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   I was barely able to get out of the house without Ivy. She kept trying to persuade me to wait for her so we could both come here next week when she's free from work but I insisted. I really need time away from her. I want to be alone and think. Get my life together.

  My chest injury hurts a lot from the strain of driving this distance and I can't wait to get to the beach house and rest. I see the  The time on my dashboard says 8:57pm and I sigh tiredly . Having done anything this strenuous since I came back from the dead as Ivy puts it.
   My eyes catch a convenience store as i drive into the town and I remember that I would need some groceries. I swerve out of the road and park my car in front of the convenience store.
  The store is mostly empty apart from the attendant at the far end and a lone woman standing in front of the store's refrigerator. I quickly roam round the store and pick up toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream and some some soap before moving to the food section where I grab various items that would last me week. Meat, vegetables, rice and spaghetti. I think all these will be enough. I really need a bed right now. My pain relievers are taking a toll on me and I feel damn sleepy

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. I push my cart towards the cashier and on my way I pass the lone woman. She's still standing in front of the fridge housing numerous drinks. As I pass her I hear her chanting.
"Coke or tomorrow's transport" I get to the counter and watch the woman's back as the cashier ring my purchases. She keeps staring between the money in her hand and the fridge.
"What's up with that woman?" I asked casually and the cashier shrug.
"She comes here every night staring at the cokes on display without buying. I actually thought she was crazy the first time she came in and I saw her talking to the can of coke and professing love to it. But she's mostly harmless" he says. Strange woman. I look back at her and see her kiss her fingers then touch the fridge with same fingers. My lips curve in a smile. I think its cute.
"Your purchase is N8,550 sir" the cashier announce and I bring my attention back to him. I pull ten thousand naira out of my wallet and drop it on the counter. Get the woman a drink okay? Anytime she comes here." I tell him and he look at me weirdly. I turn back to the woman and find her missing.
"She just walked out" the cashier tells me and I nod.
"Thanks" I tell him and take my purchases back to the car and drive to the beach house.

  The house is dark when I get in and I pull the groceries inside and dump them inside the kitchen. I can smell the ocean from here. Its nostalgic. Dad's aunt left this land for him when she died and his dad built this house from scratch together with him. He was a pre teen then but he remembered the happy times when he would paint the house with his father while their mother reprimand his dad for overworking her precious son. He's a man. My dad will always tell her and I would feel so proud.
"Rest in peace dad. Chief badmus can no longer hurt anyone now" I whisper into the darkness. An involuntary yawn leaves me and I remember my sleepiness. I push my way through the darkness into the bedroom. Wow, its hot. I take my clothes off leaving just my little boxer briefs. I turn my phone's torch on and turn on the air conditioner. Cold air hits me and I groan in pleasure. I slip into the comfortable bed and lose consciousness in seconds.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" I hear screaming beside me and I sit up at once. What the hell. There's a silhouette of a woman on the bed beside me. The both of us stare at each other for a second before we both bolt out of the bed standing at opposite side of the bed.
"Who the heck are you? I am going to call the cops you burglar!" the woman yell at me while waving the bedside lamp she just picked up. She looks so tiny and I know I can take her on in seconds even without my hurting chest.
"Call the cops? You are trespassing woman!" I can't help but yell back. At my voice, she seems to go slack and drop her weapon when I take advantage and grab the lamp. Her hold is surprisingly strong and before I know it I am being raised from the ground and thrown back down. Sh-t! Pain run through my thorax region and I groan in pain.
"Sh-t." I keep repeating while grabbing my chest.
"Noah?" she whisper. How does she know my name. I must admit her voice does sound familiar but I can't place it right now. I am in so much pain.
"Chest. Hurts" I groan out and she is by my side in seconds.
"Where. Are you having an heart attack?" she is frantic.
"Don't you see the bandage? what are you a moron?" I can't help it. She totally riles me up.
"Oh. Am Sorry. Oh my God its bleeding. Let me take this off" she grab the bandage and whip it off without warning.
"Sh-t!" I bellow
"Do you want to kill me, woman!" I yell
"Am sorry. I am just nervous. Try to get up. Sit on the bed. I have to look at this" she drag me off the floor and I help get myself unto the bed. She runs out of the room and come back in a jiffy. She turn the light on and walk back to me.
"It's just minor. I can fix it." she says soothingly. I can't look. It hurts like a b-tch. I close my eyes tight and wait for her to fix it.
"Are you sure you know what you are doing?" I ask peeking at what she's doing a littl. My eyes only meet full black hair that looks a bit wild and ruffled. I have the insane urge to smooth it but I grab the sheets instead.
"There. I just placed an additional staple on. You should be fine. A bullet wound couldn't kill you anyways" She says then whip her head up to face me. I feel like I have been sucker punched. I don't know of it's because of her state of undress or the fact that I recognize her.
"What are you doing here?!" I yell at her. My anger building back up. Your father had you follow me right? Aren't you supposed to be in prison, you drug junkie" I snap at her and I see hurt then anger flare in her eyes.
"F-ck you!" she yells back poking her finger into my shoulder.
"Excuse me?" I ask and she raise her chin up defiantly. I feel the intense urge to kiss those beautiful full lips and strangle her. God I must be going crazy. This is the same woman, whose father tried to kill me.

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. Hell, she was the one who reported me to her dad.
"Who do you think you are for me to follow you? Weren't you the one following me around? I should be asking that question not you" she rants and I grab her fore arm. What is she talking about.
"Get out" I grind out
"What?" she looks stun. What did she expect? I don't want anything to do with an addict. Why is she even half naked for crying out loud.
"I said get out!" I bellow.
"You are f-cking delusional. My dad owns this house" she says digging her foot on the ground. I burst into a mirthless laugh then release her just to get the papers of ownership of this house out of my bag.  I throw the paper at her and smirk.
"Not anymore" she glares at me then pick the papers off the ground. I see her go rigid as she read on and I can't help the adrenaline that pumps through my body at my victory.
"I will say this one more time. Get the f-ck out of my house"
"Noah__" she tries to say but clamp her mouth shut.
"Fine!" she snaps then grab a shirt which I just recognized is mine and stomp out of the room. I walk behind her as she gets out then I lock the gate behind her.
  I walk back into the living room and glance up at the big wall clock.
12:14am. She deserves what she's getting. Right?

Good day guys

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