Mirage - Episode 12

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"How long was I unconscious?"I ask the nurse seeing as Jerry is busy fussing over me.
"About an hour. We had to put you on drip___"I don't let her finish before I bolt out of the little bed.
"An hour! That's impossible"I scream
"Hey. Lie back . You are still weak."Jerry protest but I ignore him and grab my phone. 2:38pm. Wow, I have never lost consciousness for this long before.  There is a message notification on my phone and I quickly click on it while I hear Jerry lament about stubborn women.

Where are you. You have twenty minutes more. The roof top.

 Twenty minutes? I check the time of the message and see that I still have about ten minutes to get to the roof top.

I pull the drip off my hands and grimace at the pain. 
"What the hell are you doing? Put it back on"Jerry grab the needle from the floor and tries to force it back on me.
"Nurse tell this stubborn___ hey come back!"I hear Jerry yell after me as I bolt out of the infirmary. I race to the extreme end of the floor and find the stairs. I take them two at a time. I can hear footfalls behind me and I am sure it's Jerry. I only make it one floor up before I run out of steam

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. I can't even use the elevator because of my fear of closed places. My lungs feel like they are on fire from the exertion.
"Peanuts. Are you okay? You did hit your head when you fell though. Why are you running like a crazed person and to where?"he rambles. He's not even out of breathe and I feel like I ran a marathon.
"I need to get to the roof and I can't take any more steps. Don't even suggest the lifts because I would rather take the stairs. Its pretty urgent please"I plead while blinking back tears of frustration. I can't believe now that my memories could be just few steps away my stupid fears are holding me back.
"Baby"Jerry breathe out as his thumb brush away a stray tear.
"Just tell me one thing. What is this about?"he ask. I have to tell him. He may be able to help.
"I think my mother was murdered and my memories hold the key to finding her killer. I could get it back if I get to the roof top in five minutes"
"Do you trust me? "He asks and I don't think about it before I nod. I really do trust this stranger. He plugs my ears with his ear piece and the beats of a slow song flood my ears.
"Now close your eyes."he says and I do so willingly.
"Wrap your hands around my shoulders and straddle me."he continues. I do as I am told without opening my eyes. I breath a deep sigh of pure bliss when my chest connect with his and my head rest on his shoulder. The smell of his cologne overtake my senses. I am in central cloud nine right now. I feel him start walking. We stop for few seconds before he takes two steps and stop. The song bleeding into my ears and the feel of his beating heart seems to hyonotise me and I feel calm. 
  Few seconds pass and the song stops playing. I blink my eyes open and I see four corners of walls. I am in an Elevator. Don't freak out. I try to tell myself but I can't control it when images of my mom and I strapped in here invade my mind. My head is going fuzzy and my heart is beating frantically against Jerry's firm chest.


 We are almost at the top floor when minerva start shaking in my arms. The calm I felt with her in my arms threatens to dissipate and I hold her tighter.
"L l l et us out! I I I I am scared."she's stammering.
"Shhhh"I try to calm her down but she's getting frantic now.
"Iiii can't breath."she start gulping down air forcefully and I freeze in place as she press her lips to mine. I groan when I feel her little tongue brush my lips. I open up for her and take control of the kiss. My drop little kisses from one edge of her lips to the other.
"More"she breath out and I go a little bit more crazy for this woman I just met.
I wrap my arm around her little waist until she she's plastered to my chest and  intensify the kiss. Her mouth is pure bliss. It's like I have died and entered heaven. Has it been this intense with other women?

  The ping of the elevator door opening make her startle in my arm. I try to get her to continue but she starts struggling.
"Stop. No time. Put me down"she whisper and I grudgingly drop her.
"Don't let go for a few seconds. I need to get my bearing"she says and I am all too glad to hold on to her for longer.
"Thanks. You can let me go now"she says after about five seconds.
  She step out of the elevator and I am right behind her every steps. This just seem shady and I feel like I have to protect her. Notwithstanding the fact that I should have gone to investigate the keys I stole before chief finds out its missing. This feels so much more important. I feel like I was sent to protect this fragile but unbreakable soul. I pull my dad's pistol out of my hidden holster and hold it in front of me.
"My God. Why do you have a gun?"minerva gasp but I gesture for her to be silent.
"This could be a trap. We can't be too careful."I whisper.
"But a gun?"she ask
"You trust me right?"she nods and I continue.
"Take this gun and my glasses. This is so I can see what's going on  in there. I will be out here so as not to chase them off. I won't let anything happen to you ookay?"she nods again and I hand her the gun.
"Tuck it into the back of your trousers. Be safe"I say and peck her twmple.I know she has lots of questions already but she isn't asking me any just yet. She knows this isn't a time for questions. Smart woman.

"You idiot!"chief yells and land a hard slap across chizu's face. 
"You lost the keys? Damn it! I would rather you lost the package. Do you know what's in there? Documents concerning my business. If that gets into the wrong hands I am finished. You moron!"chief lands another slap across his face again.
"Boss. I am sorry. I swear, it was right with me and then it wasn't.please I would find it. Just give me another chance"chizu pleads but as usual the cruel old man whose heart has already been sold to the devil years ago when he had to betray his partner in the NDLEA force felt no sort of sympathy towards him. 
"You know how this ends. Right?"chief ask with a dirty smirk on his wrinkled face.
"No! Boss. I have a kid.

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. A daughter. Just give me one more chance. I will catch the perpetrator before the end of tomorrow. Please."chizu begs. Sweat soak his already bloody shirt. The beating chief's other goons gave him is something he won't forget in his lifetime.
"I can't just let you go like that though. You reap what you sow, C. Now show me your fingers"chief pick a sharp knife from the table of different pain inflicting tools.
"Chief. Chief! Chief!"chizu scream in agony as his pinkie finger is cut off.
"Shit shit shit!!!"he yells continuously.
"I will take this as a sign of your promise. Now clean your self up. Oh and don't forget that your daughter's life is in my hands until you get me that dead man that tried to cross me."chief says as he walk out of the building with three other armed men.

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