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Kiki's p.o.v
 I'm going under and I fear this time there's no one to save me.
This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy.
I need somebody to heal
somebody to know
somebody to have just to know how it feels
it's so easy to say
but it's never the same
I guess I kinda liked the way you helped me escape
and the day bleeds 
into nightfall
and you're not here to help me through it all
I let my guard down and you pulled the rug
I was kinda getting used to being someone you love

....Fury...anger..spread through me as I realized what Peter was doing to me. He was taking advantage of me and my vulnerability . Jack would never do that. I remembered that this same man had forced himself on my sister, I gave him a heavy slap that left him loosing his balance and walked up to the stereo and irritatingly stopped the song someone you love by Louis calpaldi playing. "Kiki.."Peter swore regaining balance. "Don't you come near me... I have a knife...and I'm not afraid to use it"I picked up a knife from the table. "Oh Kiki why can't you give up..

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. can't you see I love you..."Peter begged. "Love... you r*ped my sister and tried to take advantage of my state of mind... that's not love... it's madness... it's bullsh*t!"I screamed moving back as he came closer. "Baby if this ain't love then I ain't know what is"he said leaning closer, I moved back and realized I was close to a wall.
"Yes... Peter it ain't love.. it's obsession.. you need to go a hospital... don't even belong there... you disgust me right now.. I'd puke in a bucket"I spat. "Kiki!"he groaned as he slapped me heavily"I wanted to spare you because I love you... let us pick up the broken pieces and take care of Jack together but I guess I was wrong. If I don't have you no one else will"he screamed. I looked around no way of  escape, he was right in front of me. I took a deep breath and stabbed his hand with the knife and it started bleeding. "Dammit..."he cursed. Should I help him what am I kidding KIKI RUN....  "GOONS DON'T LET HER ESCAPE..."I heard him curse as he ran after me. I hid behind the walls and gasped. What have I gotten myself into?How do I get out of here? Oh  Almighty.. if I don't get out of here alive... I just want you to forgive me for all my sins and tell my mom I love her I prayed silently as I looked around alert.

Jack's p.o.v
I looked at she came back inside she was looking really poor and that dress she's wearing I've seen it a before. Flash of images... think... where have I seen her before... everything was dark and blurry before but now it's clear. she was that girl... I r*ped Mercy that night_Goddamit. "You ruined my life..Jack I was a young naive girl In love but you raped me... you and your friend without a pity in you. How did you think sydrick reacted when he found out the lady he loved.. was raped. you're right.. he did not take it well but he didn't break up with me either. Do you know the pain of a woman telling someone you love that she was raped... the night you proposed to her. it's as if I was lying.. my poor boyfriend stopped eating.. he told me we would get through it together but something told me it was not meant to be till he entered a COMA and never woke up... he died overthinking!"Mercy screamed and I shuddered. "I'm so sorry...."I begged. "Sorry... does sorry bring back Sydrick.. does it... when I found out that my womb was destroyed after I tried aborting your baby did it bring my womb back. I became very sad.. I changed.. the innocent me died and I came as Mercy and when I found out your best friend loved me and you didn't even remember me... I two timed you to ruin your life. Anderson found out... he was angry and devastated and said.... we should teach you a lesson. Nothing stops me from having my revenge after all the pain but I'll leave you with sydrick's last words "This battle is not ours to fight... karma always comes back don't soil your hand." you see that was the last words of my man... even after everything you did to me.. us... Sydrick was willing to forgive.... I'll never forgive you but this is the little I can do"Mercy said as she freed me. "Don't look at me she's nice and something tells me you have a bigger battle ahead...."Amaka said as I hugged mercy. "Thank you... I'm very sorry.. for what I did Mercy... if I could change it"I cried. "Stop crying...and go fight for that woman you love...  back at the hotel... you couldn't stop singing her praises"she said quietly. "Don't I deserve a hug too"Anderson said and we all froze as he entered the room.

Alaine's p.o.v
" can you hear me"the girl shaked Mrs Morrison. "She's dead..."I whimpered. "You... it's all your fault..."she held my chest and gave me a resounding slap. "When I left.. she was in perfect health... I even kissed her cheeks goodbye.. what have you done to my mom"She slapped me again and I swear I'm tasting blood. "I didn't kill her.. I didn't kill her... I didn't kill her"I screamed hysterically. "Tell that to the police...."She said as she picked up her phone when a cop appeared at the doorway with a uniform on. "so fast.. please take her away for murder.."the girl commanded as I was hurled when I entered into the front,I looked at the driver's eyes and thick hair and screamed. "Sshhh... it's me Jacinta.... Jack's life is in danger... we need to save him"she said. "But you wanted him dead" I screamed as she drove the car away. "It's good to know... you don't care how...I survived death..I heard a girl telling some men she's going to roast him and cut his balls off. "Jacinta rolled her eyes. I covered my ears language. "Where are we going to?"I asked her as she drove further. "We're lodging... at a hotel for tonight... everything happens after sunset... tomorrow"she said. I relaxed on the chair... but I know tomorrow someone must die and that feeling disturbed me....

Authors p.o.v
Blood splattered on Shiela's face as it registered on her,he had shut her,he had killed her sister and hurt her. She was now screaming and wailing in pain as her life flashed before her eyes. "Sharon ..loved you ... you killed her and now killed me...Sharon... Isoken..I curse you.... your death will be the worst"she screamed at him. "Oh really..."he chuckled. "Kiki... will never love you...

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. you python..."she screamed again. He laughed as he swung her neck to an unnatural angle and left satisfied she was dead. He walked out of the building... confident as ever... Nothing will stop his revenge for Jack and to get one..not even guilt. He chose to be heartless when he walked this path. She was just another pawns in his hands.


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  • Kind picture
    Good work. More grace
  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    Jack , your past is haunting you but I feel for Kiki
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    Lo is
    Thanks kind and too
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