Deciet - Episode 14


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Kiki's p.o.v
"I prepared the food ma..."I began but was greeted by a slap. I stared in shock as I held my cheeks "Ma you slapped me?"I asked. She didn't reply but slapped me on the other cheek. "You are even lucky that I didn't call the cops on you... you poisoined that food and everyone that ate it... almost died"She screamed angrily . My head was spinning"Ma how can you say it was poisoined I prepared this food myself.."I began. "So I'm lying eh... see I don't hire Killers.. I know I wanted the food to be good but not at the risk of my customers... get your bag pick up your things and never return..."She screamed again. I wanted to talk but tears filled my eyes and I was picking up my bags and leaving when I heard Dolapo laughing behind me and I chose to ignore her as I walked away forever.

Dolapo's p.o.v
I laughed as madam slapped Kiki. She was so sad looking out the window she didn't even Know when I sprinkled some poison on the food. But I've got to give it to her she's really stupid. Now that she's left i have no competition. I want to have the praise and it alone. You think I'm crazy no I'm just ordinary Dolapo and I want it all.

Jack's p.o.v
Oh fuck! Jack what did you eat that you have to go to the bathroom. I curse silently as I got up from my seat and tried finding the restroom

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. I took the wrong turn and I ended up in the Kitchen. I saw a lady sprinkling something on the food while Kiki was looking out the window and wiping a tear. I shrugged and it hit me again.

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. I ran to the restroom and answered the call of nature. I came out after some time and I saw Kiki crying running out I tried calling her but she didn't even answer me. I wonder what went wrong. well... I shrugged my shoulders entered my car and drove off.

Kiki's p.o.v
I got home drenched with tears. Right now I just want to avoid everyone that's when I saw mom and dad and a young man on the sitting room. I tried to ignore them but mom said"Good evening to you too ...kiki". I mumbled a greeting and was about leaving. "You won't even ask us who this man is?"Dad said. "Since you asked..."mom said with a sigh. "Kiki standing before you is you fulture HUSBAND..."



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