He wasn't just anyone else he was Jack millerson the only one who is the hier to the fortune to inherit mansions and businesses worth millions. He was cute,handsome,rich and intelligent and that only kept the ladies coming. But no one realized. No one saw beyond rhe surface or dug deeper. He was not decieving them or lying to them...


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    • Deciet - Episode 1

    • Divine looked at her son angrily as she attempted to wake him up from sleep but he just stirred and went on. Fed up she carried a cup of water and threw  it on him carelessly ...
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    • Deciet - Episode 2

    • Kiki's p.o.v Let me fill you in on my background. my name Is Kiki and I live with my family at twenty six. I'm not the first child and definitely not the last but th...
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    • Deciet - Episode 3

    • I REALLY LOVED THE COMMENTS PLEASE KEEP IT COMING.... Jack's p.o.v ...Till dad woke up me from my reverie"Jack!" I coughed and adjusted my tie. I for...
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    • Deciet - Episode 4

    • Jack's p o.v "what"she exclaimed and all eyes turned to look at her. I gave her my don't mess up look. 'Anything wrong Kiki?'Dad asked worried. she...
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    • Deciet - Episode 5

    • TURNS OUT I HAVE MORE OF SILENT READERS I WILL FIND YOU LOL!!! Jack'sp.o.v I paced around the room in worry and anger. she was gone for over hours and I was...
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    • Deciet - Episode 6

    • Jack's p.o.v Her screams alerted me and I immediately got up and pushed the lady away,but this lady was still standing here. "lady..."I began. "Zoey"...
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    • Deciet - Episode 7

    • Jack's p.o.v I woke up with a heavy headache and hangover. I looked at the time 8 am damn my head really hurts. I started reacting and rushed to the bathroom just in tim...
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    • Deciet - Episode 8

    • Peter's p.o.v I looked at my phone hissed and threw it on the floor why hasn't she been picking my calls? I was starving and as a bachelor I needed home made food. I...
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    • Deciet - Episode 9

    • Jack's p.o.v I woke up because of a sharp sound I heard. I groaned looked around for that phone and seeing oke answered it "Hello baaaby!". "Don't you...
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    • Deciet - Episode 10

    • Peter's p.o.v "Oh guy she really said that to you?" Cosmo asked in shock. 'As in she doesn't know how dangerous I can get... believe me I don't wan...
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    • Deciet - Episode 11

    • Jack's p.o.v "Dad what do you mean by competition?"I ask. "Well son... while you're occupying nothing bout that office another restaurant (Hillux)is c...
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    • Deciet - Episode 12

    • SORRY FOR DELAYING UPDATES WRITERS BLOCK IS CONTAGIOUS.. Kiki's p.o.v "You'd gotta be kidding me... are you following me around?" I rolled my eyes. ...
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    • Deciet - Episode 13

    • THE STORY JUST GOT TUFF STICK WITH ME.. Unknown p.o.v He looked at the figure standing before him as  copius tears fell from his eyes. No! he wiped his tears. He...
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    • Deciet - Episode 14

    • Kiki's p.o.v "I prepared the food ma..."I began but was greeted by a slap. I stared in shock as I held my cheeks "Ma you slapped me?"I asked. She did...
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    • Deciet - Episode 15

    • This is really frustating I wrote the episode and it just disappeared I hate you too phone... Kiki's p o.v My world came crashing down as it suddenly seemed th...
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    • Deciet - Episode 16

    • Kiki's p.o.v The anger surging through  my veins was dominant."I don't care who you are or what you're capable of all I care is that I'm not intere...
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    • Deciet - Episode 17

    • Kiki's p o.v I woke up in the middle of a bed. I got up slowly What am I doing here? How did I get here!! these are the questions that runs through my mind. The cottons ...
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    • Deciet - Episode 18

    • SO I REMEMBERED I WAS WRITING A STORY CALLED DECIET....LOL HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT... Kiki's p.o.v Slowly breathing I said "Please Anderson... stop this I'...
      • Views (5,011)
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    • Deciet - Episode 19

    • Jack's p.o.v I parked from a safe distance as I watched the dreaded Mansion. It had air tight security and I have no doubt Kiki is here. Pulling the A.k.a 48 out my pock...
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    • Deciet - Episode 20

    • SOME PEOPLE WILL MURDER ME OOH... I APOLOGISE FOR NOT WRITING I WAS PREOCCUPIED IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW. This episode is for the silent readers.... yet to be discovered I will ...
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    • Deciet - Episode 21

    • Jacinta's p.o.v I smiled walking gingerly out of the new Ford i had bought recently.After many years,I was finally home. I missed mom and dad and they will just be too r...
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    • Deciet - Episode 22

    • *Chief Was having a meeting... it wasn't just any meeting... yes .. it was the money based and just he was just about hitting the nail his phone starting ringing. He turned it ...
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    • Deciet - Episode 23

    • Divine's p.o.v "Welcome home mom....."Jacinta spat with so much venom as I immediately obeyed. "My baby......"Tears filled my eyes. "Shut that c...
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    • Deciet - Episode 24

    • SO IVE BEEN WRITING THIS STORY FOR WAY TOO LONG LETS GIVE IT A WRAP...... Divine's p.o.v I heard the shot alright but I couldn't feel life seeping out of m...
      • Views (4,630)
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    • Deciet - Episode 25

    • Divine's p.o.v( A month later) I heard beeping sounds and groaned in pain. "Arrrgh!!!!"I tried to turn but I couldn't even move a bit. I slowly opened my e...
      • Views (4,623)
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    • Deciet - Episode 26

    • *One of the nurses p.o.v* I looked at the lady's body she was just fine before I left here what must have happened? "You said she was awake!"The doctor said ac...
      • Views (4,528)
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    • Deciet - Episode 27

    • The nurses p.o.v I opened my eyes, groaning intently. "Arrrghhh!"I screamed holding my head as I came Jerking awake. "Welcome back dear"I hear a voice an...
      • Views (4,528)
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    • Deciet - Episode 28

    • Alaine's p o.v I looked at Jacinta.... anxiously I didn't just kill my blood sister... what to do? what to do? I panicked, screaming running out of the room. I need ...
      • Views (5,338)
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    • Deciet - Episode 29

    • Alaine's p.o.v. Dolapo looked at me expecting an answer. Real concern was written all over her face...How can I lie to my best friend. "I killed someone.... I didn&...
      • Views (4,423)
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    • Deciet - Episode 30

    • Alaine's p.o.v FLASHBACK i opened my eyes in a dark room tears gushing out of my eyes. I looked around as I tried to assimilate the things in my surroundings inst...
      • Views (4,366)
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    • Deciet - Episode 31

    • Jack's p.o.v My eyes went open at the sight before me standing before me was no other but Mercy. The bitch had come to ruin my life again. She wore a very skimpy dress t...
      • Views (4,864)
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    • Deciet - Episode 32

    • UNKNOWN p.o.v (Associated with Jeff)  I discarded the ash tray and looked at the room suspiciously. Shiela hurt and bounded with chains was still struggling. Picking up...
      • Views (4,224)
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    • Deciet - Episode 33

    • Kiki's p.o.v I opened my eyes as Peter looked at me. "You think I'm a fool.... you didn't sip ain't much from that drink!"He was now yelling and he...
      • Views (4,074)
      • Comments (2)
    • Deciet - Episode 34

    • Kiki's p.o.v water.... water ... why do I feel like I need water and so badly..... I opened my eyes as I stared at the dark room. "Where am I? where did I get here?...
      • Views (4,328)
      • Comments (2)
    • Deciet - Episode 35

    • Kiki's p.ov Jack came into the screen alright but his eyes wasn't the eyes I saw love... it was of fury. He was drinking alongside some men who had a strange mark on...
      • Views (4,083)
      • Comments (4)
    • Deciet - Episode 36

    • Kiki's p.o.v  I'm going under and I fear this time there's no one to save me. This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy. I need...
      • Views (4,155)
      • Comments (3)
    • Deciet - Episode 37

    • I've been writing this summary for weeks.....pls pardon my mistakes..... So.... let's go back and see how far we've gone in our journey.....  Epis...
      • Views (3,878)
      • Comments (0)
    • Deciet - Episode 38

    • EPISODE twenty four A challandier collapses on Divine and her husband who tries to fight Jacinta..... Kiki tries to overcome her addiction through a glass of milk but it bec...
      • Views (3,538)
      • Comments (2)
    • Deciet - Episode 39

    • Kiki's p.o.v I breathed running to the Next door when I heard a loud shot behind me and turned....I missed narrowly being shot...Peter held the gun staring at me with ha...
      • Views (8,998)
      • Comments (2)
    • Deciet - Episode 40

    • Kiki's p.o.v "I've had enough of you guys bossing me...."He yelled picking up the gun and telling Peter "You craw   l over here.....
      • Views (3,748)
      • Comments (2)
    • Deciet - Episode 41

    • Kiki's p.o.v   "Let go of Me......"I screamed trying to break free from the ropes I was tied in. "Shut up sweetie we're wa...
      • Views (4,243)
      • Comments (7)
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