Mirage - Episode 34

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  I maintain a neutral face as I stand beside Minerva while the good looking guy take easy bold steps towards us. I have the urge to wrap my arm around Minerva in a possessive manner then beast my chest while feeling she's mine but I don't.
"Minerva. Was here earlier but the house was locked. Just said to check on you ag___ . God! Why are you wet?! You are going to catch a cold" the man ramble. I just stand roll my eyes. It's just water. She is going to die from swimming.
"It's all Noah's fault" I hear Minerva grumble under her breathe. The guy's eyes finally slip to me and I know he hadn't noticed me standing there all these while. His eyes were just fixed on my peanuts. I don't care what my mind keeps warning me against but she's mine. We have this absurd chemistry between us and it feels familiar unlike with ivy.
"And you are?" Mr good looking asks.
I guess I should give them some privacy. I can't trust my self not to beat this guy to a pulp if I continue watching him with my peanuts.
"Just leaving. Have fun" I spit out and storm into the house making sure to slam the door hard. I realize I am acting like a child but I don't care.
  I plop on the couch then turn the TV on

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. It's currently in a music channel and I smirk. I increase the volume to the loudest and scream along with the musicians on TV even when I don't even know the right lyrics. I dance to the window and spy them. The good looking guy is now closer to Minerva.
"Move apart!" I whisper yell and wish I had super powers to take that spoilsport away from my peanuts.
  I don't remember being jealous with previous girlfriends so I wonder why I am so over possessive about the woman I am supposed to hate. I am sure ivy isn't telling me something and I wish Simon would pick up his phone calls. I have been trying to call him for a week now. I remember telling him to stay low when he told me chief was unto him. Where could he be?
   Ivy has been acting strange like she doesn't want me to get my memories back. She told me I proposed to her during our week in Lagos but i haven't seen any engagement ring on her finger. When I asked her once, she said my proposal was spontaneous and I didn't use a ring. We had gone ring shopping the next day but I still find that absurd. I have always thought that when I find a woman i want to settle down with. I will give her my mom's ring. How come I didn't give ivy the ring?
I look out the window again and the sight that hit my eyes hit my heart too. Sh-t it hurts. Minerva looks so excited and she just hugged the lawyer. My peanuts. In that man's arms. Damn it. I can't look anymore. I throw the remote on the couch and head to the gym room at the far end of the house to burn my anger away.

"Thank you very much Kennedy. All these time, I thought you were a Crooked lawyer trying to get a cruel man like my father out of jail. You should have told the person who employed you wanted you to make sure he's convicted." I say excitedly. Turns out someone employed Kennedy because they wanted him to get me out of prison and also to make sure my dad doesn't escape the law.
"I got the judge glaring evidence to prove you have never used drugs willingly and you were drugged. There's CCTV footage from your house. I am sorry I wasn't able to get it sooner. My employer underwent surgery and she just got her self back." Kennedy explans and I nod.
"I understand. As long as my name has been finally cleared and my dad is not going to be able to hurt anyone else again, I am fine. I have always thought you were one of the bad guys. Thank you Kennedy." I say hugging him briefly. Just a friendly hug to show him my appreciation.
"Well, I am just doing my job." he says.
"Do I get to meet this boss so I can thank him?"
"You are going to meet her soon Minerva." he tells me and I wonder who my benefactor is.
"Thank you once again." I say as he walks to his car and drives away.
   With my name cleared, maybe I will be able to find a job now. I am not leaving Noah's side till my one week completes though. We might not see each other again and I would make good use of this time left. I think he likes me. The way he acted when he saw Kennedy proves that. I am going to find out his feelings in the remaining days of working for him.
   I steel my resolve then walk back into the house. The loud music playing inside nearly destroy my ear drum. Noah is no where to be found though. I turn the tv off entirely before walking into the house in search of Noah.
Thump thump thump thump

The noise reach my ears even before I round the corner leading to the gym room. I have never really gone in here since I came here. Exercise and this girl just doesn't agree. I finally get to the room. It has a ceiling to floor glass window and I can see Noah in there. He's on the treadmill. He has earphones plugged into his ears. I walk into the room and he doesn't even notice.
"I don't really care if she's dating the good looking guy. I don't like her even. Okay, maybe I do but she's chief b___oh my god! You scared the heck out of me!" Noah yell as he hit the button on the treadmill and slows to a stop. I clearly heard him say maybe he likes me. Maybe I really do have a chance.
"Ummm how long have you been standing there?" He asks me and I smirk.
"Well, I just got in.

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. Saw you talking to yourself so I thought I should check if you were losing it" I can't help but tease.
  His eyes peruse my body and I follow his eyes to see that my wet clothes are now stuck to my body leaving nothing to Noah's imagination. I clear my throat and his eyes flies back to my face.
"Go clean your self up!" He spit out and throw a face towel at me. I manage to catch it and chuckle.
"And wash that towel after you are done!" he adds before fleeing.
"Oh. The towel smells like him." I say and press the towel to my nose.
"What are you doing?" Noah ask and I startle. When did he come back in?
"Umm was just ehm the towel. My face. Wet." I stutter and he grins.
"Wet. You. Towel. Me. Sniff?" He tease and I blush beet red.
"Minerva?" He calls.
"Didn't I say you should wash that towel?"
"You did"
"Well get right to it!" He snaps at me and I nod enthusiastically and it's my turn to flee.

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  • eliza picture
    aww Noah is in huge denial. another reason why I can snatch him easily
  • Vikiy picture
    awwww i love d love........ lol
  • Ebireri Marthyda picture
  • Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin picture
    Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin
    Ooh Juliet I love you bby Eliza wanted me to cry but u made smile Mua
  • eliza picture
    well kemi even if you didn't kiss me, oya receive kiss. mwahhh
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    I guess someone is coming out big time, thank God Minerva name has been cleared. Ivy wait for ur nemesis. Weldone Juliet
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Yay Sylvia is alive,hope Victory is alive too,just to put a final nail on Ivy's coffin!
  • Tadenikawo picture
    Love in the air Thank God Slyvia is alive
  • Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin picture
    Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin
    @ Eliza well I receive it but not very well Oya take mine Muaaa
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    Very nice at list things are coming back to normal gradually, ivys lies will catch up with her.
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