Deciet - Episode 38

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EPISODE twenty four
A challandier collapses on Divine and her husband who tries to fight Jacinta..... Kiki tries to overcome her addiction through a glass of milk but it becomes sour when she throws up on Jack's shoe. Peter forces himself on Kira. Jeff leaves the cave only to receive the threat of surrendering the proof or kiss his family goodbye.  Dolapo wants to solve the mystery of JACK'S childhood. Kira and Kiki's mother's create a scene at the police station because of her missing daughter.

Episode twenty five:
Jacinta injects her mom after she escaped death . Kiki and Jack almost get into an accident. Kira somehow tells her mom of her whereabouts. Dolapo is still determined to unlock the truth while Jeff is forced between supporting the truth or choosing family.....

Episode twenty six: The nurse finds out Divine is dead and in the process of alerting the company... she's kidnapped... Kiki and jack somehow survive the accident and in the midst of perpetual danger... Kiki confesses her feelings.. Kira is rescued but Peter's escapes... Dolapo has found out more proof... against Jack... After surrendering proof Jeff and his family are stuck in a room about to explode......

Episode twenty seven: Alaine remembers who she is and shoots Jacinta in defense....Kiki and Jack has a love cycle.... an old friend comes visiting Dolapo...

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. guess who?

Episode twenty eight: Alaine and Dolapo reconnect..... love waves between Jack and Kiki and our Drama baby is in town....

Episode twenty nine: Alaine is about to read a message on Dolapo's phone... Jack is jealous when help comes in the form of Alfredo but could he be having other intentions. The police try to convince Kira to drop the rape case  but her mom stands her ground. Our Drama baby hates cheap food and when she sees a link on histagram

Episode thirty:
Dolapo stops Alaine from reading the message and Alaine begins to suspect her best friend. Kiki quarrels with Jack over the way he treated Alfredo and leaves in anger. A knock comes minutes Afterwards and Jack rushes to open the door is it kiki??

Episode thirty one:
Mercy seduces Jack...he succumbs and Kiki is hurt because Jack's experience reminded her of Kroger... her  biggest crush. She takes succor in Peter not knowing she's only running to the devil.... Alaine wakes up in the middle of the night...

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. Dolapo wakes up... she is not in the bed is she heading to the strange roommmm?? Amaka wants to introduce plan B... hehehe.....

Episode thirty two: Shiela is held captive by Alfredo but she only wants revenge for her goes sour when. he threatens to kill her... Alfredo is Kroger!
Jack gets angry with Mercy and throws her out and is accused of Rape. Dolapo starts suspecting Alaine after almost catching her.

Episode thirty three:
Kiki is kidnapped by Jack ...Amaka shows her real colors.  Mrs Morrison knows the truth about Jack and it's just a matter of who...gets to her first....
it's time for Alfredo to attack!

Episode thirty four:
Kiki is face to face Jack's past.... while Jack is made to pay for mistakes as some secrets crawl out. It seems Alaine got to Mrs Morrison... before Dolapo and shiela  struggles in the course of revenge.

Episode thirty five:
Kiki finally knows about Jack's past and Jack is told about his mistake of one night.  Dolapo shoots mrs Morrison and leaves Alaine in the hot seat of being a murderer.... Flashback to why Shiela needs revenge

Episode thirty six:
Kiki escapes for the meantime... Jack's victory is temporary as Anderson stormed in....An enemy which might just be a friend rescues ALAINE...Sheila dies and  Alfredo is out for revenge


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