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I paced around the room in worry and anger. she was gone for over hours and I was begining to get scared who takes hours to buy kopi luwak coffee... it's so cheap! She was really testing me. I'm not patient person I easily get angry and frustrated. I'm heartless I could fire her at the spot infact when she does get back that's what I'm going to do . Instantly I hear a knock and I sit back in silent meditation. I was expecting her but then this cute lady just entered and sat on my chair. I loved her confidence,I took my time to assess her. Her assets were in display."Good morning boss"She whispered In a seductive manner,she was the lady that shouted'Yes boss earlier'. She was really very beautiful and had everything a man could desire. Oh my gosh what is she doing to me. I tried to concentrate but my eyes were going elsewhere,she seemed to  realize my  dilemma and walked closer taking off two buttons of her shirt and imaginarily fanning herself,she asks "Is it me or the did the air get hotter in here?". Her assets were now more than fully displayed and she was encouraging me,I  immediately lunged at her what can I say I'm human.....

Kiki's p.o.v
"oh my gosh I'm do sorry!"I apologized but I realized it was only Peter and hissed. "you couldn't even stop me from apologizing.

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. what's your own self? are you following me around?your office is the next block"I shouted rudely. I was very frustrated and he was the best person to vent my anger on. "Ahh are you still angry let by gones be by gones"he smiled at me and tried touching my cheeks but I abruptly turned my  face away, tapping my feet on the ground my hands on my waist and face contorted In anger. 'I will never forgive you and by the way get away from me you sorry excuse of a human being' I shouted at him and everyone paused stared at us before going back to their activities. "I'm not stalking you..I came here to get coffee but i think the machine broke down"he said. Oh! I flushed in embarrassment "Speaking of coffee where do I get kopi  Luwak"I muttered. 'You said something?'peter asked. I just shrugged and turned away. "Anyway I do know Where you can get kopi luwak..."Peter said walking away 'But I have to go as you said I should stop stalking you' he added with a delvish grin. "Stop!"I told him and he turned 'you called me?' he asked. "I'm just so desperate to get this coffee where can I find it?"I asked forcing a smile. 'I will help you but on two conditions'he warned. My face was falling he better not say anything stupid oh the Peter I know.

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. what? I asked my tone was so severe he chuckled. "Take a chill pill first you'll ride with me there and second you'll go with me on a date"he added. I groaned and said'Fine just one date'.
 He drove us there. We got to the cafe and HE bought the coffee and Peter drove me back. He was like a gentleman I just gulped that monster of a least the coffee was hot. I told Peter bye and he reminded me of the date. Yeah rite !!!on my deathbed.
I took the elevator and got to the 24th floor. Should I knock? I contemplated.  Naa he's probably be waiting for his HOT precious coffee.. I opened the door and gasped as the coffee fell from my hands and I screamed in shock. The boss was making out with Zoey on his office table. He turned and she did and our eyes locked into each other's for eternity.



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