Mirage - Episode 44

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A month later.
"Peanuts, here are your drugs" Noah tap my shoulders as i lay on the bed facing away from him. I turn tired eyes to him then eye the glass of water he is holding and the drugs on his palm. I am so tired of all these drugs. They do nothing for my depressed mind. The doctor said it is a symptom of withdrawal from the drugs they injected me with when I was kidnapped . According to him, it will pass but I feel myself slipping into the darkness of my thoughts day by day. I turn back to the wall, ignoring Noah like always because I can't stand seeing and interacting with him when I know all I'll see in his eyes is pity. I am damaged goods. The doctor said the chances of my getting back on my feet is based on my will. Apparently, my inability to walk is all in my head.
"Come on peanuts" he presses and I shut my eyes against the pain of hearing him call me peanuts.
"I don't want it" I hiss at him.
"You have to. To get better." He pulls on my shoulder gently to get me to turn to him 
"Leave me alone!" I yell and push his hand away from my shoulder. I hear the glass hit the floor with a smash and I feel like crying.
"I told you to leave me alone" I say, feeling guilty. He doesn't deserve all these

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. That's the reason I called Eliza to help me get divorce papers."
   A knock sound on the door and I look to Noah who was busy gathering the shards of glass from the floor.
"I'll get it" he tells me as he stands up and walk to the door.
"Eva!" Eliza's cheerful voice makes me turn and I see her ogling Noah. She's such a flirt but I love her still.
"My husband is parking the car. I couldn't wait to see Eva so I had him drop me off before looking for a parking space." I hear her explain to Noah who nods.
"I'll give you both some privacy." He tells her then walk out dejected. The slump of his shoulder shows his exhaustion and I sigh.
"He's in pain" Eliza say as soon as Noah shuts the door behind him.
"It is just pity. Did you get the divorce papers?" I ask her without any preambles.
"Eliza. I think you are making a big mistake. That man has nothing but love for you." She says but I shake my head.
"Look at me E. I am not the woman I used to be. I am just a shadow of the woman he fell in love with. Hell, I might not even walk again."
"Don't say that. The doctor said nothing is wrong with___" 
"Don't tell me that. I don't have the will anymore E. I give up. It hurts too much" I sob out, cutting her off and soon I am engulfed in her hands. It feels good in them but I wish she was Noah. I shut that thought down.
"I have to let him go E. He would regret this later. He would get tired of taking care of me sooner than later." I tell her but she shake her head.
"Okay, maybe he wouldn't but what kind of life would he live with a crippled wife? He doesn't deserve that."_ I say into her baby bulge. She pat my back soothingly.
"I guess your mind is already made up." She says quietly and I burst into more tears. I want out. I want to go somewhere I can be alone and cry my heart out.

  As soon as I drop the broken glass in the trash I turn back to go to Minerva when I hear robert call out to me.
"Noah!" I give Him a wane small as he gets to where I am.
 "You don't look so well Noah. How's Minerva?" Robert asks and I sigh. It has been a month since the incident. All the people who caused us pain were dead except ivys dad who was in prison waiting for his death by the electric chair so everything was supposed to be great right? But no. The gunshot wound to Minerva's leg put her in the hospital for these past few weeks and it has been hell. Watching her go through the pain is pure torture and the doctor advised against pain relievers because of the drugs her father and Ivy's dad used on her to avoid addiction.
"They have removed the support in her leg but she's just too scared to walk with it."I tell robert with a pained expression on my face.
"How is she taking it?"
"She's still moody. Ever since the incidence, she has not spoken a word to me. The only person she talks to is your wife." 
"I feel for you bro. You have been by her side all these weeks. Sleeping in the hospital, bathing and feeding her. She must see how much you love her" Robert tries to console me. He squeeze my shoulders and I sigh again. 
"I hurt her, man. I used her to get to her father and then I lost all my memories of her. Who does that?" I pinch my nose to stop the tears that threatens to fall.
"Don't beat yourself over that. You were shot. You couldn't help that you got amnesia." I just nod at him but I know I still won't forgive myself for forgetting her.
"We got to go now Noah. I can't leave my kids with babysitters for long. Stay strong for Eva" he gives me a manly hug which does little to mend my breaking heart.
"Thanks man. I'll just get your wife from inside the room while you get your car" he nods his thanks then walk towards the hospital's exit.
  I walk back to the female ward then take a deep breathe when I get to Minerva's room door before knocking. I don't wait for an answer before I walk in. Minerva's eyes meets mine first before she looks away. Ouch.
"Eliza your husband is set to leave." I say silently, my eyes not leaving Eliza who is now turned to face the wall.
"Eva honey, I am leaving now." Eliza inform Minerva who just grunts her byes. Eliza look up at me with sympathetic eyes then shake her head as she pass me on her way to the door.
"Take care of her, handsome" she whispers to me as she squeeze my shoulder just like her husband did a while ago. I nod at her.
"Oh and Eva, the guy you asked for would be here soon."Eliza says before locking the door. What guy? I can feel jealousy bubbling inside me and it turns to anger fast.
"What guy?" I grind out to Minerva but she doesn't even turn back to look at me. I am losing my mind from lack of sleep and exhaustion.
"Minerva" I grab her shoulder and pull her into a sitting position. She looks everywhere but at me.
"Look at me." I say softly bit she doesn't.
"Damn it! Look at me, baby!" I yell and her eyes fly to mine. I see tears fall down her face and my heart breaks.
"Peanuts" I sob out and hug her to me. I don't remember when last she let me hold her. She is lax in my arms but at least she doesn't push me away.
  There's a knock on the door and minerva push me away like she has been burnt. I wipe my tears before turning the handle.

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. A man in a navy blue suit stare at me.
"Hi I am attorney Peters. You just have to sign here and the divorce would be done" he presents a paper to and I turn murderous eyes to Minerva.
"No__" I don't let her finish before I grab the paper from the stupid lawyer and tear them into pieces before storming out of the room. I hear Eva yes my name but I don't stop. So she hates me to the extent of asking for a divorce. It hurts too much.
   I am out of the hospital and walking towards the parking lot when I get a text. I quickly fish my phone out of my pocket. It might be Minerva's doctor.
 I unlock my phone to see it is from Eliza.


 I look up from my phone and see Robert standing few feet away, waving at me. He starts walking towards me and I walk to meet him half way.
"What's going on?" I ask him.
"Just follow me. We have a heart to win" he says and I dumbly follow.

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  • Tumininu Odunlami picture
    Tumininu Odunlami
    Interesting. Minerva dont do this to Noah.
  • Ukbaby picture
    I'm in o...... No more delays... Keep up the good work Jules
  • Julian Kits picture
    Julian Kits
    Oooh am going to miss my Eliza.... Bby Whr u now(crying)
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    M more than ready bring it on
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    Ameh juliet
    Thanks Tumininu
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    Thanks ukbaby
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    Julian! I divorce u!
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    Juliet baby haba remain small make I cry ehn Pls next plsssss am ready oo
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    lydy mbuh
    am in, longing for next, good work Julie
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    Ameh juliet
    Lol kemi bby don't cry oh
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Thanks lydy
  • eliza picture
    hey!! why did you describe me as a flirt Juliet? I'm just appreciating God's creation
  • Ameh juliet picture
  • Fasrid picture
    we are ready beauty
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Eliza, don't mind Julie, we will make her a house keeper in your next novel, she will see how we will torment her lol
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Lol benedicta wat a plan! Outrageous
  • eliza picture
    oh my God! Benedicta you're the ish the real MVP!. How come I never thought of it?. A maid or gate woman will suit her in the story. watcha say?
  • eliza picture
    oh my God! Benedicta you're the ish the real MVP!. How come I never thought of it?. A maid or gate woman will suit her in the story. watcha say?
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    I will bite somebody o Eliza and Benedicta better beware
  • eliza picture
    too bad you don't have teeth like that of a vampire so I'm safe
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Hehehehe vampires try to have fangs like mine but fail. *smirks
  • eliza picture
    well then if you're a vampire I'm a.. uhhh. wolf. yea wolf.
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Poor Noah,Eliza has cast an evil eye them!
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    in case you didn't know @ Pamela I was the smartest one. because I planned everything. give me some accolades
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    Pamela cube
    Lol you surely deserve one,but once you stop being a flirt darling
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    **face palming** I font flirt Pamela. I just love to appreciate nature
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Lol lemme nor talk miss appreciater
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