Mirage - Episode 38

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"Thanks for letting me stay here while Minerva calm down." I say to the couple looking at me strangely.
"Do I have something on my face?" I ask when they continue looking at me without saying a word.
Robert chuckles while Eliza scrutinizing eyes gets even more intense.
"Did Minerva tell you about our problems? Believe me it is all a misunderstanding" I say, trying to defend myself because I want this couple to like me so they can help me with Minerva.
"When did the both of you get married?" Eliza ask suddenly and my brows crease in confusion. Does she mean Ivy? How does she know how about my marriage to  Ivy which I am not feeling right now? I am about to ask when Robert speak up.
"Don't tell me you forgot about marrying her too? Because from what she just told my wife, she doesn't know about getting married to you"
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. What?! Minerva and I, married? that's insane." I spit out.
"That's not what the package sent to you this morning says. It had a marriage certificate in it with both your names."Eliza says and my mouth falls open. When did I get married, and to Minerva? I rack my confused brain but come up with nothing. How could just a week of a person's life had been so life changing

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. Ivy said I proposed now here's another version saying I am married to Minerva. I call bullshit.

"Tell me this is a joke" I breath out but the look on Eliza's face tells me she is serious as hell.
"My God" I whisper.
"How could you have forgotten about getting married go her?" Robert asks again.
"I have amnesia okay!" I yell at him, totally frustrated with the situation.
"I don't remember anything that happened three months ago. I have a chest and head injury but I don't even remember getting them. I have to get married to my bestie but I am out here feeling what I shouldn't be feeling for a woman I am supposed to hate and now you are saying I am married to her?" I grab my hair and pull on it in complete frustration. If I could just remember. I feel lost.
"What do you mean a woman you are supposed to hate?" Eliza spit at me. I open my mouth to talk about how Minerva ratted me out to her dad and how I almost died because of it when Eliza jab her finger into my chest.
"You are supposed to hate her? Weren't you the one who used her to get to her father? All she ever did was trust you. She said you made her overcome her fear of heights and elevators and she felt safe for once in your arms! She said you were her soulmate!" Eliza's words keep echoing in my brain and a sudden image of minerva in my arms while we rode an elevator flash through my mind. My head is beginning to throb and I grab my head, trying to collect my thoughts.
"Calm down baby" I hear Robert tell his wife.
"Don't tell me to calm down. That girl is the most selfless person I have seen even though we just met. She has a positive aura about her and this man is talking about hating her?! He used her, damn it! Minerva should be the one hating him but she's so in love that she just can't. She's in pain Robert!" The more Eliza speaks, the more the intensity of my headache magnify. It's almost blinding. I shut my eyes close against the pain and all I can see is Minerva and I in that elevator. Lips locked. Overwhelming emotions attack me. My heart feels tight and I grab my chest to try to relief it. That kiss wasn't an ordinary locking of lips but of the soul. That kiss was never about the mission but about tasting Minerva. I can feel in deep inside me.

   I fly out of the chair I am sitting and I see Eliza and Robert's eyes follow my movement.
"Noah" I hear Eliza call behind me but I keep moving. I need my answers now. Minerva doesn't want to talk to me right now so Ivy just have to spill the whole truth.
  I can hear the couple's footsteps behind me and I stop to look back at them.
"I need your car keys" I say to Robert urgently and he just nods and go back in to get it without questions.
"Where are you going Noah?" Eliza question and I give her a wry smile. Robert finally comes back out and throws his keys at Me. I manage to catch it.
"I am going to get my answers" I murmur underneath my breathe but I know they heard me because I see the smile of approval on Eliza's beautiful face.

   It doesn't take me more than an hour and thirty minutes to get to warri with the way I am driving at immense speed.
  My palms are sweaty and my head ache has intensified. I keep hearing Minerva's voice in my head and It is driving me crazy.

"Can you feel that?" I hear Minerva's voice ask.
"I mean the electric charge fizzing between our skin. I have a lot of phobias especially the phobia of being touched but anytime you touch me, I stop freaking out. What are you?"I can hear the rawness of the emotion in her voice.

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. It is doing strange things to my senses.
"I can feel it"I hear my voice answer her in my head.

  I can't these memories anymore. I grab the steering wheel tightly till my knuckles go red and I scream in anguish.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I feel tears fall down my left eye and I scrub it off impatiently. I can't focus on driving right now, with the rhythmic pounding of my head and heart. The car isn't even going on a straight path but rather it weaves through traffic haphazardly. People are honking at me and it blaring horns add to my headache. I grab my head with both hands at the same time a ram runs into the road. I quick swerve off the road to avoid hitting the ram. The car goes out of control and accelerates into the bushes by the side of the road. I press on the brakes rapidly but the car doesn't stop until it slams into a tree and the force propel me forward and my head and chest slam into the steering wheel at the same time all my memories assault me.
  Memories of holding Minerva, kissing her, telling her about my mission, going back to the mansion to get her to forgive me, meeting Sylvia, finding out her father took her, trying to save her and capture her father, pretending to be Michael and marrying Minerva, leaving her on that yatch while she was drugged and in pain. Finally, the image of ivy pulling the trigger on me flashes and I feel like u have been shot in the chest again but this time hurts more. I grab my aching chest in pain and slowly lose the battle to unconsciousness as my eyes fall close.

I am sorry peanuts.

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  • Vikiy picture
    short but amazingly wonderful.................
  • eliza picture
    awww Noah, my Shea butter I'm here for you baby.. **sniffing**
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Thanks vikiy
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Lemme nor talk @ Eliza
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Lol @eliza, you are looking for trouble I guess, is Jason not enough? Lol, Julie don't mind her. It's great that Noah has his memories back, hope he gets help earlier to avoid any casualty. Kudos dear.
  • Cutedreamer picture
    I'm glad Noah has finally recovered his memory. Nice one Juliet
  • Imy Jackson picture
    Imy Jackson
    Yeaaaaa,Noah has regain his memory, Ivy I feel sorry for you
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Thank u lord!. Somebody supported juliet today. Thanks benedicta honey
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Thanks cute dreamer
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Lol @ imy ivy does rhyme with imy o
  • eliza picture
    **frowning** Benedicta did you suddenly stop supporting me? that's unfair na.. today is 31st ooooo hmmm Juliet I won't talk
  • eliza picture
    **frowning** Benedicta did you suddenly stop supporting me? that's unfair na.. today is 31st ooooo hmmm Juliet I won't talk
  • Husna Mubarak picture
    Husna Mubarak
    Oh wow Amy....I've been silently enjoying this....wonderful work done I apologise I've not been commenting or liking koz my account got issues... Thumbs up dear
  • Bernice Ahiasi-Mensah picture
    Bernice Ahiasi-Mensah
    Thumbs up but when is the next episode dropping?
  • Olayemi Ibikunle picture
    Olayemi Ibikunle
    finally Noah hot his memory back
  • Olayemi Ibikunle picture
  • Ojulari Adebowale picture
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Eliza lol *sticks tongue out
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Thanks husna honey thank God ur acc is working well now o
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Thanks bernice next and final episodes tomorrow
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    Ameh juliet
    Yes o finally @ yemi
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Thanks ojulari
  • Olasumbo Ayodeji picture
    Olasumbo Ayodeji
    @last he got his memory back
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    This is so messed up,I hope Eva is okay wherever she is.....@eliza I'm pretty sure you're celebrating!
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Lol pamela
  • eliza picture
    @ Pamela since Juliet is so eager to kick me out of the story and making Noah gain his memory back, of course I'm not celebrating. I'm sad
  • eliza picture
    @ Pamela since Juliet is so eager to kick me out of the story and making Noah gain his memory back, of course I'm not celebrating. I'm sad
  • Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin picture
    Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin
    I will not talk cuz Eliza hmmm
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Eliza dear, don't worry eh, a Lil support for Julie else she go cry on me lol
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    Thanks to heavens his back but we need to be sure that Minerva is still living
  • Uwem Udoh picture
    Uwem Udoh
    Thank God his memory is back...
  • Delly Soglo picture
    Delly Soglo
    Finally! The memories are back! Thumbs up Julie
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    This so intense and shocking waaaaaaaaaawww
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