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This episode is for the silent readers.... yet to be discovered I will find u LOL

Jack's p.o.v
At that moment he turned and faced me I dropped the phone and it scattered. "Mommy!"I said peeing on my body. I had expected to shock and suprise him but now that he was alerted I don't know what to do."You!"he said Punching me so hard I fell flat on my feet . "You bastard! I thought I got rid of you!"he seethed picking me up and slamming my face on the table. My face was bloody as I fell flat weak. "Well you didn't and I'm back"I said quietly. I looked at Kiki she didn't even bother to help me she just ran away."Mistakes can be corrected"Anderson says picking me up and slamming my head against the wall. "That's.... what I intend to do"I say with difficulty coughing out blood. "You're so pathetic as ever... weak... when I'm done I'll feed your bones to the Vultures and your mother isn't gonna save you now."Anderson said as he held my neck. "But momma did teach me something"I groaned. "What?"he snarled, I smiled and brought out a gun "Momma told me never to miss my shot and I don't intend to!"I said as I shot his shoulder

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. He fell holding his shoulder while I ran outside looking desperately for Kiki. Drats! now I don't know where to find her and I can't escape without her. "Kiki!"I yelled anxiously going down the stairs. Anderson had already gotten up and held a gun as he alerted five of his goons and I was cornered. "What a bad shot momma taught you"he snarled. Yes I'm totally trapped....

Amaka's p.o.v
Immediately the car horns I see men walking towards the car. Holding my breath I creep out. Mama could be angry but momma doesn't want to die.I creep backwards towards the bushes when I stepped on a soft wood and it cracked. "Freeze!"one of the wicked man says pointing a gun to me. "ok"I say raising my hand in surrender but immediately I get to him,I take off my heels and hit him on the head screaming"No one messes with me" just then I heard a shot and saw more goons. Cramdans! now I raise my hands in full surrender....

Jeff's p.o.v.
I've been trying to get this puzzle in pieces but the door just won't budge. I've gotten every single piece in it but there's still an empty piece and where could I find it. Arrgh!I said kicking a stone against the wall and suddenly I heard a defeaning sound. I look up to see if the cave was collapsing but it looks okay. Then I notice the wall expanded by just a stone. I hesitate,pick up a stone and hit the wall and it expanded more. It was then my Torchlight picked up the writing on the wall. "Not every answer is gotten... hit to find missing piece of a puzzle." I felt dizzy... this is what happened In the movies like who will sit down to make a door with puzzles a missing piece and all .. Taking a deep breath I take the stone and throw it against the wall very hard. Boom! a tunnel awaits.

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. "Job you don't know what you're getting into!"I warn myself.

Peter's p.o.v
"What nonsense!"Members screamed in shock. "He switched off his phone when he saw your call..."they said. "This Jack of a guy is really getting out of our hands ....why don't we use him as a sacrifice after all we are desperate"John said. I smiled, I've been waiting for this all this while,I want to get rid of Jack. "Wise choice Boss...and I know just the perfect bait"I smiled.

Kiki's p.o.v
I ran down the hall breathlessly and only then did I realize he was not coming. Should I go back and save him?No that would make everything pointless as we'll both be caught. I will call for help if I can just escape. I ran out the gate seeing no one in sight but I saw goons dragging a girl inside. I hid in fear while some of the goons were watching to make sure no one escapes. "Think!!!!!"I bit my lip as I turned and gasped.......

Meaning of the exclamation used
Drats_Oh great,Damn
These are words to express personal feelings  of regret or dissapiontment. keep up............

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