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I've been writing this summary for weeks.....pls pardon my mistakes.....

So.... let's go back and see how far we've gone in our journey.....
 Episode one:Divine is angry at her son, it is his big day and he's still sleeping. In anger she pours water on him and he wakes up. Jack is angry . His mother does not care, she tells him that the day his father wants to introduce him to the workers at the company, he's sleeping like that. Jack wakes up and concentrates on his look. He goes downstairs just in time as his mom was about to get him and although he had no appetite he ate little food. On getting to the company,he excuses himself and goes to answer his possessive girlfriend OKE who assumed he was cheating on her.  I HOPE YOU HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN OKE OO SHE'S DIFFERENT FROM AMAKA OO.  Jack goes back to the company expecting... everything will be the same but some innovations were added and as he was trying to get to the elevator, a mere worker spilled coffee on our almighty Jack. On that Jack screams at her for ruining his expensive suit which when she and her family lives were added could not cover the cost.
*Villiian 1:Oke introduced Don't forget her oh... she'll pop up soon enough

Episode two..

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. Our heroine Kiki is introduced.  She is twenty six years old not the oldest child of her parents but the rest were married off. There were sixteen children but Kiki as the eight child Is left with the responsibility with taking care of seven of her younger siblings and parents so she multitasks. She Is a receptionist but also delivers coffees to top bosses. She sews too, so wen she gets home she works on six dresses and of course cook dinner. Now on that particular day Kiki had a serious headache and so she wanted to deliver her coffee before taking permission to go home. Kiki was trying to regain balance and steady her steps so she she didn't see Jack coming till the cofee was spilled on him. She tried not laughing at the expression on his face. Kiki admitted our hero was cute but she's NOT into Playboys. When Jack told her that the suit costs more than the family of hers and her put together. She warns him not to insult her family after all she apologized.  "I'm warning you now.... I'm not very quiet... if you call my family names.... I'll make you regret your existence..." and she walks away telling us she loves trouble.
Jack on the other hand is angry at being humiliated and looks around trying to spot her when his Dad says it's time for the meeting.  They went to the board room for the meeting and his father introduced Jack. Jack's about to begin his speech and he comes in contact with the eyes. Papers scattered in confusion as Kiki realizes she threatened her new boss.

 Episode three: Jack keep on looking at that eyes till his father woke him up from his reverie"Jack!" Jack  forced a smile but he wasn't happy because his worst enemy Peter is sitting on one of the chairs, grinning side to side. Their relationship cuts back to time when they were both in a notorious brotherhood in school. Peter was always trying to ruin Jack and since when Jack found out they cultivated this unending rivalry. Jack! his dad called wondering why his son was lost in thoughts. Jack regained composure and introduced himself to the workers. Kiki was fidgeting, while his Dad asked him if he wanted to promote anyone. To her shock Jack promoted Kiki to P.A .
Meanwhile when Kiki heard Jack was the bosses son she was so shocked,she scattered papers. Expecting to be sacked,Kiki was shocked to be promoted and shouted "What!"
*Gangan Peter villian number two introduced*

Episode four: While every eyes look at kiki, jack warns her not to make a mistake and she says she screamed in excitement. The meeting ended and Jack retained Kiki telling her to get him a cup of kopi luwak coffee. He does it in a seducing manner to make Kiki uncomfortable as she protests getting such an expensive coffee. Jack reminded her she spilled coffee on him and have to make up for it. Kiki walks away grumbling , how can her boss try to seduce her!?she thought. "He's cute but I'm definitely not into players"Let's see where Kiki words got her and preoccupied she bumped yet into another person.....

Episode five:Jack is waiting for  Kiki.... he's angry that she's late and wants to fire her at the spot when one of the workers enters Jack's office and trys seducing him. They make out on Jack's office.
....our Heroine Kiki is angry because she bumped into Peter. She just detests the sight of him... because he was once her lover.... till he tried forcing himself on her and the love turns sour. Kiki scolds Peter for following her all around and blurts out where she'll get kopi luwak. Peter offers to get it in two condition....she rides with him and goes on a date with him. Kiki agrees and buys the coffee,she proceeds to Jack office but does not knock because she knows he must be expecting his HOT coffee only to see him making out with Zoey on the office table,she screamed, drops the coffee and Jack and Zoey turn to stare at her.

Episode six: Kiki scolds her boss for being so disgusting and ends up being fired while Jack finds succor from drinking. Kiki gets home and avoids questions from her mom. She goes to her room and scolds Kira her sister for asking if she wants a cup of coffee and after apolozing and sending her sister away... she uses her phone and sees a message from HILLEX.........INTL...CORP and clicked it. Jack's father is frustrated after looking for his son a long time,he finds him at the company bar drooling and disgracing him and takes his son home. He warns his wife to handle her son and Divine takes him in.

Episode seven: Jack wakes up with a hangover. He got scolded by his mom who added"When you're ready tell me her name..." Kiki is so excited because she went for the job interview and got the job... she was very excited when a car pulled by over her telling her "I BELIEVE YOU OWE ME A DATE"

Episode eight:After exploding.. Kiki threatened to get Peter a restraining order and walks away. Zoey is so excited talking to her friends about her erotic pursuits when Amaka(I don tell ona d person na) Jack's girlfriends hears and abruptly walks away. Kiki gets a message on her phone about what she is to cook and she told us "HE'LL COME crawling back"
*Amaka villian number three introduced.*

.Note in episode 1 Jack had a girlfriend called oke
.in episode eight Amaka.... so our guy is a player ooh

Episode nine: We get introduced to oke again who scolds Jack for cheating on her.. he didn't deny but let her Curt the call and went on sleeping. Kiki resumes her new Job as a chef but faces critism from Dolapo who finds fault with everything she does. The first batch of rice is terrible and after being threatened by their boss,Kiki starts cooking agin but Dolapo starts finding fault. She tells her to cook her separate food and Dolapo slams the door in anger.

.Eheen villian number four Dolapo introduced...... are you guys following....

Episode ten: Cosmo....and Peter talks about Jack being a threat and plans to get rid of him. Kiki finishes cooking and orders it to be served despite Dolapo's warning to add spice. A lady intending to buy little quantity of rice ended up buying more and even put it on her Instagram and the restaurant was flocking with people turns out she's a celebrity....So the restaurant was termed best in the city. Kiki is happy but Dolapo said that was how it was when she first started but chacha debunks her lie. Jack is angry and passing the effects to the gateman when he gets a call to step up because there's competition...

Episode eleven: Jack gets informed by his Dad that restaurant is topping his mom's and he needs to get the new chef to thier side. We see Jack's pathetic ways of trying to  start a conversation and when he enters the restaurant... he and the waiter stares as her pen fell.....

Episode twelve: Jack asks Kiki  what's she doing there and insults her but only learns she's the new chef. Kiki walks away and she's thinking. Kiki has magraine and is trying to have a rest when the boss stormed in Who cooked the food?

Episode thirteen: A new vicious villian Alfredo is introduced who killed Sharon because she loved him and wanted to change him. 
we also see John who witnessed everything but as he resolved to avenge her death.. a huge cry escaped his lip.....

Episode fourteen: Kiki is sacked because she is accused of poisoning the food she cooked, Dolapo laughs at her smart plan of getting rid of Kiki by poisoning the food. Jack who went to answer the call of nature saw Dolapo sprinkling something but what... he didn't know he tried calling Kiki as she ran away but she didn't answer.She got home only to meet a strange man her parents introduce to be her fulture husband.

Episode fifteen:Kiki breaks down and scolds her parents for not caring about her and dumping responsibility on her,she says her decision on not marrying the strange man who said she'll regret it....Afreldo spares John Job because he is his close friend... James scolds him for trying to go behind the boss's back and he said... he had gathered enough evidence against him.. Jack's Dad scolds him for not getting the chef  to thier side and kiki gets a strange call....

Episode sixteen: Kiki warns Anderson she doesn't want to marry him and confides in Isoken her best friend. Jack tries trialing Kiki to the restaurant but finds out she lost her job from chacha and is lost in thought. When Job confesses where he hid the proof,James pushes him away from perpetual danger but Anderson finds and kidnaps Kiki...

Hope you are still following

Episode seventeen: Kiki is informed.... Anderson injected her with drug and she's now an addict,Jack finds out Kiki was accused of poisoning the food... and after finding out Dolapo cooks with her,he demands to see her. After Job dies, Jeff is forced by his last words to go search for the proof while Amaka.... Jack's second girlfriend tired of waiting for Jack to come to his senses, decides to go to him.

Episode eighteen: Anderson frustrates Kiki but doesn't give her,her dosage as she collapsed. Kiki's mom just have that feeling that something bad will happen despite her husband's words to stop worrying. Jack warns Dolapo to cooperate or loose her job. Jeff goes to the mountain...Job entered sees a glowing cave and Immediately he entered the cave closed. Jack goes to Kiki's house after telling Dolapo to make up her mind. He encounters Kira who told him about Kiki's FULTURE husband..... Jack gives her some money and drives off hotly pursued by Amaka who followed him
Note:It was not included in this scene but Jack realized Amaka was following him and told her to go back home she refused.

Episode nineteen: Jack somehow enters Anderson's residence. Kiki stops a rape attempt by breaking a bottle of whiskey on Anderson. Amaka mistakenly alert the goons to her as Jack locates the room of Kiki and use an hair pin to open the door.... only to see Anderson inflicting injuries on Kiki. The Brotherhood Jack belonged to had run out of sacrifice and they called Jack... to tell him to get a sacrifice but at that moment he wanted to take Anderson unawares and his ringtone gave him away. Jeff sees a door in the strange cave but it won't budge till he completes the puzzle of Job's life.

Episode twenty: Kiki escapes as Anderson catches Jack and beats him.

Read " The Dreamer " by the same author ( Lo is )

. Amaka tries beating the goons but is caught captive. Jeff completes the puzzle but discover a missing piece and when he hits a stone against the wall severally he might just Know where to find it. The Brotherhood is angry because they think Jack ignored their call purpose and resolves to punish him.

Episode twenty one: 
Jack's deranged sister Jacinta is back and makes a suprised entry. Jack and Kiki escapes while she wonders of his intentions to really help her....Jeff gets a riddle that might just be the help to his way forward

Episode twenty two:
Chief is alerted of Jacinta's presence and sent his wife home. Divine is threatened by her daughter to kneel down. Kiki and Jack goes hiding from Anderson and they settle in just as Jack walks in at some uncomfortable moment. Jeff finally gets his missing piece. The two enemies Amaka and Anderson are now a team. Peter abducts kira.

Episode twenty three: Jacinta scold her mom for being so wicked to abadon her because she was a special child and expresses her desire to kill Jack as a gunshot runs through the room. Kiki tries to avoid Jack after the embarrassing moment but it is short-lived when she needs her next dosage.... Peter forces himself on Kira.

Episode twenty four:
a chandelier crashes on Divine and her husband who tries to fight Jacinta.......

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