Mirage - Episode 41

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"He's in there. We just have to retrieve him then get him to give Minerva's location to us. I have a lot of concrete evidence depicting the fact that he's a drug dealer. I have bribed some of his men and they have been my eyes."Sylvia briefs and I nod. Please God, keep my peanuts safe for me. She doesn't deserve all of these.
  I can't believe I lost such crucial memories . I need a second chance with her but if I have to sacrifice my life to save her this time, I will without second thoughts. No more leaving her behind.
"We're wasting precious time Sylvia. Let's go in there and bust the monster up. You already have evidence so get the cops and storm this dental clinic." I reason but she shake her head.
"He has Minerva so we must be smart. He could use her as leverage against us. We stick to my plan and kidnap him." She say and I grumble my agreement. She's right, I can't argue this but I have a feeling this would end just like our plan to kidnap chief badmus months ago ended. With a bullet in my chest, victor almost dying, Sylvia in the hospital and Minerva in prison. I vow in my mind to make sure Minerva comes out of this unscathed.
"Put these on" Victor hands me a dental scrub.
"I'll be here watching and telling you what to do so put these on." He hands me identical glasses to the ones I used in chief badmus' house and I know it has a secret camera on it. 
"This is to communicate with one another." I put the small device into my ear. Victor open his laptop and I see the insides of the van we currently are on the screen. 
"I can see feeds from this camera in this so good luck guys

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. Don't forget to bring him out back where I will be waiting with the van." Victor drops us off in front of the dental clinic then drive off.
  Sylvia and I walk in like a normal couple. I nod at the security man at the door then at the receptionist who looks bored with her job.
  We bend the corner and the hallway we end up is void of people. I look around for security cameras and find just one. Typical of a dental clinic. Too many securities aren't necessary. This is to our advantage. A young lady who I think is a nurse suddenly comes out of a room at the far end of the hallway and I put on my game face.
 "Where do we find the rest room please. My wife here has an uncontrollable bladder" I say to her and Sylvia cuss under her breathe. The nurse just smile and point behind us.
"Just to the end. The last door by your right." I nod my thanks then start to walk away when the nurse speaks again.
" Are you here to see the doctor? You seemed lost" She asks and I nearly growl at her to mind her business. She is just wasting my time. My peanuts could be going through hell at this very minute. Maybe I should just knock the nosy nurse out and be on my way. Sylvia must have noticed my train of thoughts because she grab my hand and squeeze lightly.
"Thank you dear, but we are fine. Be on your way now. You must have something that needs your attention" she tell the nurse who I give the evil eyes. She must have finally notice she isn't needed because her smile fall.
"Yea, sure. Have a nice day" she says then walk away. Thankfully.
"Calm down Noah. We will find Minerva. Now, go change. I'll wait for you here." She says. I don't waste time as I quickly locate and enter the male restroom. I am in my scrubs in record time and I hurry back out.
 Sylvia sees me coming from the distance and smile at me.
"Looking good doctor Diego" she says and I roll my eyes at her.
"Come on, they are on the third floor" Sylvia pull my hand and I dont hesitate to follow behind her.
  We find the elevator quick and hop in. I count the seconds it takes to get us to the third floor impatiently and fly out even before the doors are properly open. I hear Sylvia sigh behind me but I don't look at her.
"We should have left someone to stay with ivy. That woman is a conniving snake" I grind out.
"Well, we are short of people, we need Noah here so we could not possibly leave him with her. She won't be able to get free of that handcuff and if she does, the police are already after her anyways" Sylvia try to assure me but I know Ivy and she always find a way out of every situation.
"Let's get this over with" I say. Sylvia point to a door then look down to her phone.
"Once we go in there, we are going to face chief's men. They are about four of them. One of them is my Intel so that should make it easier. But, they could raise alarm. Victor just told me they are about six other goons stationed at the back of the clinic. I ponder on this problem and an idea strike my mind.
  I look around the corridor and find what I am looking for. I start to walk towards it but then I hear Victor's voice in my ears.
"Someone's coming guys." I quickly turn back around to stand in front of Sylvia.
"Yea, the filing of your teeth did take a while. Thankfully, the anesthesia was enough so you couldn't feel a thing" I ramble. What am I saying? The man in dental scrub walks past us without giving us a second look and I release a long breathe.
"That was close. All clear now" Victor inform me and I quickly get to the fire alarm on the wall and smash the glass. The alarm start blaring loudly and water sprinklers spray water.
"What are you doing?" Sylvia whisper yell at me but I just smirk.
"Wait for it" I tell her and on cue, different doors fly open and people come out of their rooms. Some are panicked.
"Give me the teargas" I whisper to Sylvia who gets my plan and retrieve two from the bag she's carrying and hand them to me. I release both gases into the hallway and the commotion gets worse.
"Fire! Fire! Every body get out. There's a fire!" I yell and the noise in the hall way is defeaning. This hospital is pretty big and soon the hallway is crammed full with people screaming and rubbing their eyes continuously.. Both patients and doctors.
 The door behind us fly open and I see chief Barnabas and some men rush out. The four men surround him and push people out of the way for him to walk through. I turn my face away to avoid recognition as they pass me.
"They are heading for the elevator. Victor can you hear me?" I ask silently.
"Yes boss."
"Can you override the system and stop the elevator?" I ask
"Sure thing boss" he says and I smile.
"Wait for my signal" I tell him then grab Sylvia's hand and pull her through the crowd to the elevator. I quickly slip my surgical mask on.
"Get out!" I hear one of chief's men yell at a young boy as he bullies him out of the elevator. All five of them go in and the men bring out guns as they keep watch over their boss. Nobody dares go in with them as the sight of the guns makes them panicked and run towards the stairs. I wait for the door to almost close before I pull Sylvia and slip into the elevator. The elevator door jam into my shoulders and open back up. The goons size us up. I see recognition on the face of one of them as he spots Sylvia and I notice her nod at him.
"Please, this patient needs to get out of here quickly. She just sprained her ankle in the chaos" I say motioning to Sylvia who clues in fast and start limping.
"Stay on that side" one of the goons spit at us and I nod.
"Now, victor" I whisper and thankfully he hears me as the elevator stops suddenly.
"What's happening?" I hear chief panicked voice.
 The goons press different buttons but the doors are jammed up.
 "Now!" Sylvia yells and one of the goons grab chief Barnabas. Six guns fly out at once. Mine and Sylvia's pointing to three of the goons. The goon who has chief in a vice hold point his gun to chief's temple while the three goons point their guns at him. Everybody is at alert waiting for who would surrender.
"He will blow his dirty brains out! Drop your guns"Sylvia warn. The goons look to their boss who is getting really red in the face.
"Don't drop it" he spit out. The old fool is stubborn.
"Shoot him" Sylvia tells her Man and he press lightly on the trigger.
 I can see chief shaking. Is he going to crack?
"I said do it!" Sylvia yell
"Stop! Sh-t stop! Who sent you? I will pay you more than you have been offered." Chief tries to bargain.
"We can talk when you tell them to drop the gun" she tells him.
"How do I know if I do, you won't still blow my head off?" he ask and sylvia smile.
"You don't " she says clearly knowing we have the upper hand. Chief and sylvia have a little stare down and I see chief crack.
"Drop your weapons" he tells his men and they reluctantly do. Sylvia hand her gun to me and I point both guns at them. She bend and grab the weapons on the ground. She pat chief down and find his phone which she remove from his pocket. 
"Your code" she ask and chief call it out to her relunctantly. Wise choice.

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. She pull her bag off then bring out three hand cuffs which she use to bind chief and his goon's hands together. The goons and chief keep cussing at us but Sylvia doesn't pay them any attention. They are helpless without their weapons so they don't make any stupid moves.
"Here is the highlights. These shows you selling hard drugs and killing numerous people" Sylvia show him the pictures she just brought out of her bag while chuckles.
"This one is pretty vivid, don't you think?" She hand me the picture and I see chief with a gun in his hand standing over a bloodied dead body. This is undeniable evidence. Sylvia throw the numerous pictures all over the elevator floorfloor with some documents.
"Open the elevator Victor" sylvia says out loud once she is done and the doors open at once.
"come on guys" I walk with my back out of the elevator together with Sylvia and her man while chief and his goon look at us wearily.
"Close it back up and jam it so they don't get out till the police arrive" I tell Victor.
"Cops are already few at the entrance. You should get out of there" Victor advises.
"What are you going to do with that phone?" I ask Sylvia.
"We are going to get chief's men to bring Minerva right to us." She type some things into the phone and show it to me.


 She hit send to all contacts and I can't help but be impressed by her wisdom. We can't know who among his contacts have Minerva but it is surely one of his contacts and he will understand the message and when whoever it is gets the message, they will think it is from chief and comply and we will be there waiting for them.
"The cops are here victor, open the doors" Sylvia instructs and the door opens. We hide in the corner as we watch the police round up chief and his men. The police find the papers and pictorial evidence of chief's hideous acts and I commend Sylvia. Thank God she collected these evidences.

  Now let's go save my woman.

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