Deciet - Episode 23

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Divine's p.o.v
"Welcome home mom....."Jacinta spat with so much venom as I immediately obeyed. "My baby......"Tears filled my eyes. "Shut that crap mom.... you abandoned me because the doctor said I was a special child? you couldn't support me? Because I was too young to understand you shipped me off to a psychiatric home? I lived a life surrounded by mad people. Abandoned by my supposed family?"Jacinta ask as she points the gun closer to my head . "No!you don't understand"I begged. 'what don't I understand? you told the whole world i was dead and told the doctors to get rid of me that special child you abadoned is back...  for revenge Revenge!I'll hurt you, dad, anyone else I find and definitely my perfect younger brother who took it all away from me' Jacinta said playing with the gun, sitting and laughing. She was really now deranged. My mouth was open in shock. she laughed"You suprise mom?I knew about jack! I knew everything all these years I was waiting for him to come of age it's not really nice killing a brother you are older than with ten years and he's just 6 so I waited..I'll count to ten and kill you then Dad!"She laughed pointing the gun at me
ONE!TWO......FIVE...SIX...SEVEN....... NINE.....TEN!
she shouted as she pointed the gun at me "Goodbye mom see you in the next life." I closed my eyes expecting the shots and I heard it alright.........

KIKI'S p o.v
"look away!"I screamed as Jack who smiled and walked away

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. I can just think of what's going on in his head. Self note to always lock door...I entered the bathroom hurriedly and wore one of the fresh robe I saw."So hungry!"I screamed on the bed. I should get up and go to the kitchen and get Food but I don't really run into him and he'll make comments of what he saw. "Arrgh Kiki! Sorry tummy"I rolled on the bed as my stomach continued rumbling.

Jack's p.o.v
Oh my gosh I slump on the bed. What did I just she her body was just so wonderful I immediately got turned on... I had to walk away before I would take advantage of her."Jack focus! your aim is to make her work in your mom's company!"I said but it felt like that aim was long forgotten."I'm starving!"I walk to the kitchen and pour a cup of milk.... I had to make spaghetti since I'm not much of a cook.I look at the gas expectedly waiting for the food to boil when my phone suddenly starts ringing. I move away from the kitchen to answer it
"Hello Grayon...."

Kiki's p.o.v
Damn I'm hungry! I can't take it anymore I walk downstairs more of ran downstairs and opened the fridge. Oh lala chocolate. I'm not sure Jack is aware but I have this deep addiction. I fill a plate opening five packs of chocolate and mixing them,I even poured Milo on top.Dont blame me... I made chocolate fountain and put everything in my mouth groaning in satisfaction."Hhmmnn! it's .Soo. good!!"Just then I heard "Ok Grayon we'll speak later!"and Jack entered the kitchen. I immediately hid my bowl of chocolate. "Seems you really like chocolate!"Jack chuckled wiping the part flowing down my lips. Damn I forgot about my chocolate appetite. I carried the bowl upstairs "Avoiding me?"Jack said teasingly."Noo"I lie. "Because I saw you earlier?"he asks. Guys they always have to bring back the discussion. "It's nothing of the sort i just want to lick my chocolate in peace!"I said. "Lick it here!"again that his whisper that does things to me. I pick up the bowl and start licking slowly."Why stop I could lick it off for you?",but I have an idea that he wasn't talking of the chocolate because he was so close to me and looking at my lips. I gulped in fear. Just then this jerking.. the scream.. it's been 24 hours since I've had my last dosage. "Aaaaargh!"I scream falling to the ground and the glass plate holding my chocolate broke into pieces. "What's happening!"jack was confused. "I need my dosage........."

Peter's p.o.v
I watch the little princess as she wakes up. she opens her eyes,yawns and tries to move then she realized she's tied. "Help!"she screamed.

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. "Hello little princess scream all you want but I'll doubt anyone will help you!"I sc

ream. She tries screaming "Mommy mommy!"but eventually gives up.  She looks at me and I'm very glad she's scared. "See princess we'll use you as a bait to get to Kiki then I'll give you chocolates okay?"I ask. "I want to go home!"she cries. "Shut up!"I yell and I see her quiver. Suddenly she didn't need to be a bait... she's exactly like Kiki and since Kiki couldn't give me what I want..I release her as she gets up and try to run but I push her to the bed and cover her mouth. "Little princess this might hurt a little but I promise to be gentle!"I say as I pull my trousers. 'Moomy,!"Kira screamed. I'm undressed in a moment and I ensure she's too as I push her to the bed forcefully admist her struggles and cover the bedsheets..........


I'm even feeling bad as I'm writing this story but d name is Deciet after all.... Next episode you'll see the unknown p.o.v who found the missing piece?...

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    This Peter is a monster, he has to pay for this
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    Yes Dolapo...are you thinking what I'm thinking
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