Mirage - Episode 32

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"Hurry up you slow poke!" Noah yell at ne from afar. I am hauling a beach lounge chair while trying to hold a beach umbrella under my armpit. It's not an easy task and the jerk expects me to meet up with his pace with those long legs of his on his advantage. The sand on the beach is even another hindering factor. 

 I finally get to where he is standing impatiently waiting for me. I set the chair down on the sand and arrange it. Noah flop on the chair without even a simple thank you. I set the umbrella properly then turn to start walking back to the house. After the kitchen incident my moment with Noah was interrupted by another call from the same ivy woman. After he took the call, he went cold again. I wonder what they talked about. We ended up ordering breakfast. I love the beach but I really need to catch up on my sleep.
"Where do you think you're going" Noah ask and I turn to face him.
"I was thinking I would leave you alone to enjoy the beach Sir" I say sweetly and hope he will have pity on me and let me go.
"How am I supposed to enjoy it if you leave? who's going to feed me the grapes?" He asks and my mouth drops open. He stands up then grab my shoulder, pressing me down till my butt land on the lounge chair I arranged for him.
"You are not going anywhere. Now, I am going to take a dip in the watered and anytime I come out of the water, you feed me my grapes. Understood?" he asks and I stiffly nod my head. I picture those lovely Cokes in that convenience store and I feel inspired to get this over and done with.
"Fine" I grumble.
  I watch in open fascination as Noah pulls his T-shirt over his head and slide down his baggy shorts leaving him in just really short briefs that leaves nothing to my imagination. 
 When did I become such a Prevert?
Noah's chest flexes and I gulp down saliva.
"Earth to peanuts" Noah snaps his fingers in my face and I snap back to attention. 
"Umm w_ what?" I stutter
"The sunscreen" he raises eye brows at me and I quickly avert my eyes and search for the sunscreen in the bag he packed. I hand it to him and he nods his thanks. My eyes goes back to ogling duties. My eyes stick to the bandaid I placed on his chest last night. Should he be getting it wet?
"It's fine." Noah says and I realize I asked that out loud and I blush. I don't want to show concern for this man. I don't really trust that he won't use me again.
"Here" he says then toss the sunscreen at me. I manage to catch it. I start putting back into the bag but he grabs my hand.
"Put it on" he commands rudely but I can't help but swoon at the fact that he cares enough to ask me to put on sunscreen.

   I press the sunscreen unto my palm then apply it gently into my arms and shoulder. I am wearing a handless sun dress. Eliza had given it to me few days ago saying it didn't fit her anymore because of her bulging stomach and I had fallen in love with the cute yet s-ductive gown that I couldn't refuse her gift. I wonder why I chose to wear the dress when Noah told me to get ready for a day on the beach.
     The dress does give me access to massage the lotion onto my skin. I love unto my legs and massage the lotion slowly up my thigh. I notice Noah's silence and I look up to see him looking at my legs. He must have sensed me watching him because he soon turns those eyes to my face. Our eyes meet and I can feel the shift in the mood. I can't even look away. Noah crouch down beside the lounge chair without breaking eye contact with me and the look in his eyes is making me hot. He's going to kiss me. No. Yes. No. Oh who am I kidding, yes please. I realize how stupid I sound in my head but I have mixed feelings. Don't judge me.
"Peanuts" he whispers and his voice is like a sweet caress on my heated skin. A lock of my unruly hair fall onto my fore head and Noah catches it between his index and thumb finger.
"So soft" he says and I don't know whether he's referring to my hair or to me. He brushes my hair back and I have to bite the inside of my cheeks to stop myself from mo-ning in pleasure.
 "Damn it" I hear him say before those lips i have been craving for months land on mine. It's just the edge of my lips but it is sating. I blink my eyes close as he brush his lips against mine before kissing the other edge of my lips. I want more. Give me more. I grab both his shoulders to demand more from him.

"Aunty Eva!" I hear from the distance and Noah jerk away from me like he has been burnt and he looks at me like he doesn't know what he's doing with me.
"This is a mistake" I hear him whisper to himself. Ouch! He stands quickly like his shorts are on fire and I watch his retreating back as he walks towards the water and dive in.
"Aunty Eva. Who is that man? Was he biting you? Mom says it's wrong to bite. Should I spank him for you? Mom always does that when Rebecca bites me" Eliza's first son ask as soon as he gets to where I am sitting, looking flushed. Even though I feel like crying i can't help but smile at the cute five Years old boy standing in front of me ready to fight for me.
"You are crying" he says and touch a stray tears at the corner of my left eye. When did I become such a cry baby?
"Am fine Robert. You see, aunty has something stuck in her eyes." I lie.
"No, I am going to kick that man's ass" he says puffing his little chest out.
"Robert! Where did you learn to say a word like that?" I chastise even though I think he's cute.
"On the TV. Mom always watches them all the time" he defends and I sigh. Eliza the drama queen. Of course she watches a lot of movies.
"That uncle didn't make me cry okay? He's actually nice" I say
"You think I am nice peanuts?" I hear Noah's voice and that's when I realize he was standing behind me.
"Ummm" I don't know how to answer that. Noah delicious body is dripping water and I feel like licking the water off his hard abs.
"She was crying earlier. I thought you bite her so I was going to punch you" Robert says showing Noah his small fist.
"Hey little man. Your stance is all wrong. You have to widen your legs a little bit more then hide you thumb inside your palm" he corrects Robert's stance and fist and the boy does exactly what Noah tells him. 
"Now, throw a punch at me" Noah tells him.
"But I will hurt you" the kid says and I laugh a bit.
"That's the point" Noah tells him. The kid seems to see reason in that and he throws a punch at Noah's rock hard abs.
"Ouch!" Noah fake groans and the kid's chest seems to go puffier.
"I did it aunty Eva. Did you see that? I hurt the big man" he tells me excited and I smile at him. I still can't speak. I can feel Noah's eyes watching me intently.
 "Peanuts look!" Noah suddenly shouts pointing behind me and I quickly turn back to look and he takes that chance to grab me off the lounge chair and carry me towards the wave. Robert is running behind us and I can hear his baby giggles. I look up at Noah's face and the smirk on his face clear me in on his intention.
"Don't you dare" I grind out before I am not dropped but thrown into the water.



Hey guys
Had a kind of busy day yesterday and today.
promise to get back to our story tomorrow
Hope you enjoyed this rushed episode.
Pls comment rate and like.
Thank you.

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