Mirage - Episode 9

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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply


Okay, this is totally crazy. I am supposed to use this woman to bring her father down but I am currently here giving her love struck eyes. Noah, remember your plan. Remember how her dad planted tons of drugs in your house just to frame and kill your parents for greed. Shake this stupid feeling off and concentrate. But she's just so beautiful and vulnerable
N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

. I just want to wrap her up and keep her safe from the world. From people like me who wants to use her.

 "Guess who is here?"I hear chief's voice boom behind me and the moment with Minerva is broken. Thankfully. The both of us turn at the same time towards his voice and standing beside him is that guy Minerva says she doesn't want to marry.

"Michael came here just for you Eva. How sweet is that?" Chief ask as they both start walking towards us. I hear Minerva groan silently and I chuckle.
"But dad my fiance's here. Didn't you invite him over this morning?" Minerva ask her dad and he just wave her off.
"The table is big enough for the four of us.  Where is the food?" Chief ask then press a little button on the edge of the table and in seconds three boys come in with different food.

  I serve my self some eggs and coffee and am nimbling on a slice of bread when Michael speaks.
"So how did the both of you meet?" he ask and Minerva starts coughing loudly.
"Peanuts, are you okay?" I turn to ask her then smirk.
"You see, she doesn't like me recaping the story of our first meeting." I say to Michael who is frowning so hard i fear his face might break off.
"It was love at first sight. At least for my peanuts here

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. We met at a cafe. I went there to get coffee and she just kept following___. Owww!" I scream as I feel a foot press down on my toe.
"What he is trying to say is I kept following him at the cafe because he left his wallet and I was just trying to be nice and give it back to him. He's such a klutz dad. But he's adorable" Minerva cut in then stick her tongue out at me. I glare down at her.
"Oh yea. I actually left it there because I was running away from her. The love struck eyes she was giving me was just sca___owww." Sh-t. The little thing just kicked my shin. She doesn't know who she is messing with. I move my hand under the table and pinch her lap. She jerk in shock thereby shaking the table. My cup of hot coffee topple over and splash on both our bodies.
"Gosh hot! What's your problem!" she yell at me.
"What's your problem" I yell back. By now we have already forgotten about our audience.

  I hear quiet chuckling and I look to see Michael laughing. Chief doesn't look impressed.
"Enough of this nonsense. Is this the idiot you want to spend the rest of your life with?" he ask Minerva who sigh heavily.
"Dad. There's something you should know. This is__" Minerva goes to say but her ringing phone stop her. She look down at her phone then at us.
"Excuse me, I have to take this" She say and walk out of the dining.
"Sir what she was going to say is, the day we met at the cafe she was running away from some guys who kept following her. I actually helped her when she hid in my car. She didn't want to make you worry so she warned me not to tell you about it that's why she got angry." I say, trying my best to savage the situation so chief wouldn't see this is all fake. I can't let him call this off and take my chance of ruining his drug empire
"Wait! What?! What men? Why were they after her? She should have told me so I could find them to the end of the world and ruin them" Chief spit out and I take this chance to interrogate him.
"I think they were NDLEA  agents. They kept asking about illegal drugs trafficking or something I cant remember. Do you know anything about that?" I ask and he shake his head vigorously.
"What are you trying to say? That chief has his hand in something illegal?" Michael who has been quiet speak up and I just shrug.
"Of course not. Everyone knows what an upright man chief is." I say
"Umm. I have an intense headache. I better retire to my room. I will call for you next time when I am much stronger boy." Chief says and walk away like the hounds of hell are after him. I probably touched a nerve.

"Listen here. You better stay away from Minerva if you want to live till a ripe old age" the menancing voice of the twat sitting opposite me make me grind my teeth. Keep your calm Noah.
"Am I being threatened?" I ask and he nods
"You bet your sorry a-s you are. Don't you see you a way out of you league here? Am just going to warn you once or els__oh Minerva honey, you are back!"
I turn back to see Minerva walking back to the table.
"What happened? Where's my father?" she ask me ignoring Michael and I smile inwardly.
"He said he has an head ache. He went upstairs." Michael says before I can get a word out. Minerva stare at him for about a second before her eyes comes back to me.
"Your dad went upstairs" I say and she nod
"Well then what is that one still doing here?" she ask loud enough for Michael to hear her and I chuckle. I like her wit. She doesn't look it but she's a fiesty one.
"I can't take this sh-t anymore! Bring embarrassed in front of this commoner" Michael fire at us. commoner? What century is this guy in?
"Don't forget what I told you thrash and minerva I'll come visit again when he's not here stinking the air up" he say airily and stomp out of the dining room.
"Good riddance" I say and burst into laughter.
"Okay now. You too. Move it." Minerva says after I finally get control of my laughter.
"What? Me? But__"
"But nothing. You blew it__umm. I don't even know your name"
"Jerry" I offer
"Jerry. You blew it Jerry. I told you not to come back but you did then you mocked my dance and my breathe. Not only that, you kept spouting nonsense about love at first sight. I wouldn't look at you even if you were the last human on this earth!" She ramble.
"Calm down peanuts. I think I got it under control. Your dad doesn't suspect a thing. We can still continue with this so your dad doesn't make you marry Michael" I say
"You are you so eager to help?" she ask and I shrug
"I am just being nice and that Michael guy, a total jerk. I can't let anyone get stuck with him" I say and she shake her head at me.
"Okay fine. We have a deal. Now can you leave. I have to be somewhere"
"Sure. Let me give you a ride" I offer and she shake her head vigorously like her dad did just moments again. Hmmm something's up
"Uh I have to go alone. Thanks for offering though. See yourself out" she says and rush upstairs.

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. As soon as she's out, I click on the wireless ear piece in my ear and chief's voice fills my ear.
"No. Am telling you they may know about the coming shipment. I just heard some of their agents were following my daughter some months ago. Yes. We have to change the drop point for the goods. I can't say it now though, the walls have ears. I will give the key to chizu and have him to drop an envelope containing the details of the new plans. Yes. Bye" he says. First valid information since I got here. I have to find that chizu and get the said key.


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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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