Deciet - Episode 8


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Peter's p.o.v
I looked at my phone hissed and threw it on the floor why hasn't she been picking my calls? I was starving and as a bachelor I needed home made food. I sighed took my bath and decided to go to the eatery I drove there and sat at the nearest table. I looked at the menu and couldn't actually decide what to eat since I'm used to everything there when I espied.. Kiki coming out from Hillux Company . What is she doing there?Why didn't she come to work?what about our supposed date?Well there's only one way to know the answer. I ran out entered my car and pulled in front of her. "I believe you owe me a date?"I smirked. The happy smile she had in her face suddenly vanished. "Not now Peter"she begs. "You Know I do have a recorded conversation of you saying it!"I rolled my eyes. 'Why can't you just take No for an answer?I don't want to go on a date with you i despise you!'she shouted angrily. "You said you had forgiven me"I twitched. 'I Don't remember saying that.. I'll never forgive you for what you did and if I catch you following me about I'll get you a restraining order'she concluded walking away angrily."I'll make you fall in love with me wait and see,"I shouted after her. "Good luck,"she muttered.

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. I looked at the disappearing figure, scratched my head and entered the car.czy

Zoey's p.o.v
"oh my gosh was he that hot!"Dora asked excited as I gave her the gist. 'i was even scared to approach him but the way he responded eh...' I boasted happily as I sipped wine. "Correct!"Roxana said laughing. "But babes the way you're talking about this guy Soo are you not sure he has a girlfriend..."Tiffany interrupted. I meditated slowly and said"Even if he does she's old school.I Know when I want something I'll get it and I'll happily blackmail him if he tries rubbish"I relaxed. The girls continued cooing over his picture. I saw a girl staring at me from the table,immediately my eyes locked with hers she looked away.
Even while talking with my friends I had the feeling she was watching me and listening to everything I say... suddenly she got up and left. I shrugged and continued sipping my juice

Kiki's p.o.v
That peter is really stupid he's really ruining my moment. i saw a message from my phone and read a message. I smile instantly as a thought of come back revenge came to my mind and you're just gonna looove it....

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