Mirage - Episode 36

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"What did you just say?" I hear Noah ask his voice sounding husky and breathless at the same time and I snap back to myself.
"Let go of me." I whisper despite the fact that I feel better in his arms. He's still holding me and I try to maneuver out of his hold.
"Calm down Minerva." He says but I am already panicking. I grab his arm and flip him unto the floor.
"Ouch . Sh-t!" he groans on the ground. I look down at his writhing form on the ground while huffing and puffing. The package I dropped earlier catches my attention. The sight of my name on it makes me crouch on the floor and grab it.
"What's the meaning of this? Are you investigating me?" I scream at him while shaking the document frantically.
"What?" he ask then stands up. He looks like he doesn't know what I am talking about but i know better than to believe his lies again. 
"Don't give me that face Noah. The last time we saw each other, it was the same thing. You acted like you cared while using me! Am I that easy to you? Am I that easy to all of you?!"
"Minerva calm down. I don't know what's in that envelope."
"Stop! Stop with all the lies! Gosh" I sob out.
"Believe me Minerva I __"
"I said shut up! You all are all the same. You

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. My father. All of you just use me!" I scream louder.
"Eva" he calls softly and my tears increase.
"All those months in that cell, I mourned you. You used me when all I have ever done is trust you but i still felt dead insode when I thought you were dead." I say with so much emotion that I feel like I would choke. Noah's face shows pure torment but I know he's just pretending. He's a liar. Every body is a liar!
"Peanuts" he says then try to touch me but I move out of reach.
"Don't you dare call me that right now! I know I made a mistake not believing you when you told me about my dad but I tried to find out the truth and I almost died for it. My own father drugged me to get me to do god knows what and I can't even remember anything except I signed something. What did I ever do to the world that I have to suffer like this? I killed my mother yes, but this is too much punishment" I break down on the floor and weep for my life. I feel Noah's warm body wrap around my back.
"Sorry baby. Hush now. No more tears" he tries to console me but I just get more angry.
"You don't get to tell me what to do! I will cry if I want to. You don't get to boss me around anymore because you know what? I quit." I spit out my pain turning into flaming anger real quick. I get off the floor and storm inside the room to get my stuffs. I don't want to leave this place but I got to. For my sanity. I grab my clothes haphazardly while cursing silently under my breathe.
"Listen to me Minerva. I can explain." I hear Noah say but I don't listen until he grab my hand. My other hand fly in the air and land on his face. Hard .Sh-t. I look at my hand as if it is a foreign being.
"Ok I deserved that. I know you are too angry to listen to me right now but please don't leave. I'll leave just so you can calm down. But promise me you will be here when I get back and we will talk things through." He says looking deeply into my eyes. I want to say no. I can't listen to any more lies from this man but I feel my weak self nodding.
"Thank you pea_ umm I mean minerva." He says then grab my hand and peck the back of my palm. That does too much to my battered heart and I pull my hot hand away from him. Noah sighs then retreat out of the room.
"By the ways Minerva, I have nothing to do with that document you are holding" he says before he leaves and shut the door behind him.

  Hot tears assault me immediately and I flop on the floor amd cry more heart wrenching tears while grabbing my chest.
"Mom, it hurts too much" I sob out. I know my tears are for the loss of this man who I love hopelessly but can't love me back. I know this is the last time we will see each other and it hurt like hell. 

  I know I can't be here when he gets back but why does my heart feel reluctant. Noah will surely come back armed with more lies I am sure. I wipe my tears frantically then stand up. I can't stay here. I would be roped back by his lies. I am just a tool to him. 
  I grab the small bag Kennedy used to purchase those clothes for me and put my few possessions inside.
Ding dong ding dong ding dong

 The continuous ringing of the bell spike my heart rate and I have to stop to calm my breathe down. It can't be Noah. He just left. I walk out of the room then drop my things on the table. I reach the door then rub my sweaty palms against my shirt. I spy the key hole and to my relief, I see Eliza's smiling face.
  I take a calming breathe and pull the door open.
"Hello, lover bird. Where's the cutie? Still sleeping?" she rambles as soon as I let her in. She's looking everywhere probably for Noah and I just stand behind her. She finally turns to me.
"Where's___ My God Eva what's wrong with you? Have you been crying? Did he hurt you?" Her rounds of question open the flood gates of my tears and I burst into a new round of crying. When did I become such a cry baby?
"Hush now sweetie."Eliza pull me into her and I sob on her shoulder. She smells like my mom. Even though we haven't known each other for long, I have gotten attached to her.
 After few minutes I finally get my self together.
"I'll make some tea to calm you down and then you will tell me what's wrong okay?" She ask and I nod because I don't trust my self to speak right now.

 Ten minutes later, eliza and I are sitting on the high chairs in front of the kitchen counter sipping hot chocolate which I must admit tastes heavenly in my mouth. It has calmed me down a lot and I have recapped as much of my story to Noah and she has just been nodding all the while not saying anything.
"So?" I say questioningly.
"So what?" she ask nonchalantly sipping her chocolate and I feel like kicking her shin. I give her the evil eye and she chuckles.
"Okay. Okay. From what you just told me Noah is an NDLEA agent and he used you to get to your father?"she ask and I nod.
"And you think he's here to use you again?" she asks and again I nod.
"But what could he want from you now if they already apprehended your father?" she ask
"Well.. He. I mean I. Well, I don't know! Ask him okay?" I spit out angrily. Isn't she supposed to be on my side. I should have known Eliza will always side a hot guy any day.
"What I am trying to point out is that there's nothing he would be using you for now."
"But I heard him__" I try to say but she raise her hand up and I shut up.
"You might have misunderstood.

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. I saw both of you on the beach yesterday and the way he looks at you, he's whipped honey."
"Whipped?"I raise my brow at her in confusion.
"You know that look my husband has when he looks at me?" She ask and I nod again.
"Well the cutie had that same look every time he looked at you yesterday" she tells me and I shake my head.
"Listen, maybe I am mistaken but I think you should let Him explain himself. From what you told me, he said he doesn't know anything about the package right? Maybe you should look at it and see what it is" she finishes.
"No buts Eva. Go get me the package. I will help you check it if you can't" she commands and I find myself going back to Noah's room to get the document.
"Here" I push the paper onto her laps before taking my seat back in front of the counter. I sip my hot chocolate trying to feign disinterest but I am dying to know what's in there and why it has my name.
"Christ!" Eliza exclaims and I turn to look at her.
"It's a marriage certificate of you and Noah!" She squeal and I spit all my chocolate in her face in shock.
"Sorry, what!" I grab the certificate from her and inspect it.
"Bloody hell" I gasp.
"You didn't tell me you were married" Eliza is saying while wiping herself off chocolate but I don't answer. My mind take me back to the yatch and a blurry image of me signing a marriage certificate assault my Brain and I go lightheaded.
"Sorry Eva but hubby just called. Children emergency. " Eliza inform me sounding apologetic but I don't pay her much attention. I just wave her off.
"Would you be fine alone?" She ask and I nod.
"Go to your children E. I'll be fine" I assure her and she zooms off immediately.

 I stare down at the certificate, many questions flying through my head.
Looks like I am waiting for Noah after all. He has to answer to this!

Hi guys
I hope it's not to late to wish you all a merry Christmas.
I know I slacked this last few days but I am back
N it's time to end this story.
Who's with me?
N don't forget to like, rate and comment.
Love u guys loads

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