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Kiki's p.o.v
water.... water ... why do I feel like I need water and so badly..... I opened my eyes as I stared at the dark room. "Where am I? where did I get here?"I ask myself as I try turning but my movements were restricted by chains. When I remembered the circumstances that brought me... I screamed in anger . "Peter.... Peter... you're such a coward.... show yourself and let this fight be fair...." I looked around but he wasn't coming. I groaned in anger as I tried breaking off the chains, screaming and shouting. "Show yourself... "I screamed just as I felt an electric shock and I fell on the floor. "Look at you.. Kiki just so pathetic"I heard a voice and looked around but Peter was no where in sight. "I loved you.... I wanted to do everything for you... but you chose Jack... over me"Peter said. He was not in sight,he was probably speaking from some speaker. "You never loved just... wanted my body...."I screamed as the electric shock came again, were these chains electricified. "It's the rug you're standing... that's electricified"he cut into my thoughts. "And wrong answer...Kiki..I looooove you but you chose Jack over me... so you think you really know Jack and love him watch the video of his actions"Peter said and the television I didn't notice came on

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. The lights turned on and as I saw Jack's face appear on the TV I know I'm going to have the night of my life..

Jack's p.o.v
I opened my eyes I saw Amaka in the dark lit room. She was eating a plate of fried rice and chicken. My stomach rumbled,I was definitely hungry. I stared at her as she took a plate of rice and ate it. "Delicious"She said as she sipped her Juice.I was tied to  a chair and I just stared helplessly. "You want?"Amaka said as she showed me the big chicken. I nodded,she moved closer laughed and continued eating. I stared at her as she continued eating. "You are probably Wondering what your fate is by now."She laughed as she ate the flesh off the lap. "So... Anderson wanted an easy death for you and I wanted an hard death. So Good news you don't have to die immediately. We'll starve you and feed you little by little... just so you'll have enough strength to watch Anderson take kiki away from you before you die."she concluded. "You're never going to find Kiki.... you evil...."I screamed at her as I felt hot iron hit against my flesh. "Ahhhh!"I screamed cursing under my breath as I lost my balance. "You were not asked to talk and until you are... keep silent..."a familiar voice entered the room and all blood drained out of me as I saw the face.

Dolapo's p.o.v
I changed these tires recently... just when was it this bad. I have to talk to her at any cost. I picked up my phone and dialled my mechanic. It was picked at first ring. "Hello Craig....I need urgent help with my car.... can you please immediately come over?"I asked impatiently biting my lips and looking at my wristwatch, tapping my feet against the floor. "Craig is out of town..... "whoever had picked the call said and wave of dissapiontment washed over me. "He left his phone and left the town out of the blue?"I asked. "He bought a new phone and sim...." "it's okay.."I cut in "I'll just find another alternative and I curt the call. I looked around... and I thought at the last moment. "Tricycle...."I waved one driving through the gates. "Take me to Elin estate ..."I said as I entered the back seat. "Madam the place far welll...well...."the tricycle driver said in pidgin. "I'll pay double.. "I said irritatingly and he drove off. For the first time freaking Dolapo entered a Keke to get to her destination. I'm just that desperate to get to her."Fast...."I told the driver who complied and almost hit a pole. "Are you deaf? I said drive fast and don't kill me"I screamed at him as he nodded and took another turn.

*Alaine's p.o.v
I watched Dolapo, but she can't be put out. She entered a tricycle and I know how much She hates em.... that means meeting  Mrs Morrison must be very important....  How do I get there before Dolapo... I thought when I heard a  crash and turned to see the clumsy house help. "Sorry  mam....I was"he stuttered. An idea came to my head. "Please call me Alaine... this day is just going wrong... first I wake up with this headache... Madame leaves and forgets her phone and you break a plate. I have to now go and give madam her phone but she's going to meet Mrs Morrison. I have a strong headache and I do not know Where she stays"I sighed.  "I heard madam Dola saying she stays at Elin estate... it's a two hours drive but I know a shortcut that will get you there in an hour" he says. "Tell me"I shouted and regained position "Sorry I'm just so anxious... cause of my headache". "It's no problem mam you go to...................
I looked at the door panting angrily. The road was really far but thanks to shortcut and I think Dolapo isn't here. Mrs Morrison wasn't really hard to find since everyone knows her. I rang the bell and waited no reply. I rang it a second time. "Who's there?" a voice said. "I'm Isi and I'm here to see Mrs Morrison..."I shouted. "Do you have an appointment?" "No.... I didn't think I'll need one to see her"I replied. "Go away and come back... with an appointment"I heard the slamming of door. "Wait!" I called but heard fading footsteps. "I'm here for answers.... I want to Know who the real jack is why my mom almost killed me... who's my elder sister and I'm scared only you can give me. Jack's life is in danger"I cried just as I heard some sounds and the door opened. I looked at the puzzled woman as she stood dead at my presence. "I need answers ma... I'm Alaine and I want you to give me answers to all my questions."

Authors p.o.v
crash!Bang! Scratch! and he came out looking as weak as he ever would... Shiela came out holding a gun. "You fool...
 do you ever think... you would get away with everything you did...... I'm Isoken......"She said and he looked at her shocked. "Yes... I am.... you killed my sister because she loved you ..  she was trying to change you and wasn't it the same Kiki you called flat as they come...

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. what changed six years..... I've been waiting till the day I'll kill you"she screamed as she lunged at him and more noises as he regained his feet and they started struggling for the gun. "Let go...."he roared angrily. "I won't..."she said as she held it and a loud gun shot rang through the room scattering... shelfs..... walls and everything else. Blood splattered on the wall and someone was wailing but the room was too dark to tell..who had been shot.

*** Jeff's p.o.v
"I'm alive..... I'm alive........."I screamed weakly as I walked out the building slowly coughing at smoke. I still remember the events of that day Alfredo taking a copy of the evidence.... I'm more than glad I duplicated it and when the bomb was exploding mom covered me and Alero but she didn't make it. One of my hands had died with the blast and I feel half paralyzed but I must live if not for get my revenge on that bastard...he wouldn't know what hit him...

I'm really sorry for late upload guys.....Glo network is really bad these days.

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