Deciet - Episode 4

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Jack's p o.v
"what"she exclaimed and all eyes turned to look at her. I gave her my don't mess up look. 'Anything wrong Kiki?'Dad asked worried. she looked at me hesitated and burst into laughter."oh I'm just so overjoyed at the change of events"She laughed trying to wipe an imaginary tear. Nice she was good at acting . "So the meeting is officially close"Dad said and one by one everyone walked out. "Stay behind!"I grunted under my breath to her,she was trying to mix herself among the others so she would easily escape but what would I say I'm naturally smart. She stopped raised her hand up in frustration, turned back, smiled and asked what can I do for you boss? what can i say I love this kind of submissive p.A(wink). It was also perfect because Dad and everyother worker had left. "Well assistant your boss is feeling kind of thirsty and needs some coffee  to do meaningful work could you be so good to get it?"I ask smiling. She looked at me in silence for some minutes and then muttered under her breath"I guess..." she was walking away when I added"Oh the cofee must not be the roadside type it must be kopi  luwak coffee using espresso cups. It must be very hot and we'll brewed.

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. it must have a bent straw did I mention I like it hot"I wispered under my breath. She was feeling so uncomfortable as my eyes roamed her body. Yes just as I like them big. "Where the heck will I find the money to buy kopi luwak coffees they're damn expensive and hot you're crazy!"she exploded in anger. 'As a good boss I should give you the money but this is your punishment for the way you talked to me remember YOU were the one who spilled coffee on me and please don't get the company's coffee they're yuck' I said smiling. "This is ridiculous!"she exclaimed angrily. "Oh really then please remind me who's boss.. did I say I like it hot!"I asked wispering yet again. It had it's desired effect because she  immediately ran out to buy the coffee...

Kiki's p.o.v
I knew it,I knew he  had a plan to get back at me,he wouldn't make his P.A on his own will. Not only do I get to buy the most expensive coffee...

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. He likes it hot and he's trying to seduce me. Kiki what's happening to you.. get a grip on yourself. Let me tell you about my  relationship history I'm a complete social nerd.. yes I don't have a. boyfriend I've never ever. I don't know how to handle guys or what to do when your your  boss makes a pass at you. Did I just call him hot I'm sweating and the air conditioner is working. I imagine having such strong hands on me. what is wrong with you focus!we have a situation at hand. Yes I'm talking to myself and as you all realize that I'm good at it I bump into Brown eyes....


20 Scholarships for African Students 2021-2022 (Apply Now)

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