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Alaine's p.o.v.
Dolapo looked at me expecting an answer. Real concern was written all over her face...How can I lie to my best friend. "I killed someone.... I didn't.... I didn't mean was an accident!"I broke out crying. Dolapo looked at me, feeling bad as I cried, sniffing away the tears. "Isi this must be a joke.. . you're the nicest person... I know how can you kill someone?"Dolapo asked rhetorically looking at the air. "I don't know.... I found out I had an elder sister..... She killed mom.... she tried to kill me too.... I shot her.... and my brother"I said pain panting fast now. "It's okay....let it alll out"Dolapo encouraged. "I looked at her eyes. Horror was reflected in it,she didn't actually think I was capable of killing. "I'm just scared"I said screamed running upstairs.

Dolapo's p.o.v
"Isi wait!"I breathed as she ran upstairs. She must really be going through a lot. Something about her story sounded fishy. An elder sister,a younger brother and now.... "Isi!"I screamed running upstairs not knowing what to make of her  story. I want to wipe every single tear on her face because she is so dear to me.

Alaine's p.o.v
I sniffed and sneezed some impurities on the bed I was lying. My head started tick-tocking as everything happened in slow motion.  Crying.

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. won't solve matters..I need to do something....I have to call the police..... of course they will arrest me...I need to leave here....Far away.... Yes! Dola will borrow me some money and I'll leave the country as soon as possible. I got up nodding as I picked up a magazine trying to write out my plan when Dolapo's phone started vibrating. She had a message. I looked at the phone uncertainly, looked outside as I moved closer to look at the message.....

Jack's p.o.v
I woke up first with a yawn,and I looked around. Forests! Then it Dawned on me. oh my car......I looked at Kiki she was still sleeping she stirred in her sleep. Yesterday night was not a dream... a smirk escaped my lips and she was presently resting on my shoulder. "Kiki!"I wispered. "Huhhh"She stirred stubbornly and continued sleeping. "It's already day"I said. "Oooooh!"she yelled opening her eyes. She woke up groaning as she looked around,yawned and mumbled. "Koko eyes when you're done mumbling.... meet me at the front..... I'm going to get us a taxi....."I said getting up, dusting off the dirt. I walked to the road waiting when I saw a bus. "Wait!"I scream waving frantically but the car drove right past me shoving smoke in my face. I cursed silently as I waited again. This time it was a taxi blaring loud music......"help I'm stuck"I begged but all the same it drove right past me. "I give up...."I said flopping on the road. "I don't..."I turned to see Kiki smirking at me. "How are we going to get home?"I asked exhausted. "Be patient!"she smiled. I looked away trying to control my anger when we sighted a red car coming. Kiki raised her hands up waving frantically for it to stop. "Don't bother it won't stop"I growled but I ate my words because immediately the car stopped it pulled by Kiki."Are you lost?"The man asked in a soft voice. "Kinda"Kiki replied and I could see that this man was literally Fingering her with his eyes and Kiki was oblivious. "No we're not thank you"I replied in a very angry voice. Kiki looked at me in a what you're doing manner but I ignored her. "Is he bothering you?"The man asks Kiki. What a bastard!"No he's just having a rough day cause we're actually lost and I don't know.... if you can maybe take us home......"Kiki said. "No problem hop in"he got out and opened the front seat for Kiki and in that moment stylishly brushed his hands against her br*asts but Kiki did not seem to notice. She entered while I grunted at the top of my breath, entering the back seat and shutting it noisily. This is sure going to be a long ride........

Kiki's p.o.v
what exactly is wrong with Jack? He's been acting all funny when this man decided to take us on a ride. For man's sake does he want us to be stuck there forever. I entered the front seat smiling as Jack entered the backseat mumbling something about bastards. "Buckle your seat belt" the man said to me as I immediately conceeded. "What's your name?"He asks me. "Kiki!"I smiled, he's kinda cute. "Kiki a name for a sisi"he smiled. "Choke on my spittle"Jack coughed. I rolled my eyes at him because he's being such a jerk. "Mine is Alfredo"He said smiling. Then he turned to Jack"Excuse me sir.... you seem to be rather uncomfortable you want me to stop so you can alight?" and that was when he noticed Jack face. "Oh my gosh..... oh fucking god!!! I can't believe Jack....f*cking.....millerson is in my car"He groaned excitedly. I looked at Jack who was probably feeling important "I'm a greatest fan of your art work..... heard you inherited the Miller property"Alfredo yelled. Wait Jack paints? "You know what...We have a long ride.... so let's keep the chat to a minimum level"Jack said Looking away rudely such manners.

Kira's mom p.o.v
"What do you mean by you can't fucking find that bastard! He forced himself on my daughter...."I screamed at the police man angrily."Ma.... you must understand....he suddenly dissapeared into thin air"he replied and turning to Kira wispered"Kum on little angel talk to your mommy ... you're still young and pretty.... but if we pursue this r*pe case.....your pictures might be put everywhere your classmates will laugh at you." I glared"Leave my daughter alone.... if her life is ruined that's my business but find that f*cking bastard....."

I'm starving. What's for lunch? I opened the plate as a gracious aroma danced to my nostrils and covered the entire room....
Fried rice and chicken. I picked up my fork and as I sliced into the chicken I tasted it and spat it out. I coughed so hard spitting everything into my handkerchief. I picked up my Wine and washed out the terrible taste. I rang room service and she came in three seconds late. "Did you cook this?"I snarled at the lady angrily. "You're so worthless... just look at your hair it's chaff it's more than ten thousand naira.... now if you love your job you  better get me the chef that prepared this mess..."I screamed at the girl who ran out crying. I hit my foot against the floor angrily...
 When will that stupid girl be back finally a middle aged woman entered the room."You called me?"She asked. "Did you cook this classless piece of shit?"I ask angrily. "I cooked the food you ate"She said. "I asked a question old hag and God help you ... If you don't answer....

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. Did you cook this classes piece of shit..."I screamed to herher f. She nodded. "Good... now how much is the ingredients you used?"I screamed again. I saw her brows furrowed in confusion. "Did I ask a question?"I shouted. "Ma I used normal spices"She said. "very good.... so this is the best hotel there is ...they charge me millions but use normal spices... get out I'm suing you and your bosses ass!"I screamed she had barely gotten out when i slammed the door on her face. Temper!Temper! Take it easy now what the crap am I going to eat?
I looked at my phone wanting to browse a good eatery when I saw an Instagram link.
There was the picture of the bastard with the post"I met my Idol#" 

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