Mirage - Episode 10

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  Finally, some information from the person who made me come back home. As soon as my phone started ringing and I saw the private number on my screen. I knew it was him. 

No 8 St Charles Thomas street.

 That's the only valuable thing he gave me. I tried to ask him severally to just give me the recap of the day my mom died but he was like.
"Only you knows the truth of that day. I am here to guide you through your own memory"

  If his voice was even a little familiar, it would have been nice but it was obvious whoever it is, doesn't want his identity known because he had his voice muffled.
  Well only one way to know if coming back to this sh-t storm of Michael and Jerry was all for nothing.
 God let the information be worth it . I pray silently as I put on a fresh change of clothes quickly. I don't want my dad or anyone else to be suspicious so I put on a blue rugged Jean trousers and a nice crop top. I look at my self in the mirrow and I am satisfied. I look like I am just going somewhere not suspicious. Okay got to hurry. I grab my hoodie and baggy jeans and put them in my cute back pack just in case.
"Am ready" I say in front of the mirrow one last time before I skip out of my room.

  As I come down the stairs my mind goes back to Jerry. I wonder how he was able to catch me before I fell and broke my neck or something fragile

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. Ah and the feel of his arm around my waist. So so Nice. I probably won't get the chance to explore our connection seeing as I am already on my way to get my answers. Too bad though. But I really can't stay too long here. After today's breakfast show, dad is probably already unto our lie and I can't risk marrying Michael. Is Jerry still lurking around by the way?

I reach the last step and there's no sign of Jerry. Well good. I don't want him offering to help drive me there. I gingerly walk to the door and pull it open only to come face to face with the guys I ran away from at the airport.
"The car is ready for you miss" one of them says while another grab my backpack.
"Wait. Stop. I don't need you guys. I am going to a girly place. Um. The spa. I totally can't bring you guys with me, that would be weird. You really don't want to sit down among women getting their nails done. Totally boring." I ramble as they kind of drag me towards the garage.
"No security details no leaving the house. Chief's order. Now please just go with them, I have errands to run" one of them says.
 I dig my foot on the interlocked ground and come to a halt.
"Listen, you__" I quickly bolt towards the gate. I can hear their foot falls behind me and this Jean kind of restrict my sprint.
"Guys wait" I hear a familiar voice and I turn to the side to see Jerry running towards the guys chasing me. He finally gets to them and they stop to look him up. Their eyes are still on me though and I know any sudden movement and they are back to chasing me.
"Ah thank God I caught up with you guys. You shouldn't chase after a lady like that" he breathes out totally out of breathe from that little race. I wonder what his deal is. Just a few hours ago, he was so fast and skilled enough to incapacitate that guard but now he looks like a total wimp.
"Get out of our way, idiot. I really need to get this over with so I can run the important errand chief sent me." one of the guard grind out and start walking towards me. Jerry block his way and the burly guy's face harden. Oh oh. Someone is totally pissed now.


"Get out!" the burly guy yell in my face. That doesn't even scare me one bit but I have to stay in character.
"Ohhhhh umm am sorry but I can't just let you chase my peanuts like that. Please" I fake timidity. I can totally imagine Minerva rolling her eyes at me.
 The burly guy tries to get pass again and I grab his hand.
"That's it!" he yells and shove me out of the way. I think I just flew in the air. I land a few feet away from him on my ass. Ouch. I look up and see he's walking towards minerva now. I really need that key though.

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. How do I get it without any of them knowing? I quickly get on my feet and rush at him. He moves quickly and I throw my self to the floor to look pathetic.
"What a waste of time" one of the guards call from behind us and I grit my teeth.
I grab the burly guy's trousers.
"Please just leave her alone okay? Please" I say. He looks down at me and smirk.
"What a pathetic guy" he says and grab my hair. I Hold on to his ass as leverage as he tries to pull me up and quickly slip the keys out of his pocket. I am picked up with no dignity at all and he throws me back on the ground.
"Just let him go. Can't you see he can't fight you? This is so embarassing" Minerva calls from afar. I look towards her to see her in front of the gate trying to get it open.
"Alright. I give up." I say and the burly guy grin
"Wise choice" he says and he walks over me with the rest of his crew towards minerva. I discreetly grab the remote control in my shoe and jam the controls of the gate and get it open. Minerva slip through and I release the button before the guys get to the gate and the gate shuts back close then jam the signal. Minerva should be able to get away before they get back control of the gate.

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