Mirage - Episode 42

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  I got to get out of here and fast. I look at my injured shoulder which is still bleeding and I put pressure on it with my other hand. The nearest police station from here is about a twenty minutes drive. What can I do with an injured shoulder and a hand cuffed to a heavy table?
  I try to use my body to push the table up to no avail. Time is ticking and I am becoming more anxious.
"Budge damn it! Budge!" I scream at the table . Tears are beginning to sting my eyes and I cuss Noah and his minions to hell. Blood drip down my hand and I know I am losing too much blood. An idea spark in my head at the sight of the blood. I use my uninjured hand to rub blood on my handcuffed wrist hoping it would make my hand slippery then try to pull it off.
I gnash my teeth against the throbbing pain as I pull on the cuff. My blood soaked hand is slippery and it starts moving off bit by bit. I yank more forceful and blisters are starting to form on my wrist but I don't care. I just need to get out of here before the police arrive.

  Speak of the devils and they arrive. I see shadows pass the kitchen window and I stay stock still.

"Suspect is said to be dangerous. Both of you, Go in through this back door while the rest of us will go through the front" I hear who I take as their commander instruct.
"No, no, no, no" I pull more crazy on the cuffs as I hear something bang against my back door

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. They are going to break in.
"Come on, come on." I mutter to the cuffs as I pull. The blood is drying on my hands so it isn't so slippery anymore. My knuckle bones make it hard for the cuffs to come off. I bash my hand continuously against the  hardwood flooring and hear the sickening noise of my fingers breaking. I raise the battered hand and my fingers look like jelly.
The defeaning sound of my door hitting the hard floor spur me to action and I quickly yank the cuffs off and they come off easily this time.
"This way" I hear one of them say and I take a deep breathe to calm my nerves so I can think properly. I can't possiy hide and escape through the front door because more people are probably there so I have to face the two police officers. I grab a kitchen knife and hide it behind my back.
  I see the shadow of their approaching figures and I crouch back down to the floor with my hand still behind me back and eyes closed.
"Here she is" the darker of the two police men announce into his walkie talkie.
"She is handcuffed to a chair and she looks unconscious probably from the wound on her shoulder. I will bring her out front. Roger that sir" he says.
  I grab the knife more securely behind my back and wait for him to get closer.
I feel him crouch to my level and his hands feel for my pulse. He must have noticed the unusual pulse because his eyes goes to mine the same time I open mine and smile.
"Shoot h__" I press my knife to his neck before he can finish his statement and his partner's eyes go wide where he is standing a few feet from us.
"Drop the knife" he warns while pointing his gun at me.
"Drop your gun or I kill him" I spit back at him. The fool goes to touch his walkie talkie and I press harder on the knife drawing blood from my captive's neck.
"Please" I hear the weak man whimper.
"Stop it. Okay. I'll drop it" his partner says and I nod. Our eyes don't stray from each other's as he slowly bends down to drop his gun on the floor. He places the gun on the floor and pushes it  towards me. I see the way his back stiffens and notice the bulge of another gun in his pocket. I quickly push his partner towards him as he fires two shots. He looks stunned as his partner hit the floor dead and that moment of inaction is enough for me to throw my knife into his chest. He joins his dead partner on the floor. I see my phone on the table and quickly pick it up but as i hear numerous footsteps from the sitting room, I quickly shut the kitchen door. I hear them bang on the door and try to bring it down while I drag one of the police man to my store room. It is a hard task with only one of my hand useful but a desperate person can do anything. I take off his uniform and put it on while arming my self with his gun and walkie talkie. My expensive kitchen door hit the floor and I groan out cuss words as I force my body out the tiny window.
  Next I cross my fence into the adjoining compound. My escape is easy from here as I walk casually trying not to show my injured shoulder as I walk out of the gateless compound without interruptions. I see about four police cars parked in front of my house and I pass the other way out of my street.
I am almost out when someone grab my shoulder.
"Hey, everyone is trying to find the criminal. Why are you going that way?" A uniformed officer asks and i hide my pain because his hand is pressing on my bullet wound.
I am already raising my gun slowly to silence the fool when his walkie talkie crackles and he brings it out.
"They just said her father has been apprehended at a dental clinic moments ago. We have been asked to go there and make sure we get her if she goes there to bust him out" he says and I nod. He is still standing here waiting for me to follow him and I am saved by my phone.

My phone gets a message alert and I motion for him to go ahead while I check the message. He looks at me funny but thankfully jogs away. I quickly look down at my phone to see the message is from my dad.


I look down at the message and I know something is wrong. My dad just got apprehended so this is fishy. I guess I just have to go there

"It has been more than thirty minutes. Where is Minerva? What if chief already killed her before we got him convicted?" I ask Sylvia worriedly. We have been in this damn uncompleted buildings for long minutes that feels like a hundred years. I can't stop worrying about my peanuts. Who knows what she's going through this moment if she isn't dead.
"Stop torturing yourself Noah. According to Maro, chief had been in the dental clinic since morning. He only ordered they kidnap you and Minerva because he knew both of you are the only ones who know about his involvement on that yatch months ago" she says, referring to the guy she planted on chief who helped us earlier at the clinic.
"They will be here.

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. Chill" She assure and I nod. God let this work without any hitch.
The taxi drop me off behind the uncompleted building and I scare the hell out of him, he just speeds off without collecting his fare. I must look sinister with my bloody police uniform and a gun in my hand.
  I see a car zooming towards me and I recognize it as one of my dad's security van. I flag it down and they must have recognized me even with all the blood because the van screech to a halt in front of me.
"Madam. Your dad sent us__Oh you are bleeding! I should get help." The driver fawn over me and I bat him away with my good hand.
"Don't touch me you fool!" I spit at him.
"Who is inside the van?"I continue."just a woman and her father" he tells me.
"The boss asked us to bring her here but I just thought to bring her father too." I nod then move to the back of the van.
"Open this up" He diligently does it and I see Minerva tied up with her father in the back of the van. A big smile spread across my face.
"Hand me the keys. Your work here is done." I tell him and he goes to ask questions but I place my bloody finger against his lips to shut him up.
"I will take care of this. Oh and if I were you, I will leave the country with my family because my father was apprehended moments ago. Everybody associated with him isn't safe. Don't you think?" I ask him and he looks worried.
"Go on!"I spit at him and he nods.
"Thank you ma. Thank you" he ramble before racing off leaving me and a van with my arch nemesis and her father.
They always play into my hands.

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  • Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin picture
    Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin
    Juliet why na I tho she will die there in her house but pls let peanuts,Noah, nd oder beta pple safe oo
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Kemi, d woman is deranged. She doesn't want to die
  • Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin picture
    Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin
    Hmm hmm hmmm do something abt it
  • Ojulari Adebowale picture
    Ojulari Adebowale
    Let see who will laugh last
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Juliet abeg oh, what are you doing to this story, let nothing happens to Minerva and Noah oh
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    OMG! When I thought we are moving towards d end another twist again pls Juliet nothing must happen to Noah, Minerva, Slyvia & Victor o biko, they've suffer enough.
  • Ukbaby picture
    Ahhhh.... Juliet oooo
  • Julian Kits picture
    Julian Kits
    NYC one gal.... Kisses. Eliza bby Whr are you? Here missing you.
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Lol u people should lemme o it's fun adding twists, i can't stop.
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Ps Julian be missing someone's wife there o. I'll report u
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Jeez ivy is like a disease
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