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  I push my feet backwards to connect with whoever is covering my mouth. I hear a silent grunt and my mouth is released. I quickly turn with my fist flying in the air to meet my captor. The figure in the darkness block my blow and turn my hand, pressing it behind my back. I maneuver out of the hold and throw another punch. It connects this time but the painful moan I hear is totally female. 

"Will you be quiet for a second? I am trying to help" she groan out silently . I quickly point my phone torch at her and I come face to face with Minerva's maid or something. I am sure I have seen her working in the mansion.
"Look, there's no time. The whole security of this mansion is after you." She says.
"What the hell? How did you know how to fight like that?" I ask totally curious.
"That's not the point right now. What you need to know is that Minerva is in trouble and I am the cause" immediately she says this, I pin her to the wall so fast she doesn't even have the chance to blink. Without my hand against her throat, I push her to the wall.
"What do you mean by that? Where is Minerva? What bout the wedding?" I ask all at once.
"Listen idiot. I said listen." She grind out clearly not scared at all.
"I was the one who drew Minerva back to the country

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. I just wanted to get justice for my dad's death" she spit out bitterly.
"What has that got to do with Minerva?" I demand.
"She is the only living witness to my dad's murder. My dad was helping Minerva's mother take down chief so he could be put behind bars. The day he died, I remember crying and insisting that I follow him to the mall. I thought he just wanted to go shopping. I was sixteen years old then." She say and pause as if waiting for me to urge her on.
"Then?" I ask
"That's the first time I met Minerva and her mom. My dad was about to approach her mother when I pointed out a man who has been tailing us all over the mall. I remember the fear in my dad's eyes when he clocked the man. He called Minerva's mom and asked to meet on the roof that her husband was following him. My dad begs me to wait for him downstairs but I was too anxious to wait there. I wanted to know what was going on. I was going to take the elevator to the roof but I saw a man mess with the elevator from outside when Minerva and her mom went in. I took the stairs. I had to get to my dad. I had to make sure he was okay. I have never seen him that scared in my life. He was an NDLEA agent. He was never scared. I knew something was wrong" she sob out as her body shake with body wracking tears. I hug her to my chest and console her the best I can.
"He pushed him. That bastard pushed my father off the rooftop. He was saying something about my dad having an affair with his wife. I saw everything. I was behind a big satellite dish on the roof. I was a coward. I couldn't save my father. I hid. Damn it. I hid." She continues sobbing.
"Its not your fault. You were just a kid. There was nothing you could have done" I say and she pull away from me.
"True. I couldn't do anything then but plot on how to get chief down. I couldn't get evidence to back my claims so I decided to get Minerva's memories back. I applied to work here and thankfully got in. I got to know where Minerva was and sent her a message to come back home. Everything was going to plan. She was getting her memories back."
"Wait, were you the lady with Minerva on the roof?" I cut in
"No. I left when she didn't show up on time. I got home before her and opened her dad's office on purpose. I wanted her to find out about him. But but chief's crazy. He caught her. He drugged her now the wedding he has been planning with his associate's son to widen his drug territory is going to come through. I think they are going to get her married to Michael against her will. Please save her."
"Wait I don't understand. They just can't get them married like that. It takes process." I say and she shake her head.
"Chief has been planning this for a while. As soon as he found out Minerva was coming back home, he filed for a marriage certificate. He's very influential. There's nothing he can't do and if this wedding goes through, two of the most deadliest drug dealers would be united by marriage. Just imagine what merging both drug empires will accomplish." she tells me.
"That can't happen" I whisper but she hears me anyways.
"I know who you are Jerry. Your father and mine were close friends in the agency before he died. That was why my dad was helping Minerva's mom. He wanted to get justice for your dad but died in the process. We have to end chief's evil reign and save Minerva. She is innocent. I know you also took after your dad and joined the NDLEA. The resources you have at your disposal makes you more likely to save her and bring chief down" she continues and I neglect to tell her I have already been fired.
"How do you know its me?" I ask and she smile for the first time.
"My name's Silvia. Doesn't it ring a bell? Akposukuru? You always teased me about my braces back then. You called me tooth fairy" she smile fondly and my brain clicks.
"Sylvia? My God it's you. How did you recognize me?" I pull her into a big hug. Ofcourse I remember her. We were both so inseparable as kids.
"I investigate everyone that's around this house hold. Now enough of this reminiscing. We have a princess to save and a villain to catch" she says and I remember playing the prince as kids and saving imaginary princesses with her by my side. She never agreed to be a rescued princess. My slyvia was too tough for that even back then.

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. I smile fondly at her and squeeze her hand.
"We have an advantage." She says bringing me back to the mission at hand.
"What's the advantage?" I ask
"I watched the CCTV footage of chief's office a while ago and notice she found the device you placed in her dad's office. I saw her discreetly slip the listening device inside chief's pocket." she says and when I raise my brow at her she laughs.
"Of course I knew about the listening device. Nothing happens around here without my notice. Now, I will go get the marriage certificate delayed while you listen to the feedbacks from the device for clues on how to find them. "she says and I nod.
"We have to get out of here though" I point out and she smile.
"I got us covered" she says then pull two guns out of her pockets and hand one to me.
"Its loaded with tranquilers. It should put those guys to sleep for a while" she smirk and push the door open. One of chief's men is standing in front of the door and Sylvia kick the back of his leg. He falls to the ground and she fire a small tranquilizer into his leg.
"Sweet dreams" she sings and walk pass the corridor and separate at the stairs.
"Good luck" I call after her and she turn to wave at me. I see one of the goons behind her and I quickly fire the tranquilizer gun at him. She sway to the side and the tranquilizer barely misses her and land on the fore head of the goon behind her.
"Bullseye" I say and she smile.
"Now get out of here. Make sure you get Minerva." She says as she fly out another door while I head for the main door leading out of the mansion.

I got to save a princess.

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