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Alaine's p.o.v
i opened my eyes in a dark room tears gushing out of my eyes. I looked around as I tried to assimilate the things in my surroundings instead I'm greeted by contrasting colors. "What.... how...."I tried looking around. "She's finally awake......"A woman smiled. "Who are you... . and how did I get here?"I ask her. "My dear only you can answer that question....I found you abadoned in the middle of the road......" she said.  I looked at her mouth opened in horror. "So where do you leave dear so I can take you home?"She asked looking at me closely. I opened my mouth to talk when I felt that sharp infuriating pain on my head. "Ouccch!"I screamed holding my head as I rested my head on the pillow. "Thought as much...The doctor said since you were hit in the head ... there's a slight chance you might loose your memory. Guess you're my responsibility... now"she said. I groaned as my head hurt, I felt sharp intense pain,as the pain increased and felt oveerwhelming. Surrendering.... I let my eye droop.
I looked at Dolapo's phone and was about unlocking it when the door swhooshed open. Dolapo entered touching my arms"Isi we all have our stories....

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. to tell.... but we have to move on... from the past... and embrace the present." She eyed her phone as she looked at me, read the message and tucked the phone in her pocket. She's hiding something.... "Isi take some rest and we'll speak tomorrow"She said as she left. It dawned on me that maybe she wasn't even who I trust her to be?  What message will be on her phone that she had to hide it from me? I need to find out for all I know Jacinta might be out to get me and Dolapo her goon. 

Dolapo's p.o.v
OMG! immediately I got outside I released the breath I was holding. So close .... Alaine would have seen my plans to kill Jack....I know she is my friend but she can get really nice sometimes and decide to report to the police. Aliane is getting too curious for my liking. She's my friend but as they say Curiosity kills the cat.... she should not be that cat.

Kiki's p.o.v
 I looked at Jack what kind of attitude was he putting up in front of Alfredo.... the guy was just trying to be nice. "You were so rude!"I yelled to his face."Oh c'mon he was a damn pervert..."Jack growled as I looked around the hotel room my head spinning. "You know what I'm tired of running away from the rest of the world.. I'll go and face Anderson and you were so rude to the stranger who rescued us"i said picking up my bag and walking away. "Walk away.... you always do anyway"Jack said sitting exhausted on the chair but I had a hunch he wasn't talking about me." I don't understand Jack.... for a moment I thought we had something special but guess I was wrong"I said walking away. I Walked slowly, expecting him to call me  back but he didn't and I ran away trying to hide my tears. It was a one sided feeling after all. I hate you jack millerson...
 I thought running to the car park.

Jack's p.o.v
"Kiki!"I yelled but she was already gone"What is wrong with me today?"Things are going wrong. I feel this pain Surging in my insides as I realized who made me to be like this. She was back, the feeling was back, hopelessness I struggled to overcome after all these years.
"Woooah men this is awesome!"I screamed looking at the club Anderson had taken me to such a new club and it was blaring loud music. "Men this is the best.."Anderson screamed and I could see him looking left nervously. I followed his gaze and smirked when I saw Mercy. "Guy don't tell me you're still crazy about her it's been like three years...."I rolled my eyes. "Four"Anderson said biting his lip. "If you really like her that way.... you better man up and tell her..."I said pushing him to her side. "Here's your chance she's alone"I pushed him closer to mercy. He flipped me the middle finger and walked up to mercy. "Emmm....hmmmm... Hi mercy .."He began. I hit my head,this was a bad idea I Know he gets speechless whenever he sees her. "Hi Anderson...."She turned giving that killer smile,Damn Mercy was really beautiful. "I was... Wondering... it's like wondering.... more of a thought .. it's your choice... and not like I'm forcing... you to dance with me"Anderson finished. God! Anderson was terrible out there. I was walking toward them "Of course I'd love to dance"Mercy said and just as Anderson held her arms, a man tapped Anderson and immediately he turned back, gave him a punch that left him flying tables. I forgot about Mercy's bastard boyfriend. "G"I screamed trying to make Anderson get up, while he groaned in pain,he was just given the humiliation of his life as other students were taking pictures.  I saw Mercy, the cause of the commotion running away and I twisted my first in anger running after her.

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. "Bitch!"I yelled angrily through the staircase she must have escaped. I heard a sound and immediately I turned,I was pushed to a room from behind. Mercy shut the door. "You bitch you made my friend to be hurt....."I said and she shussshed me with her hands. "Sssh! I know what you want"She said and her dress immediately went down. "Mercy!"my eyes went wide at the shock of what I saw. Mercy pushed me on top the bed kissing me and riding me to cloud nine when I heard a tap in the door. "Come in"Mercy  said the door opened as I stared face to face with me best friend Anderson.....
Now I've lost the only girl I would have loved. I got up still brooding when I heard a knock. "Kiki!"I ran to open the door but I stood dead at the entrance. This is no Kiki....

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