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Divine's p.o.v( A month later)
I heard beeping sounds and groaned in pain. "Arrrgh!!!!"I tried to turn but I couldn't even move a bit. I slowly opened my eyes but shut it because of the light... I tried again and this time the light was not so bright. I looked around drip,a machine,syringe ,that oxygen mask on my nose and hospital smell. I tried to get up,what was I doing on the hospital .. . "I wouldn't get up if I was you"one of the nurses said. "She's finally woken up go and call the doctor!" The second urged. The first nurse ran out and I slowly remembered oh no Charles. " husband!"I screamed jerking up looking around"Where is he? Where is he"I asked the nurse. "Madam calm down... you have been in a comma for over a month"The nurse pleaded. "Oh my gosh Charles!"I screamed the nurse uncomfortable ran out. Where is he? I screamed. "HI"One of the nurses entered. "Please where's the doctor?"I asked her. "Ok he's on his way"She replied. "Please... where's my darling husband?"I ask holding my blanket. "He's in hell just as you'll soon be......"Jacinta removed the nose mask she was hearing. "Help!"I scream hysterically

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. "Oh shut up!"she yelled,"Just one dose should....kill you"she brought out an injection and admist my screaming administered it.

Kiki's p.o.v(One month later)
I looked at Jack nervously,this one month I've known him has been nothing but hell and heaven. "Are you coming or not?"he asks impatiently. "No jack I can't do this..... like I can fight it on my own!"I begged. "You need to go to a Rehabitation centre if not you'll never overcome your addiction!"he screamed pulling me away. "Fine!"I followed him downstairs entered the car and we drove off. "Where exactly are we going to?" i ask as I buckle my seat belt. "You ask too much question...."he said as he drove in high speed. "Please drive slowly........ This lady that will help me get over my know her like forever?"I ask. "Yeah"Jack replied. I just felt like if you guys were so close why didn't you make out I thought. "Penelope..... she's not actually my style..."Jack grinned sipping from a martini there was more than meets the eye. "Who was your style?"I blurt out what's wrong with me. I stare at his Dark eyes going more dark. "Mercy"he said in a barely audible wisper. I felt Jealousy churn my insides just at the mention of her name. "But it's over now...."he said and I could sense regret. "Hmmmn... Jack"I tapped him nervously. "She was so perfect....."He continued. "I Know that but Jack!"I tapped him. "Anderson wanted ......." "Jack!"I interrupted "there's an oncoming trailer and it's heading our way....!"I pointed at him. Jack tried applying his brakes but it wasn't working. "About now jack!"I said. "My brakes ain't working!"he breathed trying to turn it. "Okay Kiki ...breathe!!!breathe! We're going to die ahhhh"I screamed in fear. Jack held me in fear and we both screamed as the trailer approached.

Kira's p.o.v(One month later)
I look at this evil man sleeping peacefully,I should kill him from taking me away from mommy and touching me. I creep slowly to where he kept his ropes and tied him firmly to the bed. I covered his eyes and tied his mouth. "hehihihi!"I laughed as I give him some face paint with red ink. He stirred and I hid behind the chair in fear but he yawns and continued sleeping. I creep to his phone and dialled mom's no. the one she made us to learn in case of emergency. It rang twice then she picked the call. "Hello mommmy!"I cried. "Baaaaaaaby!"she cried too. "There's this strange man that kidnap me..."I cried. "Ok baby tell mommmy the address and she'll come and get you....."she said. I looked around the house"The house is pink and trees and there's a huge black dog and and......" "Baby"mom interrupted.

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. "look for the name of the street"she said.  I looked around biting my lip then I saw something like welcome to peaceville. "Peaceville!"I said.  "okayy hang on mommy's coming"and she Curt the call. I looked at the sleeping monster mommmy should come soon .

Dolapo's p.o.v(one month later)
"Simon what did you find out?"I asked puffing more smoke. "He's...  he has no childhood pictures"Simon stammered. " "SO I PAY you for  NOTHING "I scream angrily throwing the glass of beer at him but he dodged. "Now listen very good...I don't care about anything......but I need the past of....jack"I said as I motioned for him to leave and he scurried out. Something is wrong about this jack millerson but I'm determined to find out and bring him to his knees.

Jeff's p.o.v(A month after)
"So he still got your mom and sister"Bumble asked. "Yes he does and I can't hand over that evidence it was job's last wish and he could kill me ....I'm so confused!"I drank more beer. "You're telling me...."Bumble sighed. "They said I have until tonight to make a decision what should i do?"I ask. "My friend"Bumble said raising his glass for a toast"That's your decision to make."

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