Deciet - Episode 33

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Kiki's p.o.v
I opened my eyes as Peter looked at me. "You think I'm a fool.... you didn't sip ain't much from that drink!"He was now yelling and he looked exactly like a monster. "My sister was here... wasn't she?"I asked angrily. He used his hand to comb his hair as if thinking and said "She was... too bad she didn't taste as good as you"He smirked . Oh my gosh tears fell from my eyes. "What have you done to Kira you monster...."I said gripping his shirt blindly. "What DID I not do?"He said as I pushed him hard. "You monster... you forced yourself on my sister...."I yelled angrily. "And I'm going to do that to you about... 5..."He counted. Sudden dizziness enloped me as I struggled opening my eyes and finally closed it...

JACK'S p.o.v
I looked around as the mob circled me. "No I didn't...."I began but was greeted by heavy slaps. "The monster..... I.. I was walking on my own... when he told me to lace his shoe but immediately I bent down... he tried to take advantage of me,"she broke off crying. "This is all f*cked up.... it was a freaking setup" I yelled as a felt a punch against my cheeks and staggered tasting blood. "Bastard!"I swore under my breath as I pointed my fist at him when someone pulled me from behind making me staggering down

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. "Kill him.... kill him"rants filled the air. I got different blows and punches while some were deciding my fate. "Let's hang him...."Some screamed. "No let's cut off his hands he'll never look at a woman again."The others supported. A middle aged woman in the audience cleared her throat for attention before she said "I believe, that if we do any harm to him we are breaking the law. Let's report to the police and they will take whatever action they want." I watched helplessly as they called the police and soon enough the van appeared but none of them were wearing uniforms. I wanted to talk before I was thrown inside like a bag of beans.. I tried opening my eyes as I looked at the driver when he turned and I looked at him in fury and hate. "Miss me?" Anderson smirked. I just knew it had to be this bastard that set me up. I'm going to show.. him... I'm going to kill him... Just then the second person at the front turned and my mouth opened in shock"Am...Ammaakaa"I stammered. "It's me alright"she said codly. "You're on his side?"I asked shocked. "I left to his side when you chose Kiki over me and abadoned me to die... I became cruel...
I adjusted my car rearview mirror and saw the car was still following me. I took a sudden turn and the driver turned too  i looked at the mirror and saw a blurry vision"Oh no it can't be Amaka following me"I concluded. I drove straight neck_speed but this car followed me till i parked and it also parked. "Why the fudge are you following me"I screamed hitting at the glass immediately I left my car. "Jack... you're not picking up my calls.... you forgot you had a girlfriend"She scolds. "For crying out Kiki is in danger I'm going to save her"I muttered."Jack what about me...."She sobbed. "Amaka please stop following me.. this mission is risky"I warned before entering my car and driving off.***
When I was running away from Anderson I saw the goons taking her inside but instead of saving her,I ran to my car turned on the Engine and drove to Kiki telling her to hop in
.. You know what I realized Jack. . that you didn't care a bit for me ... so it's time for revenge"Amaka laughed. "Noo!"i screamed. "I hope your seat belt is buckled because this is gonna be one long ride ...."Anderson chuckled.

Dolapo's p.o.v
I was still getting enough of sleep when my alarm woke me up "Brrrng" Groaning I shut it off and stretched. The time was six o'clock I looked intently at Alaine she was still sleeping. "Good.."I thought as I crept out the door and shut it behind me. I looked around to make sure no one was in sight.. before I entered the room and shut the door. Looking around I lit the six candles and puffed out more smoke staring at Jack's photo with hate."I've found out everything about you Jack.... I just need to find the real jack and only Mrs Morrison your mom's closest friend can give me the answer........"I said as I picked up a needle and pierced it on his picture. I heard a crash and turned around sharply"Who's there?"i said picking up a knife and walking closer to the target. "Oh it's just you meow"I said picking up my favorite cat. "Meoow"She purred. Now the time was 6:30 I need to leave the house before anyone wakes up. I quietly crept back to the room seeing Alaine still sleeping, took my bath and dressed hurriedly. I entered the kitchen to cook breakfast. I have to settle for Macaroni, indomie or spaughetti. Macaroni it is! I said hurriedly putting on the gas and watching it.

Alaine's p.o.v
I felt a shadow beside me and opened one eye. Damn! Dolapo was already awake... why would she be at this time.... I wondered. She crept out of the room silently. it's official..I need to follow her. I waited till her footsteps faded before crawling out of the bed and I hid anytime she turned. She was going to the Forbidden room. I saw her enter and leaned on the door."I've found out everything about you.. Jack! I just need to find the real jack and only Mrs Morrison your mom's closest friend can give me the answer...."I leaned in to learn more when I lost balance and crashed on the floor taking the vase with me. "Who's there?"I heard her sharp voice. I tried covering my mouth and hid behind the walls when a cat came meowing across the hall and she picked it Just in time. She's planning to see Mrs Morrison... I ran to the room and pretended sleep before she entered. I saw her making Macaroni and took the back door outside taking a screw driver with me. I need to talk to Mrs Morrison before she does.....

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. I Screwed the tires hard clenching my teeth hard as I pulled and damaged the tires when I saw her approaching, I rolled behind the bushes.

*Dolapo's p.o.v
I looked around yet again as I put the car key and started the car,it off. I tried again, getting out I hit the tyre and sees its sagged form on the floor"Ayaaaaai"

*Alfredo's p.o.v*
"Shiela!!"I said waking her up as she looked at me in horror. "It's time... finally... what I have waited for all my life... it's time to..... ATTACK....."

This is a tragedy don't cry if your favorite heroes dies... it's going turpsy turvy .. from here.. the least enemy is d most dangerous.... get it ....

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