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*One of the nurses p.o.v*
I looked at the lady's body she was just fine before I left here what must have happened? "You said she was awake!"The doctor said accusingly. "Yes she was"I replied. "See Cynthia right now I don't have time for any of your tricks...I have a heart transplant to carry out around 4 and I need all the rest I can get"he said walking out. Suddenly we heard the beeping sound of the machine and turned . The patient was jerking."She's dying"I screamed. The doctor tried pressing her chest and electric shock but she was already gone. Finally the machine showed straight line. "Oh my gosh someone killed her I need to call the police!"I screamed running downstairs. it doesn't make any sense she was perfectly fine a minute ago,I just left to call the doctor.  I entered my department room scrambling from my phone when a man appeared at the door and opened his trousers. Two pistols were visible at his pocket and he held a paper with the words"Don't Tell.." I screamed and tried running out but was hit hard and fell down unconscious.

Kiki's p.o.v
we were still screaming when Jack suddenly pushed me out of the car and I rolled to the side. "Jack!"I screamed trying to get up when I saw him jump out of the car before the car crashed into the train and a big explosion

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. "Hahaha we're still alive!' i screamed hugging Jack. "With no form of contact with the other world... my car is crashed and I left my phone in there..."he groaned. "What are we going to do we're in the middle of nowhere?"I asked. "Hope you know how to swim... this place is near a beach and if we could just spend the night there.."Jack said. "No no no I'm scared of water and don't know how to swim!" I yelled. "ok suit yourself....."he took off his boots and started walking far away. I looked around,dark was far approaching...the hooting of owls and see birds flying to their habitat, everything seemed creepy. "Okk... Jack I'm ready...."I screamed running after him. "Jack!"I looked at a tree where all bats came flying at me. "Aaargh!"I screamed. I continued running"Jack!Where are you this is not a joke....."I screamed still running in the deep Forest suddenly I saw a blue dress and a man ahead. "Jack..."I said touching his shoulder"You almost killed me..." He turned his eyes at me green eyes...No no no this wasn't jack. "Excuse me!"I said turning. "I do remember you calling me Jack"he said holding me firmly."I changed my mind!" I screamed. He moved closer "Help......Jack!"I screamed when he pushed me against a tree.

Jack's p.o.v
I looked around angry as I hit the stump of a tree. "Arrrgh!"I screamed. That car Spoilt my plan. I was to take Kiki out on a date and tell her how I feel. Funny...I hated her at first sight but every single time I've spent with her this month has been nothing but pure Bliss. I've gotten used to her scent.... the way she chews chocolate... A girl willing to fight all her addictions. After Mercy,I told myself not to give any girl a chance. She hurt me. I used girls as I pleased and made them live a painful life like Mercy made me to and kiki was one of them but she's different and special. I heard a scream and turned in alert. was my imagination but when I heard my name again...I knew it was reality...Kiki! I ran towards the direction trying to trace the voice."Kiki!"I screamed as I saw a strange man trying to tear her dress... Kiki was screaming as he tore her beautiful gown,he was fingering her when anger burned the insides of my body. I ran to him and gave him a punch that knocked him off his feet. "Jack!"She screamed as he gave me a punch and I spat blood. Bastard You're finished! I punched him,gave him a big blow and told him to get lost. He nodded running out. Good.. I turned to Kiki.."Jack...I don't feel so good"she mumbled. "Kiki!"I screamed she must have had panic attacks. "Jack I love you..."She said before completely blacking out.

Kira's p.o.v
I looked around scared where was mom? This wicked man will soon wake up. I saw him stir, sneeze and open his eyes. "What the....."he said trying to get free. "Mommy!"I screamed running out. "Princess it's either you let me out of this rope or when I do get out I'll kill you"He threatens. I'm looking out of the window but he's trying hard to break the rope tying him and it's working.. "Princess!"he yells. I ran to get a frypan as he breaks free. "If you near me! I will hit you hard!"I scream lunching at him. He looks taken aback for a moment and when he moved closer I use the  frypan to hit his head. "Ouch!"he screamed falling down. Just then I perceived a familiar scent."Moommy!"I ran to the door hugging her. "Baby"she cried. The police man entered "You are under arrest for child.. assault anything you said will be used against you in the court of law." Peter stare at me angrily, then mom and the policeman and he jumped out the window. "He's escaping get him!"one of them yelled. I look at the window as he fell,but he's getting up limping going to his car,the stupid gateman opened the gate,he drove off. "Mommmy he's escaping"I pointed. "Don't worry baby as long as you're safe... let's go home now"she said holding my hand.

Dolapo's p.o.v
I looked at the pictures, Simon brought me. The pictures here are of a black boy but Jack is fair. what is going on? "Simon who's this girl?"I ask him pointing to a little girl behind the so called Jack in the picture. "Ma that's his YOUNGER sister Alaine.... but she died.."Simon said. "You said Jack was a cultist?"I ask Simon. He nodded."There's a black boy... a younger sister...No specific childhood picture of Jack.... something is really fishy.... Dolapo to the rescue."

Jeff's p.o.v
I entered the room breathing hard as I saw the two people I love the most looking emaciated and weak. The room was dark but the lights showed their faces. "Release then first....."I told boss. "Tssskkk. tssk .. the evidence first!"he snarled. "No don't give it to him....

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. He's going to kill us anyway!"Alero said weakly. I gave her the trust me look and she nodded in understanding. I gave Boss the proof and after making sure it was it,he destroyed it. "Release them!"he ordered. They freed mom And Alero who ran to my arms crying. "Hey Jeff you're forgetting something...... there's no room for traitors!"he said pointing a gun at me, Alero pushed me out of the way as the bullet hit her chest. "Alero!"I screamed when I noticed Boss and his goons had evacuated the building the bomb ticked
NINE..... six......five......four..... three.....two......
massive explosion........

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