Deciet - Episode 27

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The nurses p.o.v
I opened my eyes, groaning intently. "Arrrghhh!"I screamed holding my head as I came Jerking awake. "Welcome back dear"I hear a voice and turn to look at cold eyes. The girl was puffing smoke and there was something familiar about her red hair and face where have I seen it before.
I swimmed laughing at Jack....who tried swimming. "stop swimming...jack you can't be as good as me"I laughed lunging into the water . I swam smiling as I Suddenly saw Jack trying to jump and he hit his head in the shore bleeding. "Jack!"I screamed rushing out to hold him. "Jack" i yelled. "Let go of me"he said stubbornly still holding his head. "Wait! here jack"I said running to mom's room. I opened the drawer throwing away toilet rolls,pins and purses. Finally I saw the bandage I was about picking it when I saw a picture peeking out of the book. I wanted to adjust it when I opened the book and saw a girl with red hair. I opened the book to see more when I saw the words "KILL HER I DON'T CARE IF SHE'S MY DAUGHTER SHE HAS A DISABILITY...." and I stopped shocked when I heard footsteps. Mom entered looking at me in shock "Baby close that book"she said calmly. "No...I won't...

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. She's my sister isn't she... you want to kill her"I said bringing out her picture. "Alaine!"mom said as she warned"This stays in between us no one hears of it ...." "Let go of me"I screamed running out of the room but while I was leaving I felt a sharp pain on the head. She had hit my head unconscious and for years I Blacked out.
*Back to present*
The hit I got reminded me of the past. I looked at the lady again as she smiled and bent over me. "You're so cute little sister..heard that mom tried killing you... because you defended me...she didn't lost your memory and ended up being adopted till you became a nurse....This is time for revenge on Jack who took everything away from us......"She said smiling. " mom"I said shock still registering on my face. "Yes I what? it was going to be me or her?"she said angrily. I realized this was no sister of mine,she killed her biological mother. "You can join me...we can take our revenge on Jack and get what we truly deserve millions......."She said. "I don't care if you're my sister...."I started."Jacinta"she corrected. "Jacinta we're matter what mom did to you.... she's family and we can't kill her... Jack is a victim in this circumstances....we can't kill him....and if I help you in your so called quest for revenge you will kill me"I screamed as Jacinta slapped me hard. "You.... little sister made the wrong choice"she said. I eyed the gun she was holding as I angrily freed myself from the grip.she was still blabbering rubbish and I pointed the gun at her"Now kneel!"I ordered she didn't stir. "I said kneel..."I ordered. I heard a sound....oh no did I just release the trigger...i looked at my older sister sprawled on the floor. oh no what did I do?

Jack's p.o.v
I looked at Kiki who was still screaming and shaking on the floor. She must have really had some bad nightmare..I want to protect her. I want to change her worries to happiness. I want to light up her world. Did I hear her say she loved me? Did she look at me the way I looked at her?Kiki I need answers now. Please wake up. she was now perspiring, sweating, rolling screaming "No no no....." "Kiki wake up it's me Jack"I tried waking her but she was still lost in the world in the world of Oblivion. Kiki whenever you're ready to wake up. I'm here for you.....

Kiki's p.o.v
I looked at the room again. "Wow Peter it's so beautiful......" i gushed. "A perfect room.. for a perfect girl"he smirked. "Ohhhh Peter it's so romantic.....I love you!"I yelled kissing him full on the lips. He chuckled responding before gesturing what he had prepared for me. Yes different shades of chocolates ,I took one groaning " gosh....Soo...good....try..some"I put it in his mouth and he ate chuckling. "But Jack what exactly are we celebrating?"I ask. "We're celebrating our friendshipversary"he said. "Ok "I continued eating but Peter kissed me once more. "Peter..."I said as he began shifting closer for more"I thought we agreed not going deeper till marriage...."I continued. "For crying out loud...Kiki what's exactly your problem? I've made the perfect arrangements... chocolates and you can't give me something so small....."he complained angrily. "I'm sorry but I didn't know they were any strings attached"I said picking up my bag but frowned at the locked door. "Peter open  the door." "I don't think so"he relaxed on his seat.

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. "Just open this door and let peace reign!"I warn and I'm taken unawares as he pushes me to the bed....
"Peter don't do this...."I screamed waking up to reality. I jerked wide awake, perspiring and looking at Jack staring at my eyes. can he read through  me? Did he see through my nightmares?How did I get here? Then I remember Jack fighting that man and me saying "Jack I love you"before slumping off. Oh no!I thought covering my face in embarrassment how do I face him?

Dolapo's p.o.v
I looked at the pictures satisfactorily.... finally I've put the pieces together. "Simon get a court case together I'm suing Jack......."I said as he looked at me as if I was mad. "Dolapo!"mom called from downstairs. "What!"I rolled my eyes, this woman is always interfering in my matters. "Alaine Is here"she calls. I get up from my chair.....I Miss my childhood best friend. "Alaine"I said opening the door and giving way"please do come in."

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