvia nods taking it all in.
"Can't we just raid the place tomorrow before the wedding and get chief?" I ask
"You really think you will be able to get inside the yatch without getting yourself killed? You think chief is that easy to catch? Even the police won't help. We need hard evidence. I plan to force a confession out of him on video when. We kidnap him. He  will be so close to you during the wedding. I'll be there as one of the guards. You will let me in." she explain and I know she has a big point. Those documents I got from the club house only has places and numbers. Its coded. The only thing i got from them are names. I think these people are involved in his drug empire. If we get chief, we can stop them all.
"All in?" she ask and stretch her hand towards me palms down making me remember our childhood days.
"In" I say placing my palm on her hand.
"Honey, you too" she says to Victor who timidly walk to us and place his too.
"Game on" Sylvia announces.

"Is this safe?" Victor whine beside me and I smile. He's such a big baby but he's cute nevertheless.
"Man up Victor" Noah whisper from beside me and I shove my elbow into his tummy.
"Leave him alone. Just as you don't use your brain much, he doesn't use his fist much"I tell him and I hear victor snicker.
"Whatever. Now come on" Noah says as he scale Michael's fence and gets in.
"You ready?"I ask victor and he nods.
I get into the compound easily too then crouch beside victor who's waiting for me. There's loud music coming from the house and all the lights are on. Michael must be having one of his infamous party.
"I don't think this house is guarded and there's a party going on. I am a girl. I. Can probably disguise my self as one of them to get Michael. I am going in. You get the gate and let Victor in. We'll need him for the voice box he has to make for you so you can sound like michael tomorrow at your wedding."I tell Noah who complies. He probably knows that I am right.
  I take off my trousers leaving me in just a tiny bum short then take off my shirt leaving my singlet on. I pull my braids out of the tie and let them fall down my back. I look down at my pink sneakers and hope I don't look out of place. I guess I  look party ready now. I stroll into the big bungalow whose door is open. The music is defeaning. Isn't this guy supposed to be married tomorrow? The girls crawling all over him at the far end of the house disgusts me. I walk over to where he is. He looks wasted. Probably high on hard drugs.
  A plump girl is currently giving him a lap dance and I roll my eyes. I tap her shoulder and indicate for her to move. She eyes me and ignore me. Oh no you don't b-tch. I grab her hair and pull her off Michael.
"Owww. She's crazy. Michael, Get her off me" she whine but Michael just grin.
"I was just getting bored of you" he tells her. The girl gasp in shock and storm off as I let go of her hair. Other girls have sensibly moved away from us.
"Feisty. I like"he says and even though my skin crawls I smile. I flop on the couch beside him and press my boobs to his side.
"You know what else you will like? What I would do to you behind that door."I say seductively and wink at him.
"Nah. I'll rather you impress me more" he says moving his lips towards mine. I avoid it and the stench of alcohol. His lips land on my cheek and I make a mental note to scrub that spot as soon as I get out of here.
"Oh, fine." I say
"Drinks?" I continue and he nods. I smile and sashay off to the bar. I get two drinks then as you expect, I inject the drug we planned to use on him later tonight into one glass.
"Here" I hand it to him and he doesn't even say thanks. I watch in glee as his glass go to his mouth. Drink it, come on. I urge in my mind. He's about to but his phone rings and he drops the glass down.

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. Shit.
"Sis"he says into the phone and I strain my ears to hear.
"Of course, I will be there for my wedding. I get my inheritance and leave this cursed family."he says with hatred. Hmmm. Interesting.
"Shut up ivy. Dad's a monster and you agreeing to this wedding also makes you one too even if you are doing it to get Minerva away from that Noah guy." he continues and I think my eyes are going to pop out from this information. Who's ivy?
"Goodbye sis. Hope you sleep well tonight."he hangs up and curse furiously at his phone.
"Here. I think you'll need this" I say as I hand him his drink.
"Thanks" he says then down the whole glass into his throat.
"Nice. You know you look familiar. I think_____" he doesn't finish his sentence before he slumps on me. That's fast.

Well, time to get the real party started.  

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