Mirage - Episode 45

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I push my face into pillow to mask my scream. It hurts too much. I grab my chest which feels like some one has it in a vise hold. Letting him go is supposed to be the right thing to do but it feels like I just took a knife and buried it in my own heart.
"Breathe. Minerva, breathe" I will myself as the air grows thin and suffocating in the room.
"Minerva" My head flies up at the sound of my name and I see Eliza standing by the door.
"You don't look fine" she says nonchalantly and I wonder why she isn't running to my side to console me.
"Noah just got the divorce papers. He was so furious. He just left. I know he won't come back. He must have had enough of me" I sob out to her but the crazy woman smiles widely at me.
"Yayyyy" she says in glee.
"You got what you want. We should celebrate." She says looking at me intently. Do I look like I want to celebrate right now?
"Can't you see me crying? Why are you jut standing there smiling like you won an award" I fire at her.
"Wait, I thought those were tears of joy. You asked for the divorce so why are you sad?" She ask while wiggling her brows at me.
"What are you getting at?" I ask her.
"I have a question for you Eva. Do you feel better with Noah gone forever?" She asks and i shake my head
"It hurts Eliza. I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest" i sob some more.
"That is all I need to know" she says then clap her hands twice. I look at her like she's going mad but then my nurse walks in with a wheel chair.
"What are you doing?" I ask as both women pull me out of bed and into the wheelchair.
"Nurse" i say questionly.
"Your x-rays came out fine. There is nothing wrong with you anymore. There's no need for you to stay here anymore" she tells me before skipping out of the room.
"But i still can't walk!" I yell after her but she doesn't pay me any attention but keeps walking out.
"What are we doing here?" I ask as Eliza's car park in front of a bridal shop. She doesnt answer me but just gets out of the car and signal the valet to help me out of the car.
  I am wheeled into the building and beautiful gowns of various designs meet my eyes. All around me are various paraphernalia of weddings. I fall in love with a very pretty white dress that looks so much like the dress in  the Cinderella cartoon only this one is white. This is exactly how I pictured my wedding dress would be since I was a little girl. I wasn't able to wear it during my wedding to Noah which I finally remember was under the influence. Not a girl's dream wedding. Yet another reason asking for a divorce was the best option.  Too bad I won't be able to wear it now that I am crippled.
"He already picked a gown for her" i hear the woman who just walked in whisper to Eliza. My eyes fly away from the pretty dress and back to Eliza.
"He? Who is he?!" I ask but no one answers my question.
I am pushed into a dressing room and forced into the beautiful dress I was admiring earlier. I don't even know what is going on.
  A guy comes in next and I am made up. The transformation from hospital patient zombie to the woman staring at me in the mirror Eliza puts in front of me is outstanding. The guys is good. I look beautiful but I am more confused.
  Shiny silver shoes are forced onto my feet. I look ridiculous wearing heels while sitting on a wheelchair. I tell Eliza this but she just calls me stupid.

  We are back in the car and after five minutes, Eliza is pulling into an old church.
"Okay, this is ridiculous. What is going on?!" I yell at Eliza who is grinning. She stops the car and the knock on my door makes me turn to the window. I see Robert Junior with a rose.
"A rose for the pretty lady" he says then hand me the rose. Awwn. I am swooning right now. If this is Eliza's way of cheering me up, it is working.
Robert who's wearing a tuxedo comes out of the church. I turn back to look at Eliza and that's when I notice her dress. She got a dress at the shop too? I didn't even notice.
  Robert pull my wheelchair out of the booth then help me into it. There are roses scattered on the floor. My damn wheelchair crush them and I feel like getting rid of it. If only I could walk.
"Your xray came out fine. There's nothing wrong with you" I hear the nurses voice in my bead but shake it off. What a dumb nurse. I obviously can't move.
  We get to the entrance of the church and Eliza's cute last son hands me a bouquet of flowers. My favorite. I bury my nose in them as the door is pushed open. I look up to see Noah with a hotter tuxedo. My legs feel weak even in my chair as I take him in. He's so gorgeous. Why is he here?
"Would you guys come in?" I look behind Noah to see a priest. I notice Sylvia and a guy inside the church too with the rest of Eliza's children.
"What?_" I don't get to ask my question as Robert hand my wheelchair over to Noah who push me on to the altar. If I could walk. I am parked in front of the altar and Noah stand beside my chair. I look up at him and see the big smile on his face. It does wonderful things to my stomach. It has been a while since I saw that smile.
"Noah, do you take Minerva badmus to be your lawfully wedded wife in sickness and in health. For richer and for richest till death do you part?" The priest asks and Noah nods enthusiastically.
"Yes. I do" he says. I look between the priest, Noah and our guests who are all smiling. My brain still can't wrap around this.
"Minerva?" I hear Noah call my name and I snap out of my thoughts.
"The priest just asked you a question." Noah informs me and I look back to the priest.
I pinch my cheek and it hurts. I am not dreaming.
"N-oah" I stammer.
"Just say yes baby"
"I---i-- I can't" I feels tears staining my make up and I don't even know why I am crying.
"Eliza, please take me out of here" I call out to Eliza but she just stands still, not moving.
"Eliza?" I turn betrayed eyes to her.
"Look at him Eva. You think leaving him would make his life better? You think he doesn't love you?" She asks from afar and I cry more.
"Peanuts. I love you. I love you with everything within me. If I could turn back home, it would be to the airport where we met for the first time. So I can change things and love you from the very beginning. Please don't leave me" Noah is also crying and I can feel my resolve cracking. No. I have to get out of here.
"Eliza, please" I plead for her to rescue me but she doesn't move.
"Sweetheart, even a blind person can see he really loves you" Sylvia says.
  I know he loves me but what is he going to do with a cripple wife.
"Peanuts" Noah call out to me and memories of the both of us assault me. I can't break. I need to leave him for his own good. I grab the wheel of my chair and push my self towards the door of the church.
"Minerva!" Noah's pained voice echoes in the big church. The wheel of the wheelchair gets stuck on something and I fall off. Noah hurries to pick me up.
"Get away from me." I get up on my feet and move away from his touch.
"Minerva. Your legs!" Someone scream behind Noah and I look down at my feet. I am standing. At this realization, my legs feel like they are on fire and I fall. I wait for my ass to hit the floor but strong arms catch me. I remember falling at my welcome party months ago and how Noah held me. He has always been my solace.
"Peanuts" Noah whisper. I look up at his eyes. Our faces are so close. My eyes moves to his lips and his tongue wet them. The attraction between us is off the charts. Noah's head is coming down. He's going to kiss me. No. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. Please yes.
  Noah's lips meet mine and my eyes flutter close. Bliss. Pure bliss. My hands go around his neck as I let the pleasure wash over me. Did I want to divorce someone who makes me feel this good?

   Loud applause fills my ears and I pull away from Noah to see everyone clapping and laughing including little Robert.
"I pronounce you man and wife!" I hear the priest announce before Noah lift me up then wrap my legs around his waist.
" I have waited too long to do you" he says before kissing me again. This time, deeper.
"All hail the newly wed" Sylvia's familiar voice cheers. Noah pull away from my mouth then turn to our guests.
"Thanks so much guys." He says with teary eyes. A drop of tears falls down his eyes and I catch it with my thumb.
"It's happy tears baby. You make me a very happy man" noah whisper to me.
"Time to present our gifts" Eliza squeals. "A key card for a resort in tinapa, calabar." Robert hands Noah a card and he grins.
"A lingerie set" Sylvia and her date hand me a package and I blush.
"Nice, man" Noah hails the man who grins.
"If you guys excuse me. We have to get to our honey moon." Noah doesn't set me down on the wheelchair. Instead, he maneuvers me in his arms to bridal style as he walks me out of the church whispering the naughty things he would do to me when we get to the hotel he has booked.
   My laughter is carried by the wind as I hold on to him. This is bliss. This is love.





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